Chapter 80

Roy, King of Orstoll, entered the room, and Fiiru stood up to bow.

“Good evening, Your Majesty Roy. Lynette has prepared some tea. Please have some if it pleases you.”

“I see. Thank you,” he said as he removed his jacket and tossed it onto some nearby shelf.

Lynette’s brows furrowed as she ran over to straighten it out and place it on a hanger.
When she was done, she ran into the kitchen to bring dinner for the King and Queen.
Lynette returned with a cart with the food on it. As it was no more plentiful than your average dinner, it seemed a little scarce for a royal couple’s meal. Still, Roy paid it no mind and spoke to Fiiru instead.

“How has life in Orstoll been? If there has been anything unsatisfactory, please say so.”

“No, you have treated me very well, Your Majesty. There is nothing unsatisfactory.”

The tone that Roy used to speak to her sounded a little gentler than his normal speech, and he used this tone to apologise once again.

“I am terribly sorry for essentially confining you here.”

“I am very grateful for your help. I could not hope for anything more.”

But after that, Fiiru spoke to him a little hesitantly.

“Umm… but… if possible, I would like to meet with Fii-neesama.”


Roy’s rejection was immediate.


Roy replied calmly to her sad cry.

“There is no proof that your sister was uninvolved. As long as I cannot decisively rule out the possibility, I cannot allow you to come into contact with her.”

“My sister isn’t that kind of person!”

“Exactly. Fii-sama would never do such a thing!”

Even Lynette the maid spoke out above her station to refute Roy.
However, Roy did not chastise her and instead replied to the two with his ever calm voice.

“I have said it before. I will doubt everybody. With regards to this case, I will trust nobody except you, Lynette, and my most trustworthy retainers. Even your sister is no exception. For the sake of your safety, I intend to be as careful as humanly possible.”


When Fiiru continued to argue, Roy’s gaze began to grow sharp.
A dark aura seemed to seep out of him.

“I will say it once again. No matter how much you or Lynette may trust them, I have no absolutely no intention of doing the same. To begin with, I recall you leaving all facets of this investigation to me, did you not?”

Fiiru couldn’t help but tremble under his glare.

As Lynette watched this, she had a thought.

(I don’t think he realises at all…)

It was probably unintentional, the way this king glared at others.

(Even though he’s scaring Fiiru-sama like this…)

Fiiru-sama was blessed with knowledge and wisdom, but she was not particularly blessed with courage. Frankly, she leant towards timidity and cowardice.
It went without saying that a grown man’s glare was enough to frighten her.

Even so, it was within her nature to try her best to overcome her fear, but this man alone was too much for her to handle.
After all, he was the monarch of the great nation of Orstoll and the man known as the Ice King.
And upon considering her current position…

Fiiru had no path except to hang her head in dejection and apologise.

“My sincere apologies. I should be thanking you in gratitude for your help, not… I said too much…”

It was only at this point did Roy seem to have an inkling that he had scared her.
The sternness on his expression was replaced by the mask of calm, and he replied to her in a gentler voice than usual.

“No, I should be apologising for speaking so severely. But as I’ve said, I want to limit contact as much as possible to those who aren’t absolutely trustworthy. Please bear with it for now.”


After gazing at her crestfallen expression, Roy spoke to her seriously.

“Princess Fiiru. I promised Prince Tomáš that I would absolutely protect you. And we are by no means in a situation where we can let our guards down. Even so, I still want to make your time in this country as pleasant as possible.”

With that, Roy took a sip of Lynette’s tea before leaving his chair.

“Apologies, but I still have work left over so I will be heading to the study. I’m still busy, you see.”

“Yes. Thank you very much for coming tonight.”

Fiiru once again bowed to him.

“Um, what will Your Majesty be eating for dinner…?”

“Just this will do.”

Roy responded to Lynette as he took just one dish from the cart. After that, he holed himself in the study as usual.

