Chapter 59

After waiting for a while for the two to come back, Crow saw Conrad come out first.

“Huh? Where’s Heath?”

He had been sure that they would come out together.

“I chose the clothing, but I left him to put it on himself. If he can’t even do that, it won’t be very good practice, right?”

“You sure he can do it? It’s women’s clothing, yanno.”

“It’s fine. He’s my number one disciple.”

Conrad gave an impish and enrapturing smile, but Crow just looked incredibly weary.

“I really don’t want Heath to end up like you…”

“My, you prefer them without makeup?”

“That’s not even what I’m talking about. I meant that I want Heath to grow up to be a wholesome and healthy kid, alright?”

“Hmm. So you are worried about him.”

“Obviously. He’s like my little bro.”

Conrad replied with a meaningful smile.
From what Conrad could remember, Crow often played and dated with all sorts of women, but never had he ever paid attention any girl for as long as this.
But well, it was a secret that Fii was a girl, and Crow hadn’t seemed to have noticed either.

(He’s got a good face, and he pays attention to how he treats women, but at heart this guy is dense too, isn’t he~)

Conrad smiled as he watched Crow, who was leaning on his elbows waiting for his kouhai to appear.

“Huhu, well then, let’s wait for your precious little bro to make his appearance.”

After they waited for a while, things suddenly grew noisy on the other side of the door.
For some reason Crow felt mysteriously relaxed hearing them.
They were the footsteps of the incredibly energetic kouhai of the 18th who would always come flying on.

“I’ve kept you waiting~”

But when Heath opened the door, Crow’s eyes widened.
The person who stepped out of there was unmistakably a girl. She was wearing a red and slightly mature dress, along with matching black high-heels. Her long brown hair was weaved, and there was just a bit of makeup on her face.
Although there was still a little immaturity left in her features, there was a strange charm in the way it resembled a young girl acting mature.
That was the kind of girl who appeared.

Seeing Crow stunned to that extent caused Conrad to chuckle, apparently having fun from the depths of his heart.
As for the girl, she tried a few strange poses in front of Crow as she checked how she looked before finally asking Crow himself.

“How is it, Crow-san? Is there anything weird?”

It was only after hearing her voice did he realise the girl was Heath.

To be honest, Crow thought that he had been careless.
Certainly, this kouhai had a girly face and a dainty body. He had teased her numerous times for it.
Because of that, he had thought that she wouldn’t look too different in women’s clothing. But…

(I can only see him as a girl…)

Crow was aware of Conrad’s ridiculous disguise skills. Once Conrad was crossdressing, he looked just like a woman. But before all of that, he was ‘Conrad’, so Crow really never thought too much about it. Nor did he want to…
But when Crow looked at Heath in these clothes, he really started to see him as a real girl.

(Did Conrad teach him this…?)

Even though it was just makeup, a dress, and a wig, Heath’s impression had completely changed. Were it Conrad, he would have just thought ‘Crossdressing again, huh?’ but with Heath it seemed completely different.

Since Crow just watched her without reacting, Fii tilted her head in confusion.

(I wonder what’s wrong. Wouldn’t he usually tease me? Could it be that I messed up so badly that he’s shocked? Nono, I’m a real girl, so it can’t look too weird. No, but then I’ve gotten really manly thanks to my training, so maybe it’s like ingrained now? Hmmm, if that’s really what happened, I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad about that…)

Fii started making weird poses again as she looked at herself, but in the end, she felt happy.

(In other words, I’ve gotten yet another step closer to being a real knight, huh? Heh!)

It was only upon seeing Fii’s stupid face did Crow finally think ‘Yep… It’s heath’.

“Nah, it doesn’t look weird. You actually look totally like a girl. So I’m begging you, stop making such weird poses. If you do that in public, I’ll look like a weirdo too.”

“I see! Heh! If a playboy like you says so, then my disguise skills must really be perfect!”

At Crow’s praise―――although the latter half wasn’t―――Fii didn’t overthink things and happily did a fist pump.

(Like this, I can only see him as Heath.)

