Chapter 60

And thus, the two of them left the castle gate and found themselves looking at the town.

The sun was setting and had dyed the sky orange and red, but clouds were still floating above them.
With the town illuminated by the evening sky, the pair simply stared dazedly for a while.

(Speaking of which, it might be my first time being alone with a guy like this. But well, it’s just Crow-san.)

Fii had gone shopping a number of times with Gorms and the others, but it was her first time coming to town like this.
For nobles and royalty, even going on a date required them to bring along various guards, she had heard. Apparently the guards and attendants would try their utmost to stay out of sight of the two.
But Fii had never experienced that at all. Fii had only entered high society for a year, merely as an extra to Fiiru. Because she had no experience at all, she didn’t fit in with the nobles and always ended up as a wallflower.
And even in those gorgeous parties, with Fiiru, the incredibly beautiful and resplendent star of the party present, who in their right mind would go out of their way to speak to the inferior and presumptuous Fii?

It might have been a tough time for Fii.
She had no prospects for her future nor did she have anything she really wanted to do, so they were just days spent killing time until each party ended.
Due to that, she wondered if, at this rate, she wouldn’t be able to find a husband and would instead be forcefully married to some noble in Déman.
But perhaps she had wished for that at the bottom of her heart. She didn’t need love. Even a political marriage was fine if her husband would properly look at her. Spending time with someone like that would have been enough.

But well, the point was that Fii had no experience, and although she had happily agreed to help Crow, she really didn’t have the faintest clue on what to do.

On the other hand, Crow was worrying about his dress-wearing kouhai too.

(How on earth am I supposed to treat him. He’s wearing a dress, but should I just treat him as normal? No, but then this is training, so should I treat him like a woman? But man, he really does look like a girl, huh…)

Crow turned his gaze to the town and gazed Fii’s profile as she stood in a daze.
Even though she should have been the same as usual, somehow with the evening sky on her cheeks and the red sun reflected in her eyes, she seemed almost magical. When she stood silently like this, she only looked like some girl he didn’t know.

Her eyes turned towards Crow.
For a while they stared at each other silently, but,

“Crow-san, can I go buy some soap? I ran out recently,”

she said.

After thinking about dates for a while, that was the answer Fii came to. She had never gone on a date before, nor did she know if this even counted as one. While she was thinking all this, what occurred to her was that she ran out of soap just recently.
Fii had considered borrowing off Doug, but for some reason he hated going to the bathing area with her. Thanks to that, she was borrowing Gorms’ as always.
Still, even she felt a little guilty about borrowing so much of his.
Since she was in town now, it was a good chance.

“Yeah, there’s still some time until nightfall. Just use this time to buy whatever you need,” replied Crow, scratching his head.

Crow escorted plenty of women around, and making them feel comfortable was supposed to be second nature to him. But for some reason, when it came to Heath in women’s clothing, he didn’t know what to do.
Well of course. Because Heath wasn’t a girl and was just his crossdressing kouhai, he told himself.
For some reason though, he felt relief when Heath spoke instead.


Fii smiled at Crow’s response, and the two of them headed down to town together.


As expected of Orstoll perhaps you could say, because even at this hour, the streets were bustling with people.
Fii ended up knocked over by one of the pedestrians, and she lost her balance.


Thanks to the unfamiliar heels, she was going to fall at this rate. Crow supported her with one arm.

“Thank you very much, Crow-san.”

“Be careful, geez.”

After somehow getting back up with Crow’s help, Fii creased her eyebrows.

“These shoes are so hard to walk in. May I take them off?”

“Don’t give up so early in your training… Or rather, what are you gunna do if you take them off? Look, just walk a bit behind me. It’ll probably make things easier.”

With that, Crow held Fii’s hand and moved her back. Like that, they began walking a little slower this time.


Fii was impressed. Thanks to Crow’s large shoulders, all the pedestrians were knocked away instead.
To think that there was a technique like this.

“It’s because you do things like this that girls fall for you, isn’t it. They don’t call you a womaniser for show.”

No sooner had she praised him did a chop rain down on her head.

