Chapter 78

Fii left the boys behind and walked into the sauna for women.

Having taken off her jacket already, she was now dressed in a black top made from weaved fabric and long white pants.
The way she looked now was somewhere between a girlish boy and a boyish girl.
And she was obviously a boyish girl to the people around her, since she had now entered the women’s sauna. Not a single person suspected her.

And of course, she truly was a boyishly-dressed girl.
All she did was head in through the door she was naturally supposed to use.

She opened the door like natural, and she headed inside like natural.
When she came through the door, there was a place to pay her fee and then a dressing room connected to it.

The moment she step foot in this room, Fii tweaked her hair a little.
She quickly pulled down some sparse hair on the side of her head. It was just long enough to reach her neck, and she covered her white cheeks with it after bringing it to the front.
Suddenly her image seemed to change.
The remaining bits of boyishness vanished, and her face seemed even more girly now.

In fact, her hair actually had two layers.
Normally you would only see the layer cut to cheek length that gave her a boyish impression. But besides that, she had some sparse, but long hair, that reached as far as her neck.
It was usually kept brushed back to hide, and Fii normally kept this hair tied with a string.
But by untying it and having it fall to her sides of her face, Fii had a simple way of changing her image.
It was at the advice of Conrad-san that she had gotten her hair cut this way.

And thus, her messy boy’s hair could be turned into a girl’s by just a little combing with her fingers.

Even the woman at the fee booth showed no signs of suspicion and simply handed over a towel after receiving the money.

There was nobody who questioned her in the changing room either.
And naturally so. Why would anybody blame a girl for using the women’s sauna.

Taking off her clothes, Fii gave herself a quick rinse to get rid of the sweat from her training before enjoying the sauna to the fullest.
Here, she could relax without worrying about the eyes of others. It was hot, and she was sweating everywhere, but it was bliss.

After leisurely enjoying the sauna, she gave herself one last rinse before tidying her hair and leaving…

The apprentice knight boys were already waiting outside.
Since their hair was wet, they must have entered too. She had really enjoyed herself, so perhaps she had taken a bit too long.
Fii felt a little apologetic towards them.

The boys had been glancing at the women’s sauna door the whole time. Averting their eyes, and yet paying close attention.
Their cheeks were a little red.

“I’m backk~”

Fii quickly headed over to them.

When they saw how Fii walked out of there like it was nothing, all of their eyes went wide. Doug was the only one who knew the circumstances, but Fii had made sure to silence him with her eyes.
Doug nodded up and down, of course.

The moment she took her jacket back, the boys began crying out in unrest.

“D-, Did you really go inside…!?”

“To the women’s sauna…!”

“Yeah,” she confirmed, “I took my time and really enjoyed it. Sorry for taking so long though.”


The moment they heard this word, all the boys gulped as they blushed redder.
Fii only meant that she had enjoyed the heat and sweating though; it certainly was different from the boy’s expectations.

For a while, the boys exchanged glances, and the silence continued until one boy couldn’t hold on any longer.

“So… how was it…? Heath…! The… The women’s sauna…!”

Fii went thought silently for a moment, and finally realised why they were asking that.
Holding her chin in her fingers, she gave a terribly meaningful smile before flashing them a silent grin.

In that moment, the boys realised it.
That today, their comrade Heath, had reached a summit that none of them had ever seen.

Of course, what really happened was that she simply went into the sauna. Nothing particularly exciting had happened at all.
Fii had no interest in what the boys probably wanted to see, so she had simply enjoyed the sauna.

But, in the minds of these young boys, Fii was a man who had stepped foot into a world none of them knew.
Only Doug, who knew the circumstances, looked away with a blushing, yet astounded face, but it didn’t take long before Fii silenced him with yet another glance.

The boys idealised and were fascinated by the women’s sauna. So when Fii had stepped into it and even returned without harm, those feelings transformed into respect, or perhaps fear towards her.

“Well then, shall we head back?”

she spoke refreshingly. Her back showered by the boys’ gazes of admiration, Fii walked back comfortably to the castle having enjoyed her evening at the sauna.



The next day, Fii received over 2000 points from the members who went to the sauna. Because of that, she shot up to 3rd place in one go.
It was still a long way from 1st place Zerius, who was already at 4000 points, but her incredible speed of ascension had caused her to be the talk of the dorm.

However, every one of those entries had their explanation left blank. And no matter who asked, none of those boys would ever explain the reason.

Because of this, the rumour that Heath had definitely done something dirty again began to spread amongst the apprentice knights.

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    good job, fii, playing it cool! aw, doug is so cute!

    lolol! oh, conrad’s advice is great!
    pfft, of course no one would suspect her!
    well, yeah, what the guys are interested in, is not what she’s interested in, pfft!

    haha, so her manliness ranking really went up, huh? due to her ‘courage’ and ‘daring’ to do what no other apprentice knight does, pfft!

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The only girl in the dorm is third place in manliness. Is Fii seriously aiming for first place? I can only wonder what the Grass is thinking watching all this.

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  4. Yeay xD buahaha~~~ I wonder what conrad will think of her getting 3rd in manliness~~!

    the book got here~~~
    :3 Doug’s crying face is adorable~~~
    And roy looks lots hotter in the color page,
    Though I shipped them even when he looked evil~

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  7. I wonder what will be their reaction when/if they get to know that she is a girl, especially Remie since even a girl is more manly than him lol
    And Kain probably was at wits end when they arrived in front of the sauna house, probably fighting the urge to go help her out of it (the side of a grass and the side of a senpai) xD
    Thanks for the translations~~!

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  8. hehe cheating while playing fair…now this is a whole new ballgame. also when her identity gets uncovered (which i assume is bound to happen sooner or later) all the knight trainees will have to live with knowing they’re less manly than a woman hehe

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  9. I figured it would be this peeping solution or one other that didn’t pan out…. With crow’s comment and the talk of labrinynths that she wasn’t sure of, I thought “getting lost” on the way to the sauna was an option.


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