Once he started talking to her, he realised she was just Heath as usual and for some reason let out a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Conrad who was watching the two muttered in his mind,

(What I taught her wasn’t disguise skills though~)

What Conrad had taught Fii had all been normal techniques to help a girl look cuter. How to do her hair, how to wear her clothes cutely, and how to use makeup to increase her charm.
Although there was room to improve on her behaviour, he had already taught her once, and as long as she paid attention there would be no problem. Well, she often lost her attention around Crow and the others, so it wasn’t like he didn’t worry at all though.

“Well then, it’s time for you two to head out.”

“Yeah. Shall we go, uh… Heath.”


Even though Crow wasn’t acting like his usual self yet, Fii didn’t notice in the slightest. It was her usual energetic response.
Conrad was the only one who noticed, and it affirmed once more that things were going to get fun, he thought with a chuckle.

To Conrad, half of the reason behind all this was to test the results of Heath’s training. Even though he had taught her all these ways to make herself stylish and cute, there wasn’t any chance in her daily life to try them at all. That would have been a waste of his teachings.
But the other half was simply because he took joy in stirring up trouble like this.

(As for dullards, we still have one left. I wanna try with His Highness Roy too.)

Thinking this, Conrad began to chuckle once more.

TLN: I’m getting sleepy, so don’t wait up.

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  2. thank you—!

    conrad! as expected, he’s really having fun watching the guys interact with fii, lolol! keke, crow’s reactions’s going ot be good—!i hope!
    -sobs out loud- ah—! crow, i feel bad for you! come on, come on! follow your instincts and realise that fii’s a girl, hehe! and then, you can join the conrad party, wahahaha—!-rubs hands gleefully-

    i told you, conrad’s having fun—! conrad, you…you just want to watch the world burn—! ok, not to that extent, but you like throwing people’s minds into chaos, for sure! you haraguro! ‘dullards’ he said, lol!
    urgh—! not looking forward to him trying it out with roy! boo—-! roy, boo—-! so what if he’s a good king?! he made fii suffer, i’m not forgiving him for that!

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  3. Thank you Estelion! Well, then I will wait for the day of your next translation furry, I hope it comes soon.

    And yes Conrad, please try this on Roy. I want him to have his heart smitten, then worry a lot and be torn apart by doubts.

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  4. All I want is for there to be an illustration of Fii in this get-up in the novel version. Please let there be an illustration.

    Also given Crow’s usual topics of conversation with, well, everyone, how does he expect his lil’ bro to grow up “wholesome”?

    Thank you for the chapters and good night(?)

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  5. Conrad is having fun and probably thinking he is having fun while helping a telmova/refugee girl to be girly, maybe not even in his wildest dreams could he think that his kouhai is actually the queen that everyone talks badly of!
    I’m looking forward for his discovery~
    Thanks for the translation and go easy onii-chan!

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    • um—! not sure, but i think(keyword:think) the rest of them don’t know. but conrad saying only roy, refers to him being a dullard, which he is, with reference to interactions with women, i believe. the others in the division are not particularly so? or well, don’t interact/have interest with women much.


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  7. When in order to survive you have to live a life cross dressed as a male. Suddenly in order to not be exposed for cross dressing as a male, you have to as a male cross dress as a female. When in actuality you are a female cross dressing as a male, now cross dressing as a female.


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  8. Thanks for the chapter! Conrad is pushing Heath down the right path. Soon, everyone in the platoon will just think he’s great at disguises, rather than being a girl!

    I have a bad feeling about who will be meeting Crow though…

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  9. Wohoo another one ! (bis)

    Dress, wig, make up and high heels : a few gold coins
    Seeing the stupid look on Crow face : priceless
    Seeing the stupid look on Roy face : PRICELESS +++ (let’s hope it will come later ;o)
    There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterConrad (lol).

    If you feel sleepy then good night sweet prince lagomorph ungulate, african mountain… and stuff with a lot of “L” and “F” syllabes in the end.

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  12. Many thanks for all you do!
    CONRAD!! MY COMRADE!! You are totally on my list of functional characters who if you were real, I would want as a life-long friend.


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