Chapter 71

‘If I were useless to you, would you treat me coldly?’

Fii waited for his answer.

Her heart pounded as her chest clenched.

(I’d hate it if he said yes…)

Even though she was the one who asked, those were her feelings right now.

“Hmmm… Well…”

York held his chin in his hands and began to think.
After about thirty seconds, he turned to Fii and spoke.

“Even if you ask me that, the person we’re talking about is somebody incredibly talented even for a knight. Somebody who constantly strives to overcome their weaknesses, and endeavours not just for my sake, but for everyone’s. You. You help lighten mood in our division as well, and I also feel comfortable when I’m around you. You’re a valuable person who there isn’t a replacement for. So trying to imagine a you that isn’t any of those things just isn’t possible for me. That’s why I don’t know what to tell you.”

His words caused her cheeks to suddenly heat up.
She even had to desperately stop herself from grinning.

“D-, Don’t think you can avoid the question by praising me, okay!”

In order to hide it, Fii tried to seem angry.

“I-, I see. Sorry.”

Why was she angry.
His expression betrayed his total lack of understanding.
Truly the ultimate dullard.

After thinking for a while, he muttered “Ah,” in realisation.

“But that doesn’t mean that I’d abandon knights that stop working because of injury, you know. They’re the heroes of our nation. I would never treat them with anything but welcome. I don’t want you to get injured, and I intend on taking care to keep you that way, so you can rest assured.”

“That’s really not what I meant… Geez…”

With her face still beet red, Fii slumped her shoulders and let out a tired sigh.
All her fervour had disappeared somehow.

In the end, it was no good…
As long as York himself didn’t think it was important to treat girls well, they would never really solve this.

Still, as his loyal subordinate, she felt it was necessary to advise him.

“Then, as your subordinate, I’d like to ask a favour of you. Please treat girls as gently as you can.”

Upon hearing her words, York fell into thought for a moment. His folded arms trembled, and his brows twitched, but he managed to squeeze out an answer.

“I-, I’ll see…”

Even Fii was resigned at this point.

(Does he really hate spending time on women that much…?)

Just imagining it had caused York to tremble painfully.
Well, it was true that the Captain was very busy, and she also felt sorry for him in this respect. But Fii felt that it would be a problem in all sorts of ways if it continued.
Even if it didn’t affect his duties as a knight, it would be all sorts of problems once he got married.

(But I think that the Captain might change once he finds a girl he wants to be gentle to. It’s such a shame… I think even the Captain would change if he met a wonderful girl like Fiiru…)

Unfortunately, Fiiru was married.
Getting into an affair with His Majesty’s wife would probably be bad news even for the Captain.

Since Fii couldn’t think of any other way of changing him, she was forced to put it aside for now.
But she swore in her mind. That if one day there was a wonderful girl who could change him, at that time, Fii would take action once more.

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81 thoughts on “Chapter 71

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  2. Fii-chan are you sure? If York ever takes fancy, you’ll help him??? Ya sure? What if it’s you? I mean, you are married to King Roy, but *wink, wink* it’s okay; since he is ur husband;).

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. thanks a lot!
    let me tell you the story of my journey in this chapter—!(what? did you just say you don’t care? hahaha! how funny you are!)

    -reads beginning part of chapter, where roy speaks well of fii-
    -drags my nails downwards my face, and am gagging at the same time-
    of course, i agree with what he says, i just don’t like roy!

    -reads about fii being happy with his praise-
    -sees a tiny ship flag popping up-
    i stomp on it! burn it! dig a deep hole, and bury the ashes!
    no fii! no! you can’t, can’t—! i won’t accept it! you can be happy with the praise, but please don’t let it lead to anything more!

    -reads part about fiiru-
    he..he is already married to her, fii…! and it hasn’t made a difference!

    after reading this chapter, while i don’t want to, i have gained new insight to roy. he puts the identity of a ‘girl’, beyond the character of a person. that’s why, even with fiiru, he doesn’t seem to…uh, i don’t know, care much about her? i really doubt he knows love, hmph! well, anyway, it’s also why fii is the girl who will…likely be the closest to him, as he knows her character, before her identity as a girl…that’s my two cents worth, anyway! but, either way, i don’t want fii with him!he is undeserving of fii, you know?!

    -stands proudly on the ‘almost any ship but roy x fii ship’ ship- hmph hmph!

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  5. I’m happy for Fii, she’s finally being told she has the recognition she wanted and deserved. Now if only she could get it as Fii as well as as Heath.


  6. Yeah, Roy needs a slap. The metaphorical slap he’ll receive when he finds out about Fii will lead to a spate of mad cackling from readers, I expect.

    My thanks to you, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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  7. Uwahh, so many releases!! Thank you so much for the hard work up til now Estelion-sama and Doom-chan! C: For presenting such an amazing novel to us, arigatou!!!!

    Lord Roy-san please learn from Crow-san on how to treat girls properly or else this will bite you from behind somedayyy… Somehow I’m still looking forward to Grass-kun’s POV where we witness his image of His Majesty deteriorating even further in his mind ahahaha~


  8. I feel like the only person that doesn’t hate the Roy x Fii ship. Like, it’s not even that bad, Roy’s not a bad person or King… Just…. Just REALLY RETARDED on things like the opposite sex or relationships in general. Well, he’s going to reap what he sows soon enough.

    Though I can’t help but giggle thinking about when he will realise how idiotic he was

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  9. I can’t wait to see Roy Sufferrrr ahahahaha
    But I kind of ship Fii and Doug…he was the first guy to see her in her birthday suit lol
    And I feel like he’ll be really loyal to her in the days to come

    So thankful for the new releases


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  11. “But she swore in her mind. That if one day there was a wonderful girl who could change him, at that time, Fii would take action once more.”

    Me: NO!!!!!


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