Chapter 57 – Crow-san’s Worries


In the 18th Division’s gathering place, Crow was sitting on a sofa with a difficult expression.
Since Fii felt it was rare, she walked over to talk to him.

“Crow-san, are worrying over something? It must feel so strange for you,” she said, looking in from the side.

Naturally, Crow exploded with a chop.


“You’re talking like I’m a person who never worries at all…”

“Was I wrong? Don’t you spend all day chatting up women?”

“I won’t deny it, but being told that by an airhead like you is kind of a piss off.”

“That’s mean! How can you just call other people airheads like that!”

“You’re one to talk!”

Fii was now frowning as well.

“Just to let you know, it’s not so easy to find somebody with as many worries as me, okay!” boasted Fii.

Crow’s eyes narrowed in disbelief.

“Oh? Worries? Let’s hear it then.”

“There’s the issue of what to eat for dinner, and there’s the issue of what I should reward Doug with, and then there’s the issue of whether I should eat bread with soup tomorrow or if I should eat it with butter, and if whether eating some cookies would put me over my food intake for example.”

“Aren’t most of those about food?” sighed Crow.

Incidentally, since Doug’s reward was also going to be a food, her worries were in fact 100% food-related.

“Well, leaving the jokes aside, if you want to talk about it, I’ll listen, you know?”

“Even if I talked to a little kid about it… You know?”

Crow had apparently no hopes for her, so Fii became a little angry.

“Muu, at least tell me. Maybe you’ll find a solution right away.”

“Alright then. Three days from now, I’m going to go eat dinner with a woman, but it’s not a place I really know. I wanted to try eating there, but it’s not a place that lets you dine solo.”

“I seeee. I have indeed listened. Well then, time to head to Kain-saGUEH-”

As Fii was about to run off, her collar was grabbed from behind.

“I really didn’t have any hopes for you, but it’s kind of annoying to hear such an unwilling reply,” he slowly said as he held on tight to stop her from escaping.

Fii turned around and replied,

“But I really wouldn’t be of any help anywayy. Please let go of me! I need to go kill some time at Kain-san’s!”

“Didn’t I tell you? Talking to a kid like you was pointless.”

Even though Fii was the one who told Crow to talk about it, she gave such a reluctant reply. So Crow stood up, holding her like a cat. She skilfully twisted this way and that, but with her neck held, getting loose was apparently quite difficult.
Perhaps she eventually gave up because she just went limp.

“Can’t you just ask some girl to go with youu?”

“No way. Nobody would feel happy about going as a test partner,” he replied.

Fii blinked in surprise.

“To think you were so considerate about that.”

“Exactly what kind of guy do you take me for…”

Hitting Fii on the head again, Crow sighed.

“Well, I guess there’s just winging it on the day, huh. I wanted to at least check the menu to see if it was appropriate.”

Suddenly, Conrad’s voice appeared out of nowhere by Crow’s side.

“My, then don’t I have a plan for you.”

As usual… in women’s clothing. Seeing him, Crow began to sweat uncomfortably.

“Don’t tell me you want me to go with you.”

In response, Conrad placed a finger at his lips and went “Hmmm,” before giving a bewitching smile.

“I wouldn’t mind that either, but I’ve actually got another candidate for you. It’s good practice for them as well.”

With that, Conrad looked right at Fii. As for Fii, she simply stared blankly at him in confusion.

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  2. thank you—!

    -jumps in with a long comment-

    huh?! worries?! -grabs crow’s collar and shakes him- do you know how much fii has suffered in her life?! and how much roy, your ridiculous, horrid king, has contributed to it?! it might not be as much as her suffering in childhood, but…! crow, don’t let me hear you say that again!hmph—! lol!

    fii—-! ah, fii—! that you’re still so wonderful, and being happy with the way things are right now…! -sobs, clutches heart and falls over-
    oh? a restaurant that doesn’t let crow go alone…time for crow x fii moments?!
    go kill some time at kain’s?! yes! i ship kain x fii more than anything! wahaha, fii likes kain enough to want to spend some time with him, wahahaha! yes, sail my ship! -points to the horizon- sail, sail! go go—!

    ufu! conrad! conrad, my comrade! although crow x fii isn’t the ultimate ship…but! hehe, this…this…i call him a haraguro, honestly, comrad, i mean! he wants fii to go with crow in girl’s clothing….because he knows it’ll be interesting, especially since fii is an actual girl! also, he probably just wants to play dress up with fii. i’m on to you, conrad! but i approve, very much so?

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  3. ahahahah!! ROFL DYING. omg, i cant wait till i see fii in girl action again!! and i cant wiat for crow samas reaction!
    in fact, just imagining in it, it be like an outing between siblings!


  4. Thanks for the chapter Sheep-chan.Fii will make her debut, huh. Excellent. Incidentally instead of “is kind of a piss off,” shouldn’t it be “kind of pisses me off.”


  5. Hehehe~
    Fii in proper female clothes, fashionable and cute clothes with make-up and all~
    Good job mama- I mean, Conrad-sensei~!
    Thanks for the chapter!


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  8. hahaha Fii on a date with her hubby next chapter…I’d rather Crow go with Firu. Hopefully this won’t turn into a romance with Fii eventually falling for the king. Thanks for the chapter πŸ™‚

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  9. When someone else is referring to Fii as “she”, is this a translation change, because English does not have any gender neutral pronouns? I seem to have gotten the impression that you can refer to someone in Japanese without specifying their gender. Is that how the story is written?


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