This translation is a little different in that it’s both approved of, and has no light novel adaptation at present, so I’ll be translating it here away from my slightly shadier blog.

Incidentally, the message I got back was,

Good evening!

Sorry for the late reply. If I made you nervous, I’m sorry.
I’m really happy that people overseas have been reading my story as well. I like Kain too.

I’m really happy that you’d be willing to recommend my story to people who can’t read Japanese.

In regards to an English translation, that’s fine.
I’m not really the type of author that’s picky about having everything the same, so please just take it easy.
Enough that even if the story changes a bit, I wouldn’t really mind.

Only, if it ever gets published and the publishers find it a problem, I might have to ask you to take it down. If that happens, please understand .

Having a lot of people read their story is an author’s joy. If people overseas read it too, that’s really something to celebrate, isn’t it.
Thank you very much for the pleasant offer. Translating and the like might even be harder than writing a story. Please try your best.

English is a weakness of mine, so I don’t be able to give you any language advice, but if there’s anything you don’t understand about the story, please ask me and I’ll explain as best I can.

Thank you for cheering me on! I want to express my gratitude and support for your efforts as well, Mr. Smoked Cheese.

Well then, have a good night~

I’m a little worried that she(?) seems to be okay with changes to her story, but well, it all works out better for me.

Incidentally, the headers I’m using are images borrowed from Oozora Wakaba and Hirokawa K.

~ Estelion

9 thoughts on “About

  1. This Kain guy must be pretty fun. Can’t wait til he shows up, wonder when it will be. “Heath” definitely needs to be more well established in the group before someone finds out her shocking secret. I’m just hoping we get the guy panicking about checking up on the princess only to find the pantry entirely raided and months of dust having piled up.


  2. His/her reply just makes me love this author more. I wonder if he/she would be surprised at how many foreign fans they have. In contrast, I’m a bit depressed having started reading a web novel (And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body) only to find the translation killed by the author…. My interest is peaked, but since I can’t read Japanese, I guess I will never find out what happened. -sigh-

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  3. this is my favorite kind of story. Thank you for asking the author about translating it. you do a really good job translating. thank you.


  4. Just found this novel recently and I hope you continue it. I hadnt had such a good read in a while. Thanks for your efforts in translating this tale for us.

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