Chapter 79 – Roy and Fiiru

In the Orstollian royal palace stood a room for the royal husband and wife.

Because there was only one entrance and exit and many smaller partitioned rooms lay inside it, the set-up was like a house within the castle.

In one of those smaller rooms sat a long table, large enough to sit twenty people, but in contrast there were only two chairs.

At one end of the table sat a girl with her head down, polishing something in her hands.

It was a small and plain, white porcelain cup. The cup was well-made, drawing smooth and beautiful contours in her hand.
Holding it carefully in her hands, she was using a clean white cloth to carefully polish away any possible blemishes.

“Fiiru-sama, High Majesty Roy will be here soon.”

The girl raised her head at Lynette’s words.
Her lovely golden hair shifted as she did, and her beautiful blue eyes gazed the maid’s way.

So beautiful was the girl that even Lynette, who had grown up with her, found herself sighing.
Her eyes, her nose, her mouth… Everything part that composed her face was delicate and beautifully arranged. But instead of the cold beauty one would expect from a doll, her eyes turned down in a way that exuded a kind and gentle impression.
Although she was beautiful enough to outshine even other princesses famed for their beauty, she shared the child-like atmosphere that her older sister had, which attracted men all the more.
It was little wonder that the royalty in Déman’s vicinity had been obsessed with her.

Fiiru met Lynette’s gaze and gave a nod.

“I know. Lynette, could you pour some tea for His Majesty and I?”

“Yes. In the same cup as always?”

“Yes, please.”

Fiiru’s voice was a little frail, but also clear and gentle.
Upon hearing Fiiru’s request, Lynette carefully poured tea into the polished cup.

Fiiru simply watched the tea pour in.
Normally you would heat the tea cup in advance, but because of Fiiru’s unwillingness to part with it, Lynette had chosen tea that was still delicious when lukewarm.
Light-brown tea layered over the white of the porcelain.

After that, Lynette moved to the other side of the table and placed a warmed cup down in front of the King’s seat, this time pouring hot tea.

“Thank you, Lynette,” thanked Fiiru with a smile.

It wasn’t long before they heard footsteps coming down the hall.
Brisk footsteps that seemed hurried as usual.

The knight from the 1st Division who had been stationed in front of the door now received a signal from another knight outside. With that, he opened the door.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Beyond the door came an apology, and a man with it.
A handsome black-haired man, with blue-grey eyes and a cleverness to his face.
It was Roy, the king of this nation.


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61 thoughts on “Chapter 79 – Roy and Fiiru

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  3. I really want to know who Fii will end up l, so I wont jump into the wrong ship.I seriously hope it’s not Roy, anybody but him….Thank you for the chapter translator-san.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Me too. As much as Fiiru is the perfect princess and people shower her with love and respect, she is not a bad person. Having her husband steal by her sister is not fair for her. Fii is the honest person, she will take heartbreak over stealing anyone husband, much less her sister, anyday. Roy is not suitable choich. I just wish the identity revelation come up and he felt very sorry for almost made a princess starve to dead!


  4. Finally baaaaack!! Thank you!

    But uhh I don’t like Fiiru! She’s sitting there enjoying the luxury while her sister is shut out in another place.
    I really really hate Fiiru. I hope the author makes her suffer!


  5. Finally baaaaack!! Thank you!

    But uhh I don’t like Fiiru! She’s sitting there enjoying the luxury while her sister is shut out in another place.
    I really really hate Fiiru. I hope the author makes her suffer!


  6. Why do I feel like I’m going to want to slap Roy sometime in the next three chapters? We already know how much of a dumbass he’s being with regards to Fii, so I see it as a foregone conclusion that he’s doing something royally idiotic with Fiiru as well.

    My thanks to you, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Now, now, lets not get too vigorous. Fii and Fiiru both have the terrible judgement to like this twit, so lets leave him alive, mostly sane, and his face unblemished. Anything else is fair game, of course.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Why is the title “Roy and Fiiru” when Roy only arrived at the end? They didn’t interact much and I doubt Fiiru was thinking about Roy. Or is she?


  8. Thank you for the chapter.
    Zu’u kogaan hi, fahdon.

    The couple is somehow… Uncomfortable to watch? Though i don’t know why.
    Its not like they both bad… But i didnt see any ‘pink’ aura.


  9. thank you sheeprabbit-sama for finally getting back to this story… been looking forward to our favorit ninja prinsess for a while now. Will be interesting to see an interaction you have been hinting at for a while now


  10. Fiiru sure feels like an airhead, lol. Not only is she physically weak she seems mentally passive. I’m kind of worried for her, but maybe next chapter will surprise me.

    I honestly wonder if she even noticed that Fii was being neglected and hated.


  11. No! No! No! MOARRRRR!!!

    Thanks for the chapters as always Este!

    p.s. Not too sure about u guys, but I don’t like to read chapters about fiiru. I prefer background story on her because currently I can’t like her. I need more backgrounds checks


  12. I…feel sad at the hate Fiiru is getting rn. We’ve barely seen her perspective, but much hate… Imho, they both seem like victims of different prejudices. As Jegs has said, she’s like a bird in a gilded cage. While often done without malicious intentions, great expectations can turn into burdens to those who receive them. I’ll withold my judementa of her lack of initiative to help Fii’s conditions until a clearer picture is painted.

    In a lighter note, thanks so much for the chapters!!! Good luck with your programming class!:3

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thank you for the chapters! 🙂

    I am honestly kicking myself now, for not seeing this coming. The entire novel has been based on people misunderstanding Fii, because they don’t even know her. So, why not apply that to Fiiru?

    I could even see this being applied to Roy and maybe Fii’s parents (although, I hope that they are kept as minor villains in this).

    Roy’s attitude will probably be explained that he was wronged by a woman in some way, thus his disinterest in women. Fii’s parents will probably be explained that they needed the money for the territory and they were feeling guilty for how they treated Fii (so they hoodwinked Roy into marrying her too). They probably believed that Fii would have a better life, with Roy, than she ever could have with them.

    Of course, that’s just a theory. But, keep in mind that circumstances are not always what they appear to be in this novel.

    I think that I will proceed with the assumption that all of the publicly known information, about specific characters, is a misunderstanding.


  14. Did anybody else notice the symbolism of the tea cup she was taking care of so lovingly. In a few chapters prior Fii looked at a tea cup at a shop and held it like she was lost in thought while the merchant went on about how Fiiru designed it… in the next chapter Fiiru asks about Fii early on in the conversation its like she was thinking about Fii while cleaning it. Maybe even reminiscing about the last chapter in her childhood. I can only think that their is a connection between the tea cup and the sisters. Its even stated that Fiiru wont let the cup leave her side. Even if I’m wrong the tea cup hold some sort of greater significance but if I’m right to Fiiru who alwasys keep the cup at her side may belive that with it she always has apart of her caring and supportive older sister by her.


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