Chapter 61

Following that, Crow-san treated Fii at a crêpe store, and they looked at things in a furniture store. After doing various things, it was night by the time they arrived at their real destination.

Where the two of them had come to was a place filled with expensive stores. Even though the night had blanketed the sky, the glow from the shop windows and oil street lamps made the street seem almost dazzling.


Fii couldn’t help herself.
She was technically a princess who had lived in a palace, so she had lived with lights during the night.
But she had never seen such a brightly lit street like this.

Even in Orstoll, the oil street lamps were only present in certain parts of the city. There were none at all in the places that Fii visited with her dorm mates.
In other words, this was an expensive street even in this city.

The light coming from the many shop windows lit up the stone-paved roads and well-painted walls as they overlapped upon them, and combined with the light of the street lamps, they created all kinds of patterns.
Fii stared on dumbfounded at this new and stunning sight. Seeing her reaction, Crow began to chuckle.

“Is this your first time in a place like this?”

“Yes. My wages as an apprentice knight aren’t enough. But you don’t come here often do you, Crow-san?”

“Well, I prefer places that are a bit more relaxed, you see. More importantly, don’t get lost. The public safety is good here, but it’d be annoying if you got lost, okay?”

With that, Crow grabbed her hand again to escort her.
Fii obediently went along with it.

As they walked side by side, they eventually stopped before a certain shop.
There were hanging lanterns at its front, and illuminated by their lights was a board with its name on it. In fact, it was a famous store that even Fii had heard of.

“Welcome, guests.”

Upon passing through the door, a polite waiter greeted them.

Fii was feeling a little nervous.
It was hard to relax in high class stores, after all.
Having gotten along with the members from the lower city, their commoner’s nature had ended up seeping into her. Thanks to that, she worried that they would drive her out of the store and clenched harder as her heart pounded.
Perhaps understanding her reaction, Crow gave an astounded smile but didn’t stop her squeezing.

“Would you happen to have room for the two of us?”

“Yes. Would a seat with a view of the night sky be acceptable?”

“Yeah, please.”

“Well then, please allow me to show you to your seats.”

Crow pulled her into the shop with its calm atmosphere.
When she first arrived in Orstoll, Fii would never have imagined that she would experience something like this.

(No, even when I was in Déman…)

Although it was just training, and although it was with Crow-san, she would never have imagined coming to a restaurant like this.
Everything was a first experience, and she did feel a little nervous.

It was only after she was shown to a seat with a view of the outside and the waiter left after she took a seat, did she finally stop feeling so self-conscious.
Fii let out a sigh of relief.

Crow made a gentle expression and spoke to her.

“Sorry for making you come with me.”

“No, you’ve taken care of me a lot, Crow-san. And also―――”

Back to the normal Fii, she opened the menu and licked her lips.

“I’ll get to eat all sorts of yummy food.”

Dinner at a famous and high class restaurant. It was truly something to look forward to.

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69 thoughts on “Chapter 61

  1. “I’ll get to eat all sorts of yummy food.”

    Author reminding us that Heath is someone with face of an angel (read: airhead) but heart of a devil (read: practical)

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Fii doesn’t know how not to be cute. Crow’s totally going to fall for her.

    BTW, there is another typo I caught:

    ‘Fii couldn’t held herself.
    She was technically a princess who had lived in a palace, so she had lived with lights during the night.’ – Should probably be ‘help’.

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    • The problem is that its impossible for Roy to divorce from Fii without causing a political mayhem. Knowing how careful he is with governing, no way he will let this happen. Then again she can still have lovers how much she wants and he just declares that the children are his.


  5. Wohoo another one ! (quater) (yes after bis and ter comes quater, be happy, you learned something about latin in the comments section of a japanese webnovel’s english translation, you lucky leachers ;o) )

    I think Crow wallet will soon suffer a terrible blow from a cute cross-cross dressed kouhai XoD !


  6. Thank you for the chapters! I am glad you translated so much, but i am worried that it says 5 am. Hope you will take care of yourself more.


  7. Mt Kilimanjaro,
    Your recent spate of Second Life chapters fills me with joy, almost as much joy as Fii feels upon seeing that menu.
    But every time, I feel like you mention your need for sleep, and if I recall correctly, you’re in upside down land. I imagine you’ve got enough on your plate between translating, hanging on so you don’t fall off the earth, and the rest of your life, so do ensure that you get sufficient sleep while you’re at it.

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  8. thanks—–!

    so much…so much…like a date…! so…adorable…! fii x crow, go—-! well, even as friends, it’s still adorable!
    hoh—an expensive place, huh—!
    ‘grabbed her hand to escort her’ ‘gentle expression’ hahaha! so sweet—-! very sweet—-! so adorable—! -screams-
    he’s so nice to fii—! i like people who are nice to fii, mostly! yes, let fii have more pleasant experiences and happiness, to make up for her sad past….ah—! why do i give my self feels! ah—-!

    roy, or well, york, doesn’t count!he doesn’t count! i won’t forgive him!

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  9. Let’s see if I have this straight…

    Fii is a girl disguised as a boy disguised as a girl who is eating dinner with her friend who is also her boss and who is actually the king in disguise and is her unwilling betrothed who assumes that he hates her despite thinking he hasn’t met her and also despite the fact that he actually has met her and already does like her?

    Did I miss anything?

    This is getting positively Shakespearean, isn’t it?


    • You missed a lot, actually you are completely wrong as you mixed Roy (the king who did all of the bad stuff you said) and Crow (sempai coworker and womanizer, who is looking quite nicely after with his kouhai usually)


  10. Thank you este! But thw more I read, the more I get teary. Fii’s a princess, yet a slightly high class restaurant gets her real.happy. Not to mention she just wants to marry, even if it’s arranged, a guy who will look properly at her…….😢. FII!!! If you even need anything, just call me!!! And your Team Fii. We’ll brave anything you. You adorable little muffin.


  11. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Don’t get your hopes up Fii! High class restaurant have small portions for their high price.


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  13. Fii’s heart is through her stomach!

    Crow bought her off at the very beginning with meat skewers! Now he’s buying her off with expensive high class food!

    Thanks for the chapter!


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