Chapter 62

(Hmmm, should I go with a filet steak? The mutton poêlé looks good too. And there are heaps of menu items that I’ve never seen before. Caviar… It’s expensive, but I sure wanna try it. Should I ask Crow-san to buy me some?)

When Fii peeked at the other tables, there were tasty looking dishes all around. Fii looked at her menu, drooling.

Glancing at Crow, he seemed to be glaring seriously at the menu for some reason.

“Hmmm. A hamburg steak…? No, but she said that she liked gratin…”

Fii inclined her head in wonder.
She recalled that Crow liked seafood. She was sure that he had said so during one of their chats.

“Could it be that you’re going to try the food that your date likes?”

“Yeah, basically,” he answered with a light nod.

Fii closed the menu and smiled at him.

“Then I’ll cooperate. Please get me the other dishes that she likes.”

If he was going out of the way to try the dishes she liked, then she must have been important to him. In that case, how could Fii not cooperate?

“Are you sure?”


In the end, Fii ordered a hamburg steak and a pie stew while Crow went with a gratin.
After waiting for a while, the food arrived.

A hamburg steak covered in demi-glace and a fluffy pie stew sat in front of her. As for Crow, it was a gratin with fragrant cooked cheese.

“Wah, it looks yummy!” she claimed with glittering eyes.

Crow smiled.

“Sorry you couldn’t eat what you wanted.”

“Not at all. I love hamburgs and pie stews too!” she answered with a smile.

Seeing this, Crow thought again that she really was just Heath.
Any of the girls he’d dated might have sulked about it or become dejected instead. Some girls would become flat-out angry, while others would hide their emotions with a smile. They had all kinds of reactions.
But he could tell that Heath was happy from the bottom of her heart.
None of the other girls had ever shown such a reaction.

It was at that point that he suddenly stopped his thoughts and shook his head.

(No, no, to begin with, this kid is a guy, not a girl, so…)

For some reason he just naturally compared her with the other girls. Perhaps it was because she just appeared so natural in this look.

“Crow-san! Can I start eating?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

With that, Fii picked up her fork and knife and began eating the hamburg steak.
Cutting them into small pieces, she placed them into her mouth.
It was different to the hamburg steaks from the dining hall. This one smelt fantastic. The meat was soft, and each bite would cause the fine sauce to spread throughout her mouth.


As expected of a famous restaurant, perhaps you could say.
She liked eating the hamburgs in the dining hall too, but this hamburg steak was delicious in a different way.

Perhaps she had eaten even finer foods during those parties and gatherings.
But this was the first time since she had begun paying attention that she had eaten something so high class. Plus, back as a princess, she had always eaten alone.
Right now she had Crow-san with her.

“Is the sauce, or the flavour of the wine too bitter?” asked Crow as he watched the happily eating Fii.

“No, it’s fine.”

The sauce on the hamburg had the alcohol carefully evaporated out of it, and she couldn’t taste any of its flavour or bitterness.

Once Fii finished her hamburg, she began working on the pie stew.
After breaking open the still warm, fluffy pie crust, her fork met with a milky stew.

After she gave it a taste, Crow asked her for her opinion again.

“Are there any capsicums in there?”

“No, not at all?”

“It looks like the carrots are sliced up thinly, so it should be okay.”

“Yes. It’s all been stewed together well, so it’s delicious.”

While Crow asked her about the ingredients in the stew, he went through the stuff in his gratin too.

“Hmm. There are shells in here, so maybe it won’t do…”

It was obvious how much importance Crow was putting on the date just from the way he was carefully examining everything.
But Fii had a small question.

(Aren’t this girl’s tastes a little childish?)

It was generally children that ordered a hamburg or gratin in an expensive place like this. Usually adults would go for something a bit fancier.
Not just that, but having trouble eating capsicums and carrots just sounded rather childish.



After dinner, they had a walk around the high class shopping district for a little bit before heading back to the castle.
The oil street lamps were now far away with only the dim lights from houses and the moon to light their path.
The large castle they were headed to was lit up brightly on the other hand, and from its surroundings it almost looked like stars in the night.

Because it was so dark, in the end Crow continued to escort her.
Their two bodies were huddled together as they strode down the dark path.

