Chapter 67 – The Captain’s Bad Points

Ever since Fii entered the Knight Order, she would report to York once a month. By now, it had become something of a routine.

Even though York was incredibly busy, always rushing here and there, he never failed to make time for Heath. Each time he would listen to her, give her advice, and praise her.

“Captain, this guy from the Eastern Dormitory called Doug transferred in. We’ve gotten really close!”

“Aah, Kaisar-sensei’s disciple, huh. I’ve heard the rumours. It seems he has a lot of promise as a swordsman.”

“Yes. He really looks up to you, and says he wants to meet you one day.”

“Hmm. Is that so. Maybe I’ll try meeting him if I can find the time.”

“Yes, Doug would be very happy!”

The two of them often met in the gathering place, but today they were chatting in a rear garden.

And today, Fii felt a gaze.
Looking to her right, she found a maid about her age, looking over hesitantly.
Fii noticed where that gaze was pointed at.
It would be more accurate to say that the maid was looking at York. Since Fii’s gaze met her by accident, she flashed her a smile.

When the maid saw this, she timidly approached them.
In her hands were some wrapped cookies. Probably home-made.

And her eyes looked at York with some love.

“Umm, York-sama… I made some cookies. If it’s fine with you, please have some!” she exclaimed with her eyes closed, before holding them out with two hands.

Fii watched it all in admiration.

(The Captain really is popular. He’s cool, and strong, and just an amazing person. Of course he’s popular! Crow-san is popular too. I guess knights really are popular. Hu hu hu, one day I’ll be too.)

Fii sat there, imagining herself surrounded by maids offering their cookies to her.

The maid girl stood there looking downwards with flushed cheeks. She was probably too embarrassed to look at him.
Fii watched on warmly.

“No need.”

But York’s frigid words were like cold water poured onto the girl.

“Eh-, Captain…?”

The maid looked up too and saw his face. She froze and grew pale before tears gathered in her eyes.
Although she was on the verge of crying, she still spoke with a trembling voice.

“Umm… Do you dislike cookies…? I’m sorry. N-, Next time I’ll bring something else.”

“No need, I said. No matter what you make, I will not eat it, nor will I ever eat it. It’s a waste of time.”

York’s words were like ice as he looked down at her with a cold expression.
The maid stood dazedly.

“I’m sorry…!”

And eventually she began to truly cry, turning around and running away.
York simply stopped looking at the running maid, as though nothing had even happened.

“C-, Captain!”

With a blanched face, Fii’s gaze darted between the girl and her captain.

“What’s the matter, Heath?”

“What do you mean, what’s the matter! What you said was so cruel!”

Hearing her objections, York’s eyes furrowed.

“If I didn’t go that far, she would have come again. Paying attention to these things is a waste of time. Even talking is a waste of time. I try and cut down time on those things as much as possible. I’m busy, after all.”

“How can you call it a waste of time! She went out of her way to make you those cookies!”

“I don’t ever recall asking for that. And it’s true that I would never eat them. It’s for her sake too, that I make things clear,” he declared with folded arms.

This time it was Fii’s brows that furrowed.
She looked towards the maid who was almost out of sight before running off towards her.

From behind, she heard York call out in a little panic.

“Heath, where are you going! You still haven’t finished reporting what happened this month!”

Turning to look at him just once, she shouted,

“Comforting a crying girl is obviously more important! Captain, you idiot!”

With that, Fii continued chasing after the maid, leaving York behind.
York simply stood there in a daze, watching her leave with eyes wide from shock.

“I’m… an idiot…?”

NEET-sensei: Yes.
Translator: Yes.

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129 thoughts on “Chapter 67 – The Captain’s Bad Points

  1. thanks a lot—!
    yes, all my yes! take it all—-!
    hm— so york makes time to talk with fii, but rejects items from girls, huh? well, i certainly understand. and while i agree that you have to make it clear to a person about your feelings, there are gentler ways to put it. do you know,york, do you know!-shakes him- hmph!
    well, go fii—! new friend for fii time, wahaha! and then, she wil be friends with the maid, and the maid will join the fii fanclub! yes, more fii fansin the world is good—-!

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  2. Ahuehuehue York is so doting on Heath. Also he’s a natural born idiot huh? Considering also what happened with Fii. x)

    Also, Fii is going towards a strange direction ^^; (wanting a harem of maids for herself…ahaha)

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  3. Wohoo another one ! (septies) (Wow so much learning !)

    Way to go Fii, insult him more he deserve it ! Roy no baka, aho, manuke, chindonya !
    And then the king discovered the truth.
    And one day he will find the fact that Fii doesn’t even know her supposed husband face, that’s why she can’t recognize him when he is wearing his mask ;op

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  4. I just have to say… “HOLY CHAPTER DUMP, BATMAN!” I read chapter 63 in bed, got up, got dressed, checked again on my computer, and it’s up to chapter 67! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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  6. >(The Captain really is popular. He’s cool, and strong, and just an amazing person. Of course he’s popular! Crow-san is popular too. I guess knights really are popular. Hu hu hu, one day I’ll be too.)

    Fii sat there, imagining herself surrounded by maids offering their cookies to her.< Fii….. where do you want to reach?

    And Roy getting called idiot~ I thought that the 1º person who would call him idiot would be Crow =o (because they are old friends)
    Just because one is a busybody doesn't mean he can just be cruel, there are more subtle ways to deal with it =/


  7. Crow and Roy make interesting friends. Crow is really kind and considerate, and Roy is the complete opposite…
    I wonder if Crow has admonished Roy for his behavior in the past. Perhaps he has, but it was likely not nearly as effective as Fii blatantly stating “You’re an idiot!”.

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  8. PFT-HAHAHA SERVES YOU RIGHT!!! I feel that there’s a missing injection at the end. [Kain-san: YES!] =3 Many thanks for all you dooooooooo~~~~


  9. Even though Roy has a high IQ, he seems to have low EQ, aka he’s a dense idiot when it comes to dealing with his and others’ emotions. lol I can’t wait for the ensuing developments and misunderstandings to be caused by his idiotic ways; he’s kinda like Fii in that regard, huh. I knew this was going to get good~ 🙂


    • Being King must have got to his head. But that’s just expected.
      Other people aren’t important much less a maid.
      where would he find the time in the day to be nice to maid?
      He probably doesn’t want to raise her hopes up and uses the
      simplest and surest way to smash her into smitherens.


  10. Is there even a Male Lead here? Nothing’s going on the Romance department. I just hope Fii doesn’t end up with that bastard Roy.

    Where can I find spoilers? I desperately need spoilers.


  11. Ohhhh, I see. Yeah, I kind of was surprised because I thought he’d at least be a bit nicer about rejecting her. See, this is how he can be a bastard that leaves Fiiru on her own in a mansion.


  12. I would say yes, but my comforting skills would be zero, just like Captain. So…. Welcome to the idiot club Captain. I suck at normal social situations too lol
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀


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  14. I just remembered. Roy is an englishification (is that a word?) of a French word, that means king. Is this a coincidence, or intentional?


  15. okay. I’m super excited with where the story is heading right now. More Please!!
    Thank you translator-san and NEET sensei. You guys are the best ❤


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  17. I can imagine Kain falling from a tree with that phrase! And for pure laugh! Thank you very much for take the time to traslate i am really gratefull. And if you have the time thanks the autor for writig this beautifull story in my name please.

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