Fiiru-sama’s New Years Special Performance

Fiiru was in the Déman palace gardens with a number of people.

They were not maids; instead, there were people who wished to consult her for advice, people who had brought gifts for her, people who had come to learn from her sublimity as well as a host of other reasons. There were sons of aristocratic families, princes from neighbouring nations, and on top of it all, even a priest was present.
In the eyes of some of these princes, perhaps this garden itself was not very large, but with Fiiru there, the very scenery seemed to change.
Even these dull flowers would seem to bloom brightly in red and gold. Even the banally aligned trees seemed to all be perfectly positioned.
And standing there amongst all this was Fiiru. Fiiru, whose clean beauty brought to mind an angel, completed the painting that was this garden.

Dressed as beautifully as ever, Fiiru looked up.
Her eyes, like sparkling sapphires, softly beheld the skies.
And as she did, long lashes narrowed around those gems as she gave a meaningful look.

“Look! Fiiru-sama is looking up at the sky.”

“Heavens… She’s breathtaking…”

“She must be pondering some issue too profound for us to understand.”

Amidst all the clamouring, Fiiru was thinking to herself.

(What nice weather…)

Today the wind was cool, and the sunlight was gentle and warm.

It was so comfortable that her eyes had begun to droop. For a while, she considered how pleasant it would be to simply have an afternoon nap on the spot.
But there were guests here today, and thus, it would not be permissible to do so. To start with, she had never had an afternoon nap in her life, much to her disappointment.

It was truly a nice day, however. Just spacing out in the garden like this was more than pleasant enough.
Even these guests who would normally approach her so incessantly were now happy to leave her alone to enjoy herself. Because of that, Fiiru was able to bask the afternoon sunlight as she pleased.

As she was doing so, she noticed a butterfly flutter past.

(Woww, it’s a butterflyy…)

Still in a daze, she reached out without thinking too much.

Suddenly, one of the noblemen shouted. In shock, Fiiru froze in place.

“Wha… What a mysterious pose Fiiru-sama is taking!”

“Ah-! That pose is…!”

“Do you know of it, Father Priest!?”

The priest gave the prince a serious look.

“I am certain. That pose is the pose of prayer towards God, passed down in the ancient texts of the Prase Faith. It is said that upon the completion of this prayer, the surroundings will be purified and fortune will befall all.”

“Heavens! So Fiiru-sama was actually attempting such a thing!”

“No wonder they call her the Miko of Soothing!”

“So when she gazed into the sky, she was actually thinking of the world in preparation for her prayer.”


screamed the girl in her mind.

“Then tell me, Priest. You said ‘upon completion’ did you not? How long will this prayer take to complete?”

“The prayer will succeed if she maintains that position without moving for eight minutes.”

“I see! In other words, Fiiru-sama is presently trying to reach that mark.”

(I-, I can’t moveeee…!)

After that conversation, it was impossible for her to move now.
The best way to describe her current pose was a strange one where only her left leg was touching the ground. The right one was lifted forward at roughly a thirty degree angle, and her two arms were stretched out before her.

(I, I have to stay like this for eight minutes…? T-, That’s impossibleee…)

To be very frank, it was a very difficult pose to hold.

Not only that, but Fiiru had been brought up like a princess.
Having done almost no exercise, she had little strength. Very little strength. Very, very little strength.

Before even thirty seconds was up, her left leg was already trembling and the blood had left her face.

(Why… Why did it turn out like this…)

She had just been enjoying the sun when she wanted to chase after a butterfly. How had that managed to turn into publicly challenging her to keep this strange pose for eight minutes?
Fiiru’s eyes started to water a little.

She held out for about a minute.

(I, I’m done…)

By now, her entire body was trembling.
But just before she collapsed…

Loud clatters and crashes could be heard from afar.

In the background, they could hear the sounds of shouting maids.

“Fii-sama has suddenly gone berserk!”

“The flowerpots and vases are…!”

“A-, Again!? The other day I was wondering why she was so quiet when she suddenly broke into a rampage. Why is she doing this again…!”

Even the men who had been staring at Fiiru’s “praying” began looking the other way now.

“W-What on earth is going on!”

“Apparently some woman called Fii is causing a fuss.”

“That completely dissimilar sister of Fiiru-sama!?”