By now, Crow was treating Fii just as normal, with no signs of the silence he had earlier.
They simply headed back together hand-in-hand as they chatted about things like her life at the dorms.

But as they were happily talking, they stopped when they noticed people up front.

“They’re waiting to ambush us, aren’t they.”

“Seems like it.”

The two of them exchanged words in a whisper.

Right now they were close to one of the more dangerous blocks in the city.
Although they hadn’t actually taken a step into it, perhaps the darkness of the night encouraged these thugs to wander a little further.

“Heyy, Mister. On a date with your cute little miss? What a lucky guy.”

“Quite a beauty, ain’t she. I was thinkin’ that I’d have some of your money, but maybe I’ll take her too.”

“That’s how it is, so be good and give us your gold and the girl. If you do, we’ll let you go home in one piece.”

Three nasty looking men were standing in their way.
Although Fii was about to transition into a pre-emptive flying kick, Crow held her back in a hug.


Fii’s eyes widened in a little surprise.
Crow just smiled gently in return.

“You stay out of trouble this time. After having this princess accompany me all day, it’d shame my name as a knight to make her fight. Plus, you might trip over if you fight in those heels, yanno.”

Given that she wasn’t used to them yet, it was certainly possible.


Since she couldn’t help it, Fii obeyed.

“Oh? Ya wanna go three versus one, huh?”

“Acting a little too cool is only gunna give you pain, boy.”

Hearing these ruffians caused Fii to let out an astounded sigh.

(The ones in for some pain are you guys…)

It only took an instant for Crow to knock them all out.
The men were sprawled on the ground, unmoving.

Since Fii knew how strong he was, it wasn’t a surprise at all. This was simply the natural result.
Fii didn’t think she could win against him even if she had a sword, to say nothing of these three hooligans…

“I’ve kept you waiting, Princess,”

said Crow as he tried to act cool by giving an impish smile under the moonlight.
The thing was when Crow did it, he really did seem like a knight out of a fairytale.

“Well done. As a reward, I allow you to continue serving as my escort, Lord Knight,”

she replied. The two of them looked at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter, holding hands again as they continued making their way.

“Somehow it’s nothing but trouble when it comes to dates with you. At least it wasn’t boring.”

“Was this a date?”

“Nah, I don’t really know. I mean, I was with a guy the whole time,” Crow replied.

“That’s true. It’s not a date with two guys, is it,” said Fii, before giving a teasing smile.

Making their way down the night road, they continued to talk merrily as they headed home.


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Since it wasn’t a Kenkyo chapter, I decided to put it down here.

First, this is a filet steak:

This one in the picture is a filet mignon in particular, but I think that it refers to any cut from the tenderloin in general.


Uh, a pie stew is just a stew with a pie lid on it, so something like…


I hope you all know what a gratin is.


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  2. Crow’s date has childish tastes and doesn’t like shells or vegetables…
    Is she perhaps actually a child?
    Will we meet Crow’s younger sister?

    Crow and Heath are kind of cute together.
    Well, it might be because they’re acting more like siblings than like an actual date.

    Thanks for the chapter 😀

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  3. thank you—!

    long comment time—! also, wiht much shipping of crow and fii, wahaha!
    am i first to like?! i hope so! not that it matters, hahaha!
    ah, food! all the food—! ah—! yummy!
    fufu, yes, crow, appreciate fii! appreciate her more! urgh! -clutches heart- she was forced to starve for a few days because of your horrid king! crow! you don’t even know—! experiencing starcation, the appreciation for food increases, ok!

    ‘they simply headed back together hand-in-hand’ ‘simply…hand-in-hand’?! nothing simple about that! it’s utterly cute! and do you know the significance, huh—! crow, hurry up and realise fii’s really a girl, and fall in love with her! go go! ship fii x crow—!

    ‘held her back in a hug’?! -screams and cheers like a ship fangirl- kyaa—! cute, cute! ship! would’ve been nice to see fii do the flying kick! but yeah, heels are dangerous when you’re not good with them, ok—!
    ‘princess’, crow said. you don’t know how right you, are, crow…you just. don’t. know!

    is this…is this foreshadowing?! he and fii acting as a princess and knight, though it’s their actual situation, unbeknownst to crow…’holding hands again’!! ah—! they just naturally did it?! ufu! this is way adorable! too adorable—! so much wonderful fii x crow ship moments—!