“Dumbass. I’m doing this for you.”

Crow had decided just to treat her as he usually did. After all, Fii was acting like normal too.
Well, he was a bit worried over whether this would really be any practice though.
Still, it wasn’t a bad feeling.

After entering a general goods store in the shopping street, Fii bought three bars of soap.
One of them was a thank you for Gorms.

After that, she noticed some oddly shaped cups. They seemed to be porcelain, but the design was a bit weird. A fifth of the handle tapered upwards.
And apparently this cup was selling quite well. There seemed to have been many earlier, but right now only two or three remained.

While she stared at them out of reflex, the shopkeeper called out to her.

“Miss, you’ve got a good eye. This is porcelain from the Kingdom of Karand, and its shape was apparently designed by the Holy Maiden of Light, Fiiru-sama. Allegedly it’s shaped like the hand of God, and prays for peace and prosperity in the world. Truly worthy of the Holy Maiden of Light who brings prosperity to our own country. It’s really popular here too.”

Fii was puzzled at his words.

(Holy Maiden of Light…? Bring prosperity to the country…?)

In Déman, they had believed in the Purase Faith.
It was common in that religion to refer to people like Fiiru, who held mysterious powers, as miko. But there weren’t any teachings about bringing prosperity to the country or anything.
Certainly she had a rare gift and they should be thankful for it, but it wasn’t some power that you could expect too much from. Nor was there any legend like this.
Plus, Orstoll should have followed the Purase Faith as well.

All the things the shopkeeper talked about were actually more in line with the Yunil Faith of the Holy Kingdom of Luciana.

(I guess people’s thoughts change between nations.)

Since Fii had never left Déman before this, she wasn’t clear on how Orstollians treated religion.

As Fii gazed at the strangely shaped cup, she thought about her younger sister who she hadn’t seen in a while.

(I wonder if  Fiiru is doing well.)

“Fiiru-sama hasn’t been appearing in events lately, but they say that it’s proof that His Majesty has really taken to her! According to the people who have seen her, she is apparently as beautiful and filled with kindness as the rumours say. It makes sense that His Majesty wouldn’t want her to appear in public too often. My, how blessed!”

The shopkeeper continued talking by Fii’s side.

(I hope she’s at least living happily.)

According to Lynette, she was doing fine.
She didn’t have a very good impression of the King of Orstoll, but she wanted Fiiru to get along with him. After all, it wasn’t often a princess could marry for love. She wanted her little sister to be happy.

After thinking about Fiiru for a while, Fii gently put down the cup and left the shop.

“Oh? Are you not going to buy one!? Everybody loves these!”

The shopkeeper called out to stop them, but Fii left the shop with Crow. Crow once again stood in front for her. Really, his name as a pick-up artist wasn’t for show.

As she listened to the receding voice of the shopkeeper, Fii thought one thing to herself.
That no matter how you thought about it, that cup looked hard to drink from.


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48 thoughts on “Chapter 60

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if Roy just packed Fiiru away like he did Fii. He seems to treat love like work knowing this much about Roy I would be amazed if he ever slept with Fiiru yet.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Definitely not true.

          When Fii messed up that one time and the entire squad was punished by not getting to eat dinner, we find out that Roy eats dinner with Fiiru at least sometimes… Though he clearly doesn’t care too much about their appointment, since he cancelled it because he’s not eating; he doesn’t ignore her completely, though.
          And she’s obviously being treated well, romance stuff aside.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Well I think Roy is misunderstood by the readers, he haven’t even been given that much screen time, so cut him some slack.

            I agree that the way he treats Fii is disagreeable, but that’s because he presumed Fii was a bad lady (which is his failure, and want to see him banging his head against the wall when he realises)

            But he’s not a dispiciable person, especially since he’s obviously doing well as along.

            And in some chapter, there was some inclination that they married not due to love, but because fiiru seemed protection from some kind of assassination?

            Certainly, Roy is insensitive and can be disagreeable, but I think it’s also that the author has yet to show us his good sides much.