“Kuh! We cannot allow this to affect Fiiru-sama’s praying! I shall go catch her!”

“I will come as well!”

“I won’t let you steal a march on me!”

“I will come too!”

With that, all the men began running in the direction of the disturbance. The maids also followed behind them.

After dazedly watching them depart, Fiiru was finally able to stand normally.
Her eyes were looking towards the garden bushes where someone’s shadow waved to her.

It only took an instant to recognise her. It was her older sister, Fii-neesama.
She had probably spotted what happened and caused a fuss as a distraction.

(Thank you, Neesamaa…)

Fiiru shed tears of gratitude.
With a warm smile on her face, she waved back at her gentle older sister.

After that, Princess Fii continued her game of tag in the castle, and fifteen minutes later everyone returned to Fiiru completely out of breath. Fii-neesama had succeeded in her escape.

Thus concluded another day in the life of the two sisters.

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41 thoughts on “Fiiru-sama’s New Years Special Performance

  1. It’s here! Yay! Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    I wonder if anyone understands yet, why Fiiru can’t do anything for Fii? Hint: how many people in this scene actually care about what Fiiru is thinking? 😛

    Liked by 15 people

    • I feel like fiiru envies fii’s freedom. She probably wants to keep her sister away from the stress of expectations (we see some of the expectations she has to live up to in this chapter). It’s possible that she tried to improve fii’s lifestyle, but her thoughts were met with praise of how generous and kind she is towards her “insignificant” younger sister, and no real action to improve fii’s life was ever made.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Fiiru is a damned coward that can’t do anything for the one who is so good to her. I hope she loses everything one day and becomes ugly and realises what a blessing it was to have Fii by her side.

      Liked by 2 people

      • There’s also the question of how much power she actually has while she’s trying to conform to this very strangely specific mold of ‘perfection’ that others have placed her in. Plus, Roy probably doesn’t care about her all that much (despite being married, since Crow’s remarks about Roy ‘always being like that’ were months after the marriage), so anything she says might pass through one ear and out the other.


        • She never stepped out of her she’ll, so she never explored what kind of influence and power she can take hold off. It’s her fear holding her back.
          For example, take Fii, she will just go for whatever she wants like the audacious kid she is. Because she’s willing to step out, challenge others and test her foothold she receives more freedom than Fiiru. It can even be said that Fiiru always wanted to keep her perfect image and wanted to enjoy the benefits of being the celebrated princess so she never did anything outside of those expectations. Well we don’t really know what’s going on her mind. She might actually just be a dumb coward that can’t survive by herself like some baby. I’m just angry that she had the chance to help Fii but never did.

          Liked by 2 people

          • True, though the following chapter says that she does want to help, and is intelligent enough to understand the situation, but is likely too afraid to go against Roy (who says he has everything covered) to actually push for any action.


            • She’s smart enough to know that something might be up. But she’s doing nothing to rectify the situation or find out for herself. It’s like staying happily oblivious. If she doesn’t see the drowning person she won’t be in the wrong if she doesn’t help.
              I’m sure some people are rooting for her too, but I just personally feel incredibly indignant for Fii. I don’t really care if Fiiru is innocent or not. Can’t help my Yandere personality man.

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              • Well in this scenario, she doesn’t know the drowning person is drowning, and she’s been assured that the drowning person is not drowning (by implication). In fact, the only thing Roy has said for certain (going off memory, since I didn’t reread the chapter again) was that they had to stay apart. He never commented on how she was living or staying or any of her conditions. As a literal Queen of the nation, it would be assumed that Fii lives in moderate luxury, and though that isn’t the truth, Fiiru doesn’t get any information pertaining to it.

                She doesn’t know the person is drowning. Though you could argue she should push for more instead of trusting her husband (who appears to have known her for quite a while since he trusts her… somehow) that’d be like asking the lifeguard if anyone’s drowning while blindfolded, and then getting arrested for not doing anything when it turns out someone did actually drown.

                The one at fault in this scenario is Roy, rather than Fiiru, since he is literally the one who put Fii in those conditions.