Lynette was unable to tell Fiiru about how Fii was being treated.
It was because the only thing it would achieve right now would be piling on another worry.

TL Note: Light spoiler below

“With regards to this case, I will trust nobody except you, Lynette, and my most trustworthy retainers. Even your sister is no exception.”

Rather ironically, Heath is one of said retainers…

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102 thoughts on “Chapter 80

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  3. this roy….his really a idiot isnt he, people are trying to tell him the truth but he refuses to listen, seems he pays more attention to rumors then the word of his wife, really cant stand this prick

    Liked by 2 people

  4. So it was entirely Roy’s fault, as expected. I wonder how Lynette got such trust though. Just that she’s known her so long? Longer than her twin sister?


      • Still, if the reason he’s stopping his wife from seeing his sister is that he can’t trust her, you’d think he might, ya know, CHECK TO SEE IF HE CAN TRUST HER.

        Liked by 2 people

        • That’s the best part about this whole thing.
          “You cant meet your sister because she might be trying to assassinate you, and I’m investigating it.”
          Then he refuses to listen to any report concerning her. Fucking Roy.

          Liked by 3 people

          • he would listen to reports that confirm her being a spy. since no report can really prove her not being a deep, deeeeeeply planted spy, ready to spring at a moments notice once she is given the go word from the unidentified source. soo, he will not listen to any sitrep that isn’t “the possible assassins have made contact with Fii” since they are in his opinion just a “status que” in the one area he actually cares about her. other vice, she is completely irrelevant to everything he cares about, and can thus be safely ignored.

            It’s the old ” you can’t prove a negative” that has put Fii in the possible assassin pile.

            atleast untill he figures that a “prinsess escort” mission could be pretty good bait for assassins, since no one really remembers or care about Fii… and then she is still not in the clear, since an attack could be a plot to get her close to Fiiru…

            Liked by 2 people

            • Of course you can prove a negative. That’s a basic part of logic. Let’s take the statement “Fii is part of the assassination plot against her sister.” That statement can not be both true and false at the same time. So if I show the opposite of that statement is true, “Fii is not part of the assassination plot against her sister,” then the original statement is false and I proved a negative.

              Now how would I go about proving that?
              1. Fii has had no contact with anybody of ill repute and there is nothing to suggest that she has ever been part of the plot.
              2. She is also a loyal and trusted member of your Knight group.
              3. Loyal and trusted members of your personal Knight group would not attempt to assassinate the Queen.
              4 Therefore she is not part of the attempt to assassinate the Queen.

              This is just standard inductive reasoning. It can be flawed yes, but it is just as flawed when proving a positive. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that Fii is no threat to her sister, and Roy’s arrogance prevents him from seeing that. He’s absolutely wrong to not listen to any report about Fii except ones that will confirm his bias.

              Fuck Roy.

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              • That’s not ‘proving’ a negative. That’s ‘it’s highly unlikely that it is the case’. You can’t prove anything unless it’s pure logic, mathematics is provable because we have a literal defined set of rules in place that can’t ever be disputed.
                With Roy, ‘she is part of the assassination plot’ is the only thing that matters. ‘She is not’ doesn’t do anything either way, it is a neutral position, and she has a probable motivation to do so anyway – sister of the Queen, ‘despicable’ personality, therefore might try to get rid of her sister to become ‘actual’ Queen herself.
                Basically from what Roy is seeing, he has no reason to care if she is not, but reason to care if she is. That means even a 0.00001% chance of ‘is’ justifies locking her up.
                Roy is an asshole, but he’s not an asshole because he’s illogical but because of his logical weighting.

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                • Why bring up proofs in the first place if you’re just going to argue that you can’t ever prove anything except in math? I even qualified that argument at the end by saying that it’s flawed. Although while I’m on the subject, you can prove negatives in math or logic. So you should really stop saying “you can’t prove a negative,” unless you also add “or a positive unless it’s in pure logic or mathematics.”

