Chapter 56

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It’s not that you can’t complain. It’s perfectly reasonable to complain that you don’t like this new development, or that you aren’t really too happy with this new character.

But if I check your comment history, and find out you’ve been commenting nothing but complaints, criticisms and oddly aggressive opinions, you had better not expect to have the privilege of commenting for much longer.

Ve**ullis, compare yourself to the other people who have been complaining about Doug, and have a think about what you did differently.

the translator

That day, a rather strange scene unfolded at the dining hall.

“Doug, bring me dinner. I think wieners, with salad and corn soup would be nice.”


At Fii’s command, Doug ran to line up.

Although Fii was acting like it was her birthright, the people around her couldn’t understand what was happening.
Up until yesterday, Doug had been chasing her around to challenge her while she either coldly rejected him or avoided him before he was a bother.

So then why were they now…

As the boys looked over at Fii who was relaxing in her chair as she waited for Doug to deliver the food, they all thought one thing.

(What the hell have you done now, Heath…)

Fii was famous in this dorm for being the owner to a ‘despicable’ personality.
She was cheerful, yes, and she was sociable. If anybody was having problems, she would immediately go to help them. Even though she should have been such a nice boy, the way she fought was dreadful and dirty.
Stomping on people’s toes came naturally to her, and sometimes she would even pretend to drop her sword and then use that opening to launch surprise attacks. Sometimes she would throw her sword, and in close quarters she would often kick them through any opening possible. Even though Fii wasn’t very strong overall, and even though her small body lacked much power, she was one of the hardest fighters to deal with in the whole dorm.
In contrast to her favourable personality, it was possible to see her nasty sides during her matches .

The fact was that Doug and Heath’s positions had reversed overnight.
All the apprentice knights were certain that she had done something despicable again, just like in her matches. Almost everybody also vowed in their minds to let sleeping dogs lie.

But Remié, who had the healthiest attitude in this dorm, tried to stop her.
Despite how pale he was, he desperately tried to persuade Fii.

“Y-, You’re going a little bit too far, Heath. It’s true that he stubbornly followed you around, so I know that you found him unpleasant, but,”

Fii held up her index finger and replied seriously,

“No. How you treat them in the beginning is the most important.”

Fii considered her actions to be emergency measures.
Just saying “Don’t tell anybody I’m a girl” was no good to her. It would just bring her weakness to Doug’s attention.
Unless she controlled Doug on a more comprehensive level, she wouldn’t be able to avoid the risk of her secret being leaked.
To that end, she used Doug’s weakness to demand absolute obedience from him. She needed a way to stop him from revealing her secret until he truly was obedient as well.

“Just so you know, I don’t plan on treating him like this forever, okay. It’s just in the beginning that I’ll order him about like this. It’s so that he learns to obey me.”

Fii herself had planned on stopping this once she was sure that he wouldn’t let people know she was a woman.
He caused her some problems earlier, sure, but Fii still saw him as a fellow dorm member.

But when the boys around her heard her explanation, what they all thought was…

(Isn’t this exactly how you train a dog…?)

As they were all astounded, what really stood out were two things. First, her way of thinking just showed how despicable she was to the core. Second, although this transfer student had come in and caused a mess, it made them tremble to see him reduced to a dog like this.
But Fii was completely indifferent to it all and simply smiled as Doug came back with food for two.

“Plus, it’s not like I’m having him listen to me for free!”

Fii got out of her seat and sat Doug down there in exchange.
Then, with an inexplicably tragic and determined expression, Fii stabbed one of her three wieners with a fork.

“As thanks for listening to me, you can have one of my precious wieners as a reward!”

Most of the menu was free to as many helpings as you wanted, but wieners were rationed out. To Fii who loved eating, giving away one of her wieners felt akin to giving away her lifeblood.

But that wasn’t how the boys saw it.

‘If you listen to me, I’ll give you food’

It was dog training, no matter how you saw it. It was undeniable now.

“Come on. Aaaahn.”

Paying no heed to the stiff expressions around her, Fii held out the wiener to Doug’s mouth.

“N-, No, I can eat by… myself…” replied Doug, a little flustered.

Still, Fii didn’t stop.


Sticking to her guns, she pressed Doug to open his mouth.
Having seemingly given up on something, Doug opened his mouth with his face a little red.

Like that, Doug had a wiener placed into his mouth and was forced to chew it up.
Watching Doug eating the wiener, Fii happily patted his head.

“Good boy, good boy!”

At this point, he was being treated like a dog from every angle.
Or rather, even Fii herself was reminded of how she wanted a dog as a child but wasn’t allowed to have one.

No matter how unfamiliar they were with him, the apprentice knight boys couldn’t help but sympathise with this transfer student-turned-dog as they shed tears of sorrow for him.

But as for Doug himself, for some reason he felt a little happy…

Well of course he was. Having spent his youth training in the sword, he never had much opportunity to interact with a girl.

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    • If you’ve seen the movie ‘Up’ then you might be of an opinion that the Doug there is reason enough to feel empathetic towards those who share the name. At least this Doug has moderate intelligence. On the bright side, I’ve never seen a character named Doug that didn’t have more good traits than bad. 🙂


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    And poor(?) Doug. You’re interacting with a girl, but not as a man…

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    • A trap!? No way! If he was a trap he wouldnt be so flustered in seem a naked woman :p
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    • Senizal smiles at this comment. I could be writing a fanfic about that if I’m not so busy with RL.

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