            Has he not already shown us his goodness when he trains Fii as Heath? Anyways, I doubt he just pack fiiru away since he is definitely someone with a sense of obligation.

            Well…. I’m just looking forward to the day he bangs his head on the wall in regret. Hope it’s not too far way!,

            Liked by 6 people

              • Though what you say makes sense. You have to remember because of his poor decisions concerning Fii, nearly caused her to go crazy. As you might have forgotten when she first joined she was quite mentally unstable. Not to mention she would have died if she remained as Queen…Can you really say a person isn’t despicable if they cause a person to go crazy and/or die because of misjudgment in character? He has no sense of obligation as he would have at least confirmed Fii had daily necessities, rather if he treats Fiiru well, that would only show he’s like everyone else that treat her like a saint and none of those people ever left a good impression… Roy, to my eyes is the lowest filth and his character only plummets with each chapter he remains guilt free, unless he gets punished in some public humiliating way, I don’t think he can ever be redeemed.

                Liked by 1 person

                  • There is no guarantee that she would have been treated well if she had asked for such. She had precisely zerio staff, so there was not going to be any fine meals, and her only contact was with the guards. Those guards could have gotten into trouble if anything too bad had been discovered, but they could have forced her to give them all of her money in exchange for a couple of apples per day or something.

                    She could have done more for herself, but the only alternative was running away(something improper enough that some princesses would be unlikely to consider it, it is probably technically illegal…) or rely upon the guards, which is inadequate.

                    Also, she was in there for closer to a month I think, possibly longer. It was two weeks after she found the flier, which was after the chef left, which was at least a few days. But more to the point, she was left there for the rest of her life… Solitary confinement for her entire life relying completely on incompetent guards is a seriously incompetent way to tend to someone who has been placed under your authority.

                    He DID leave Kain to watch her, but that was to prevent her from being a spy, and if he didn’t understand how Kain would respond to those orders than his ability to work with his own people has been seriously overblown. Kain really is simpler than most people to understand, in this regard at least…

                    The fact is that it shoud have been impossible for her to starve herself like that. She was basically a prisoner and there is a responsibility to have someone that would have at least some awareness of her condition. The fact is that she has been missing for weeks, months? and the only person who would have noticed was pretty much going against their duties. If, instead of joining the knights, she had died of illness or something, then there would be a terrible mess to clean up…

                    But reason really doesn’t come into it. I am getting a suspicion of how this will turn out. It seems likely that the marriage is a sham to deal with FIIru’s problem(Presumably this is what the black/white stuff is about too) and he will actually fall in love with Fii as a knight and divorce Fiiru once her issue is resolved because they were never in love in the first place. It would really disappoint me if Fii just said that she was madly in love with him and all was forgiven when she knows that he is capable of basically locking someone in a cell, throwing away the key, and expecting them to fend for themselves by cutting deals with incompetent guards.It wouldn’t be so bad if her was portrayed as an idiot, but he is supposed to be some sort of crafty genius or something but he can’t even appoint a single maid to keep note on whether she has access to the basic necessities. There is plenty of room within that for his goal of pressuring her into disobedience…

                    But hey. Their secret identities dig one another. They are technically married already. They have both “never truly met someone that they could truly love” before now, and his “proper” marriage is probably a sham to defeat some conspiracy… Which I suppose is why it is so frustrating that they are probably going to severely downplay just how extremely worst ever babysitter/husband he was… It is just irritating to think that this will boil down to “I finally understand the real you” when he basically left a (probably naive and spoiled) queen in an alien land to be neglected and emotionally abused by the two worst guards he could find.

                    Changing the topic…
                    Is it just me or do we have basically no idea at all what the relationship is between the twins? It seems as though Fiira was basically perfect to everyone all the time and that included Fii but they basically never interacted. I cannot tell if it is mystery or just not important. I am leaning towards mystery for now, maybe Fiira was protecting Fii? Maybe they are secretly the same person in some weird metaphysical way?