                  How is “she is not part of the assassination plot” a neutral position? It’s literally the opposite position of her being involved in the plot. This really doesn’t matter but I was quite confused.

                  My main issue with what you posted is that you said I was claiming he was acting illogically and I wasn’t. I was arguing he’s an asshole for not caring about any reports that do not confirm his logical but incorrect suspicions. You seem to agree with me on this. I’m really late in responding and I doubt you’ll reply again, but farewell.


  5. Thanks for the chapter~
    I want to see a scene like “Roy and his trusted people (including Heath) meet up with/guard the princess. Fiiru sees Heath (Fii) and goes like ‘Roy wtf is this’, hilarity ensues.”

    Liked by 3 people

    • I was actually busting my mind thinking of what was the best ways Fii could be found out:

      (Basically what you said)+ Fiiru sees Heath, “OMG FII NEESAMA!!!!” Hugging her and on the verge of tears.
      While Heath is trying desperatly to say ” Y-Your h-highness… P-p-please don’t be m-mistaken!”
      -Kain is dying
      -Roy is greatly confused
      -Fii is flustered and kinda sad since she REALLY wants but hug Fiiru back but can’t
      ~Hilarious-ness continues~

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  6. i hope roy didn’t marry fiiru because of this prince thomas >.<
    (just for sake of protecting her, because looking at his behaviour with fiiru is like the one onii-chan to his imoutou, not to his loved one, or maybe he's just a woodblock)
    because if that so, the ship between roy and fii will sail more smoothly.. booo…
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


  7. So Roy is even a jerk to Fiiru and Firru is missing Fii very much. I see her in a better light now, but she needs to have more courage. If Fiiru knew how Roy was treating her sister, she would slap him across the face…and then shake in fear. Thanks for the speedy update.

    Liked by 3 people

    Then again, if you’re down here, you got screwed already ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    These dialogs really make it sound like the marriage is temporary, maybe uniquely to protect Fiiru ?
    Does love bloom, in prearranged-marriages-that-are-actually-a-way-to-protect-one-against-assassination-plots ?!

    Anyway, thanks for the chap’ , Kilimanjaro-san

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  9. I can just imagine a huge misunderstanding with conflicting order, Imagine if Roy orders Mr Kain to put Fii in jail and to help Health investigate Fii…….


  10. Thanks for the chapters. Well this wasn’t really surprising other than the fact that the perfect fiiru is some bird in a cage in both kingdoms(Roy’s and fii’s homeland)


  11. I am gonna take a guess cause it is kind of canon. Assassins tried to kill both Queens but couldn’t find Fii, Lynette went to visit Fii (possibly with Fiiru this time) again but discovered dead (or completely unaware) guards and the assassins but no Fii causing her (them) to flee, Roy’s ‘friend in a coma’ happened to defend Lynette (and possibly Fiiru) as she (they) fled foiling the attack (which is why Lynette is trusted). Fii is late in going back into her ‘house’ and is scrutinized a bit as the attack was over so Roy tells Kain to relocate her to another ‘house’ and to double the ‘watch’ over her much to his chagrin. And NO I DIDN’T READ AHEAD if any of this is right.


  12. Wooooott! Thank you for translating!

    Woah firru a coward, this makes alot of sense now with the other firru chapter and the cup. Lol cup was made from that pose.