                Liked by 2 people

                • I agree Roy is at fault but he’s doing his best in a sense. (And it doesn’t seem like Fiiru is doing her best but she may actually be). His terrible habit is getting in the way of him finding out more or rather he simply pushed Fii aside because of his prejudiced assumption that Fii is a useless extra character who doesn’t need to be in the picture. Or possibly he could be trying to take out any extraneous people from getting involved with the problem as Fii could possibly be used against them. Like he said, there are only a select few he can trust. But Fiiru could also be at fault for not having the courage and be pushed around like the way she is now. The story says she is wise but those who are truly wise understand. How can she be that wise if she can’t even see through Roy’s outburst. If she was wiser she could have done so much more to know about Fii. It seems her wisdom comes to a stop at a certain degree. Basically she’s an inexperienced child who doesn’t know shouting is part of Roy’s personality. Let’s just say she’s a weak little girl unable to help herself or figure out what’s going on around her because she’s just too scared to find out for herself. It sounds like you really are rooting for Fiiru but I’m not. If I dislike her I dislike her. Every reader has a preference, and people can’t really change my mind because they can’t change my views which are a product of my experiences. Like who you want to and I’ll like who I want to like. This pointing of fingers at who is more guilty is getting a little long and I can’t really be convinced because that’s just stubborn old me. Thanks for your detailed comments but I’m going to put an end to this little debate of sorts.

                  Liked by 4 people

                  • So… you mean trusting someone to take care of a situation means that she’s fundamentally infantile in nature.

                    Got it. I don’t really care all that much for Fiiru’s character; I wouldn’t really care if this went down the path of eldritch horror and she was turned into a tentacle abomination that requires sustenance leeched off human beings to survive.

                    I just don’t get why people are saying she’s the one at fault for everything, when she doesn’t know what’s happening, and when she asks, she’s assured by her husband, the literal king known as “super capable” (barring treating women) that he’s taking care of it. I don’t know if Fiiru is wise, nor do I care, but in that scenario, to me at least, it’s like (to make another comparison) stabbing a random taxpayer for the government’s secret underground human trafficking scheme that it funds with 2% of the tax collected; the taxpayer doesn’t know it exists, and they’re told by an authority figure that all is fine. Secret meaning that they have no reason to suspect otherwise; the government wouldn’t have given any indication that they were doing anything other than spending it for the citizens’ interest.

                    … I just don’t get it.

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  2. Woah it’s been some time the Great Este-sama! Thank you for the short side story. When do you think you’ll start up again? (No pressure whatsoever, because I know tl-ing is a tough thing to do)


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  6. it’s good to finally see Fiirus thoughts. the sisters really are similar, huh. if they where left to their own devises, they would most likely just slack on a meadow, eating cake and watch the butterfly’s.

    while being praised as thinking thought of supreme grace and supreme underhandedness by the surrounding people

    Liked by 1 person

    • also, Fii was apparently always a bit of a ninja? if she could bait a hoard of people into a chase, and still get away… what level is she now? gaaah, i want to see her in a ballroom sooo much right now, accidentally forgetting that a lady goes up the balcony via the stairs, and not by using a wallrun… (ok, we all know this is wrong, all the best ladies exit a ball via the roof)

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Seems like in the religion of the world, Fiiruu is a puppet pope especially with the priest acting as her “interpreter”. Poor thing can’t even move her hand without being forced into some ridiculous action

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  9. In a totally different way from Fii, poor Fiiru. Looks like neither of them had anyone to really care about them except each other and Lynette. No wonder Fii has such a bad reputation though, what with randomly beating people senseless and periodically going off on rampages… She’s a magnet for misunderstandings.

    Thank you for the translation.


  10. … My first thought when i saw that “Fiiru” was in this chapter. “Sigh, I finay see what this sisters like.” ANd now I’m all like. You arent bad at all! Dar god, I wonder how she is handling things with that prince. That baka-ouji


  11. *holds foot above floor for eight minute countdown* *nobody mistakes me as praying* *is sad* *is also very, very weak* *not good…*

    As a result of my trial and error, I’ve decided to sympathise with Fiiru.


  12. …Fiiru is too much of a people-pleaser! I still can’t judge her, but… She gets no points from me! How can she not even have the backbone to just say what she really thinks? Why does she need all those people’s worship for? She’s just human, so why does she want to meet their useless expectations? She won’t be happy that way, and she’s not making it easy for her sister. It seems Fii has helped her occasionally, but has SHE ever done anything for Fii? THAT is what I want to know!


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