                    Liked by 1 person

    • I read a spoiler that cleared my mind, look at past chapter comments if you want clarity of the mind,
      But I like how Fii doesn’t have a complex regarding fiiru

      Liked by 3 people

    • Fii seems to have a suppressed inferiority complex towards Fiiru. I really am interested how they would interact together. I doubt Fii would be an older sister, as she seemed to know next to nothing bout Fiiru’s troubles.

      Liked by 3 people

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! I find it odd that Fii would not recognize a title like ‘Holy Maiden of Light’. Just what can Fiiru do?

    By the way, there is a typo in the line
    “After thinking about dates for a while, that was the answer Fii came to. She had never gone on a date before, nor did she know if this even counter as one. ” probably should be ‘counted’. I don’t know if the translator cares or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope so too :,D
      She’s a good girl, it’s just the world treated her better than her sister.
      And these two deserves happiness (not sure, really NOT SURE about that Roy but if he can makes Fii’s sis happy.. …


  4. I’m curious with how the cups would look like with this description “They seemed to be porcelain, but the design was a bit weird. A fifth of the handle tapered upwards”……

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  5. Wohoo another one ! (ter)

    Maybe Fiiru is just bad with pottery, but all of these Holy Maiden of Light worshipers praise to the skies her failed attempt to make something else as a hand of God’s shaped cup; like some people trying to sell Elvis shaped potatoes on ebay ;o).

    That or the merchand is just trying to sell misshaped pottery by putting an Holy Maiden of Light seal on it ;op .

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  6. “But perhaps she had wished for that at the bottom of her heart. She didn’t need love. Even a political marriage was fine, if her husband would properly look at her.”

    And just ike that, Fii breaks my heart all over again.

    Thank you for the chapter.

    Liked by 7 people

  7. I want Fii to find true love at some point and not with Roy, he should be with Fiiru otherwise people would think that the 2nd queen stole her sisters lover from her. It would also be strange if they like both had children with Roy, would their kids be cousins or half siblings?


  8. It took me a second to realize that when Fii said the cup would be hard to drink from wasn’t because it was a cup that would have represented her sister’s presence, but LITERALLY the cup is hard to drink from. LOL I LOVE THIS GIRL.

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  10. I doubt that Fiiru or the cup ever interacted judging from the shopkeeper’s geographical jumble.

    It is highly likely that Fii and Fiiru weren’t given the same training once they were older (e.g one was sent off to an expensive, religious place of learning as befitting her powers, the other was stuck at home without training because the tutors were packed off) so they started drifting apart due to geographical distance.


    • did you? fiiru has powers of a sort, remember—? though i think(keyword:think) what exactly the powers are have yet to be mentioned…


  11. thanks—–!
    long comment incoming—!

    ‘just crow’?! fii—! lol well, the path from friendship to love is good—! wahaha!
    -clutches heart when reading about fii’s past- stop, stop it—! fii didn’t deserve any of it! grr! even a political marriage would’ve been enough?! my heart! gah! fii’s parents must suffer! they must suffer painfully, as well as the people at the palace and the nobles who mistreated fii! how dare they, how dare they—?!

    keke, crow being conflicted! crow, just treat fii as fii—! hm, just! just notice already,that she
    s really a girl and then, more shipping moments can begin—-! ufu! him saying fii looks magical under the evening light! hehe! so sweet—! where’s conrad? i suspect he’s stalk-i mean, following them! kain, too, probably? hahaha! oh? they’re going shopping, so cute—! crow x fii shippers, unite?! well, i mean…unite, fellow ‘almost any ship but roy x fii ship’ shippers! come one, come all—!

    he held her hand as they walked! kyaa—-! so adorable—! fufu! he’s protecting her behind his back huh, what a gentleman—! ahaha! it’s so sweet! ‘i’m doing this for you’ smooth! smooth, crow! woah! pfft!
    hm, the cup leads to world-building/setting huh? interesting! lol, that last practical thought by fii! always takes me aback! well, she has to save her money, anyway!

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  12. Just noticed: “Firu-sama hasn’t been appearing in events lately,” –> Fiiru. Damn you, double vowels! (As someone from Minnesota, all my vowels sound long, apparently.)


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