    Also, so the marriage is fake o.o, guess a divorce will happen after the story done but only for one girl mwahahahahaha


  13. “Fiiru-sama was blessed with knowledge and wisdom, but she was not particularly blessed with courage. Frankly, she leant towards timidity and cowardice.” Omomomo, so Fiiru got the brains and the beauty, and Fii got the cuteness and the courage? 😄 LOL I think it was split equally amongst them while they were inside their mum’s womb. (They must have played for it…)

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  14. Ok.. so prince Thomas should be fiiru’s husband? But since something happened.. to protect fiiru, Roy married her because he promised Thomas. I see.. so when prince thomas wakes up… they’ll file a divorce and Fii will now become the first queen? Wahahaha love it


  15. I know I can’t like Fiiru and Roy now. Fiiru lives with luxury and she got everything even before she’s asking for it while Fii must working her best to get her own necessities, maybe that’s why she have courage while Fiiru didn’t have that. But still with her cowardice, if she really love her sister, at least she can ask Lynette to check Fii’s condition secretly. But does she do that?? Nooooo…let me drink my tea in peacefullnes of my cage while my sister that got suspicion as spy is maybe got treated as evil villain.
    Her cowardice is too much and I can’t bring myself to sympathy her. On the other side, we got this Prince Toma who ask Roy to protect Fiiru so maybe he’s the real husband of Fiiru. That’s mean there’s still possibility for RoyFii ship sailing and I don’t like that. I wish Roy is never married and live in solitude forever.

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  16. i wish you would pay more attention to this it doesn’t really have that long of chapters as far as i’v seen and its a really interesting story after all


  17. *heavy breathing* thank you for the chapter *wheeze* when.. can we expect.. *pant* the update? *haaa haaa* I feel like a pervert, I was binge reading this series for 2 days straight and I finally ran out of chapters~ oh woe is me~ T_T


  18. Oh pease oh please oh please give us more! I love this novel and cannot even say how grateful I am that you are translating it. In fact, of the 100+ light and web novels I’ve read, this is one of the three I avidly check. Every time I look and there is nothing, a piece of my heart shatters, and every time there is an update it makes my week. Thank you!


    • Lol, be prepared to have a shattered heart. Maybe I’ll even help you put your heart back together once it’s shattered into smithereens.

      Note: I feel ya! But i suggest you don’t urge anyone, as I have more sympathy for those who are pressured.


  19. Whelp. This is absolute proof that he is not only a failure as a husband and a human being, but as a king as well.

    Because he specifically sent some of his best spy units to watch Fii, and despite the fact that Fii is a suspect, he never bothered to ask even basic information about the situation. IE- giving our poor, troubled grass the opportunity to end the series’ dramatic irony.

    This is just information gathering 101. Give the person 30 damn seconds to make a report- particularly when it becomes relevant to a matter you are actually paying attention to. Everything about this situation is completely known, and the only reason why the king is in the dark is because he doesn’t allow his servants to break the most minor orders, and he gives completely stupid orders that leave him blind sided. You either take complete control and have the skill to use it, or you allow subordinates at least some basic autonomy so they can cover the places you are weak in.

    He flips people off because he is a busy king with better things to do… and yet he fails horribly at those things. He is thus a subhuman with no good qualities. He is just an antisocial asshole. Being busy is only an excuse when you are actually good at your business. I think he sucks enough that he can take time off to talk about the weather, or the basic state of being for one of his damn wives. He doesn’t even notice that no funds are being spent by this woman- which means he sucks at balancing his books too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL this comment made my day 🙂 I love how you just tore Roy’s whole character to pieces, but he does deserve it for being a complete doofus when it comes to social relationships outside of work.


    • Nice! And the story said that he was clever *snort* ya right! While he was talking to Heath about the whole making the maid cry incident he was probably no where near clever. In fact he was more like the definition of Baka. When he realizes his mistake later on in the story I hope he bang his head so hard on the wall that it makes a hole. Anyyyyywayyyssssss thanks for the chapter! I love the novel so much.(Not b/c of that idiotic king Roy but because of Heath~)


  20. I’m reasonably certain Fii is going to end up with Roy, since that’s just how 99% of shoujo stories work (where the “cold, emotionally aloof and/or abrasive guy with dark hair” is main love interest).


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  22. I forgave Roy a while ago when I realized he’d probably agonize over his mistreatment of Fii, but wow, he reaaally needs to catch up with Kain.


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