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  4. The Gratin is a multipurpose tank. For some reason, it’s painted pink.

    I am sitting here, gorging on Skittles at 2:30AM, pleased as punch to have more Fii. 😀

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    • I’m starting to think there should be a moment at the end of each chapter where the narrator turns to Kain and says, “Kain, what do you think?” and Kain them complains about whatever ridiculous scene he’s been forced to witness again, as the only one who actually knows what’s going on… 😉

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    • Still, she is a queen not a princess any more.
      Actually Roy didn’t consume the marriage(lay Fii), so is it actually even valid?


      • As for that, Kain still refers to her as “princess” Fii. (Mentally.) So it seems that it is still normal to refer to her as a princess, because Kain would never do something disrespectful… He is grass… He is grass… 😛


  6. Thank you for the update . Pictures of the food they had is mouth watering. Love the easy companionship they have. Makes me wonder who is Crow’s date.


    • From wikipedia :

      Gratin (French pronunciation: ​[ɡʁatɛ̃]) is a widespread culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust, often using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg and/or butter. Gratin originated in French cuisine and is usually prepared in a shallow dish of some kind. A gratin is baked or cooked under an overhead grill or broiler to form a golden crust on top and is traditionally served in its baking dish.

      My personal favourite is this one :

      Gratin Dauphinois is a speciality of the Dauphiné region of France. The dish is typically made with thinly sliced and layered potatoes and cream, cooked in a buttered dish rubbed with garlic. Some recipes call also for cheese and egg to be added.


  7. Ah…
    I thought he gonna notice it somehow.
    I wanna see his reaction :(.

    In my mind there was a scenario where everyone in 18th except Roy knew about fii being a girl.


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  9. Wohoo another one ! (quinquies) (yes you still can learn the rest as it is still in the 24 hours limit ;o)

    Yeah food pictures ! the sheeprabbit doesn’t change its spots (yeah it’s spotted, got 2 pairs of enameled incisors and walk on hoofed toes)…


  10. If we never took a culinary class or had someone to teach then how do you except us to know?

    gratin – is a widespread culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust, often using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg and/or butter.

    I never head of the word before now in any context.


      • You do, but I don’t and surely others don’t. I honestly think the comment below was written to ridicule those who never heard of the word. It’s not a common word and surely I would look it up, but the note at the bottom was unnecessary and rude.


        • You are the rude one, Este translate this great novel and is nice enough to take time to put his translation online, even adding some explanation for food terms, and you still ask for more ? And feel insulted by something as simple as his last sentence ?
          If you are unhappy with it just explain what a gratin is in the comments and don’t shoot the ambulance (yeah that’s a french expression, not sure it translate that well in english but I think the meaning is clear enough, hope you won’t find this conjecture rude too ;op ).

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          • No, I find your comment to be a be a over zealous fan shooting his mouth out without understanding the concept. I get you want to defend the work, but never I did insult the work. In fact if we are being frank he the translator attacked me after the comment while I simply tried to explain in logical sequence the error in their thinking. Though the reality is translator keep trying to defend this tacky remark that was meant to take as a joke.

            The translator could of quietly deleted the comment about gratin or said it was a joke or something along those lines, but instead they went on the offensive with illogical statements. So in order to be my last statement, I will make it clear I wad defending other who may of not know the word. It’s simply my personal belief we should educate instead of insult others lack of knowledge. This is a standard upheld in professional translations.

            Now there’s always the excuse that this a fan translation, but it’s simply a excuse. I think is a excellent translation and I saw no reason not to polish the work. So let me try to end this as my final comment, I am sorry this got out of hand, and I do appreciate your work alot, though not so much the comment.

            * Note if you like can simply deleted the string of pointless comments clutter this page including my mind and be done with the matter forever.


            • Well it’s the “concept” and the underwhelming holyer than thou atitude against an light and harmless offbeat humour jab that I have a hard time to stomach.
              I could understand that irony is not your forte but the way you try to force your excessive moral stand on this is somehow ludicrous.


            • He’s not defending the work, he’s defending me you retarded piece of shit.

              Judging by your grammar you clearly have a weak grasp of English, so how dare you try to “explain” anything to me.

              The comment was never meant to be insulting, and if your English is so poor that you can’t even tell that then you’re in no position to be educating *anybody*.

              Quietly deleted? Said it was a joke? Fuck off! Do you think I need to act politely to cunts like you on *my* blog!

              Seriously, just fuck off. You aren’t welcome here any longer.


          • And neither did I when I said the comment. I just respond back. I wasn’t offended by your comment, but the sarcastic the professionalism. Can you really say that was an appropriate translations note? Of course it’s your translation and your free to do what you like, but I simply had wished you to think twice about such comments.

            Instead, you defend your obviously sarcastic comment by comparing it an Antarctic? While your over zealous fans added fuel to the fire. Never did I say you should leave a note about gratin.Simply, It’s sad that you have such a perfect translations ruined by such a tacky remark at the bottom.


              • I get you are defending the work, and I would do the same, but the translator was in the wrong since the beginning. Lets clear of this silly misconception. I made the statement cause I was offended that comment was bullying others. So yes unfortunately I would be someone defending against bully while you would watch or participate.


                • So it went from unecessary and rude to insulting and then bullying…
                  Just how much do you went to pointlessly overemphasize this ?

                  You are talking about bullying, but you can’t seem to see that your comments bear a lot of underlying moral violence as you are just forcing a somehow dubitous and overly severe exclusive point of view by assuming that you have the moral high ground over a little quirky comment.

                  I find such an unjustified and extremistic consuality associated with the use of words with such a strong implicit social violence quite nauseating.


        • Gratin is used somewhat commonly, especially in the context of au gratin. Just because your region may not use the word frequently does not mean that other English speaking regions don’t.


        • The “others” would probably fall into the realm of “foreigners who are learning English.” I’m not saying this to be offensive, just making the point that many, if not most, native English speakers would have heard of the term unless they’re people without access to other people who are living in trailer parks or something. The note wasn’t meant to be rude, it was meant to be a joke about a common word in English intended to mockingly poke fun at anyone who has a somewhat decent grasp of English. The fact that you’re getting so easily offended by the note means that you 1) are insecure, have a fragile ego, and are easily offended by anything that displays your incompetence, or 2) think that you have a god-tier grasp of English and are offended by anyone who appears to have a better grasp of the language than you do. I’m pretty sure it’s both. How about you fuck off with your English that’s clearly the level of a foreigner living in a foreign country, which is most likely a SEA country, as well as with your insecurities and pretentiousness, and listen to what people say? Este said that gratin’s a common word as well as that his comment was a joke. Learn to use your eyes, and maybe your brain as well. It might help you in the future. Actually, considering that you probably can’t understand what I’m saying in the first place, let me summarize it for you. “Learn to use your brain and get the fuck out, dumbass.”


          • No, this has gotten out of hand. It was meant to be a simply statement that it’s not as common as word as you think it to be and it was simply “ignorance” to think so. I meant no disrespect to the translation, but I was stating a fact that the comment was in poor taste.


            • So you weren’t rude, you just have an incompatibility with off beat humor and are a little overbearing in your view of consensuality and politically correct statements for added comments on blogs hosting fan translations of lightly humored japanese web novel.
              Nothing much then…


              • No I just don’t like when people make jokes that are meant to insult others especially their level of education. Yes, I could of left the matter alone especially since it actually didn’t have to deal with me., but lets just say it was against my principles at the time.


                • Insult ?
                  That’s not something that deserve to be called an insult.
                  If he had said something like “people who don’t know what gratin mean, please raise your hand (armless persons are exempted if they can show me a medical certificate)”, I would have understand a justified retort, but here for such a little thing you went on such moral high horse that you might have been the first netizen to go outside of the milky way.


                  • You know it would of been nothing if the translator had just realized the mistake or simply ignored me if wasn’t something to care about. But no the translator had a god complex had went and compared the word to Antarctic. So yes I debated back cause you know that was another senseless comment. I mean what was the point of the comment? If it was a joke then translator could of respond differently, but clearly at least at first they believe themselves to be in the right and so did I. In the end I only clarified the fallacy while others tried to defend or ignore the matter. So yes I did what was morally right. Not enough people do so in the world.


                    • Then you don’t know Este and his temper or never saw him talking about fan translators that try to make money from works that author share freely online ;o).

                      And now you go to blame the lack of righteousness of a world that doesn’t condemn sarcasm as harshly as you do and allow freedom of speach for innocuous humourous comments on fan translation blogs.


                    • I’m not going to respond politely to an aggressive and self-righteous retard who comments on *my blog* in such an accusatory fashion. Especially when they’re an ESL that clearly has no fucking idea what they’re talking about.

                      Fuck off.

                      I’m serious. You aren’t welcome here any longer, and you aren’t welcome to read my translations. Go read the raws.

                      If you continue reading them anyway, well, I guess that really does reflect on your shameless character.


                    • Dear Tasear,

                      I just want to point out, this whole ‘self righteous’ outlook of yours is very hypocritical to your actions. YOU, have enforced your ideals to others, and proceeded to offend them. YOU, want others to be mindful of you and others who might’ve been ‘offended’ by the whole gratin situation, while not being mindful of the feelings of other people. If you want others to be mindful of what they say, please, be careful of what you say to them too. You will NEVER, be respected if you think that your ‘inoffensive’ opinions will persuade someone else to conform to your ideals or whatever it is that you wanted to get at

                      Yes, I get it, you’re opinionated and want to state what you think about to others (like what I’m doing right now), but the way your doing it will NEVER get you anywhere. This is not just some mere, opinionated, speech, or whatever you want to call it, but this is me lecturing your self-righteous ass. And don’t you even come back here to say ‘you’re being offensive, you’re abusing me, I’m right, I’m Mr./Mrs know it all.” Because goddamn I’m trying to hold myself back, and in no way in the right state to be mindful to your sorry ass.

                      Also, to be fair here, maybe you were just spouting all this bullshit because you were allegedly gang-banged by two people (now three), with no back-up, and for that, I’m sorry. But please, stop. Thank you. One more advice is, don’t read into things too much, kay? If you can’t drill this advice to your thick head, here’s an example. Just because a girl is wearing a really short skirt, doesn’t mean they’re a slut (yes, i know, this is one hell of an example, but this situation happens often you know?). For all we know, maybe that girl just likes wearing short skirts, not for others to look at but for her own selfish reasons. Maybe it just makes her feel beautiful, she may have an inferior complex. In saying this, there could be many reasons as to why a person may do something. Basically,what I’m trying to say is assumptions are shit so don’t read into things or you’ll end up like Roy and his self-importance for assuming that Fii is suspicious despite the words of Fiiru and Lynette. You will regret it.


                    • Excuse me. You seem to keep talking about bullying, and then point an accusatory finger at all the cowards who ignore/stand by and watch the “bullying” without the courage to stand up for what is right. Personally, the comment by the translator didn’t look anything like bullying, thus I felt no need to stand up and throw a fit over a random sentence. However, your insulting accusation to a large portion of the readers? Did you think calling us a faceless member of a crowd too cowardly to stand up for moral right would not be offensive? Much more like bullying. 😦
                      I don’t like engaging in arguments over forums, but just to let you know, you just insulted everyone who didn’t back you up, which is everyone.

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  11. that was just the right amount of cringe… not so little you dont feel it not too much where you want to stop reading this completely… just enough to feel the cringe shake your ass a bit…

    I’m normal… maybe…


  12. “But he could tell that Heath was happy from the bottom of her heart. None of the other girls had ever shown such a reaction.”

    That was heartbreaking. If Crow knew how neglected she was all her life and even as the King’s second wife… Aaah, I can’t help but wonder if he’d feel like crying a bit when he puts two and two together and realizes why she was so desperate to be a Knight, and why she was crying helplessly when she thought she failed… What will Crow feel then? I really want to think he’ll be on her side rather than defend Roy, though the latter’s his childhood friend.


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