Chapter 46

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Some time passed after that.
Lynette was busy each day with Fiiru-sama, which meant that each day was peaceful as well.

But the rift deepened between her and the other maids.
Lynette didn’t mind. She had been raised as a maid since young, and she had learned many things and many skills.
Because she had such confidence in herself, she felt no need to try and improve their relationship.
The other maids were no different. Because Lynette was younger than them, they looked down on her.
But because they couldn’t match her knowledge either, their jealousy simply grew.

Still, Lynette continued working hard for Fiiru-sama each day, despite these hiccups.

On one such day, a party was being held in the palace.
It celebrated nothing in particular. The royal couple wanted to show Fiiru-sama off while the other nobles wanted to form ties with her. Because of that, they often held parties like this.

As for the maids who were responsible for the things, it was hard to say that they welcomed them.
It was exhausting for Fiiru-sama as well. Every time she would be forced to accompany people until late into the night. Even so, she always dealt with them with a smile.
While Lynette worried for Fiiru-sama, she also felt dissatisfaction as she wished the two would care more about their daughter’s health.

Even if she was Fiiru’s personal maid, each party desperately needed helpers.
During the party, even Lynette had to part from Fiiru-sama to help carry the numerous drinks and dishes in, or assist with other jobs in the background.

It was when the party had gone on for about an hour that they were beginning to run out of wine.

“The wine is running out and I couldn’t find the barrels. Would you know happen to know where it is?” asked Lynette.

“My,” replied another maid, “If you need wine, then head to the corridor that leads to the Carnét Salon, and take the third door.”

Lynette furrowed her brows.

“Isn’t that just a normal room?”

And it was far too.

“Nobody was using it, so we decided to use it to store things for the party,” she replied.

“You’re a new maid so you probably wouldn’t know, but we do it all the time,” added another.

The words were laced with venom, but they were credible at least. It was quite like them to do things casually like this.
Because Lynette was well acquainted with their work ethic, what should have been suspicious was easily accepted.

“Would it be possible for you to bring it?” Lynette asked, but the maid smirked and shook her head.

“I’m sorry. We’re too busy to leave this place.”

It didn’t look the case at all. In fact, it looked like they were loitering around.
But it was a waste of time to argue with them, and to begin with, she hadn’t expected anything from them.

“I understand. I will go get it.”

Lynette decided to go bring the wine herself. With a platform trolley to load the wine barrel onto, she headed to the specified room.

But Lynette had misunderstood the depths of their hostility.
They would skip out on work or push jobs onto her, but she assumed things like that were the limit.
Although Lynette was more outstanding than any other maid, in the end she was still just a child.
Still too young to understand that a mix of hostility, a moment of indiscretion, and the power of group psychology, could turn a harmless prank into something brutal.

Although she knew it was a breach of manners, she was short on time, so Lynette ran down the hallway.
When she rushed into the room, it was completely dark.

(Why are the lights…?)

If they were using it to store the wine for the duration of the party, then at least the torches should have stayed on. Otherwise, how was anybody supposed to find the barrels?

As Lynette stood a little dumbfounded,


the door slammed shut behind her.

And in the next moment, she felt somebody’s arms wrap around her from behind.

“I’m so glad we’re finally alonee together, Lynettee.”

Lynette was struck by a chill that robbed her legs of her strength.

It was Count Jalousie’s voice.

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  2. How about you do a mass release of Fii or Reika… then I’ll think about posting a video… (^_-)-☆
    but honestly you should change the first prize… well your drawing sucks sooo bad, you know?!… no offence~

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  3. thanks a lot—-!
    lol, that challenge! all the best to whoever’s participating lol! that’s a diffcult phrase to say!hahaha!
    hm…fiiru’s also very alone, despite all the attention she gets, eh?
    urgh, really need to stage the rebellion to capture fii and fiiru’s parents to make them suffer, then kill them—!horrible rulers!
    ah—! so the maids’ bullying had escalated, huh? typical of petty, narrow-minded, lazy people!
    urgh, i suspected that revolting guy would make a comeback!
    ah—! fii—! are you going to come rescue lynette?! do it soon, ok—?!

    -speaks coldly and furiously into the phone- mercenaries! i told you to capture that count, put him in prison and make him suffer! why is he still out and about?! evidence, you say? gah—! we are using him to stage the rebellion, ok! just do what i told you, already!

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  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So those maids would let a girl get raped just because they’re jealous?
    Calling them scum or trash would be an insult to scums and trashes.
    Well, next is Fii to the rescue! Right?

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  6. So, from my understanding -, with Fii, Lynette and maybe Fiiru put aside, the whole country of Déman is filled with scums that would sacrifice and use others for their benefits, is that it?

    Since Fiiru has charm and power, they ignore Fii’s existence.

    For the same reasons, they push everything onto Fiiru without caring for her wellbeing. Her parents are probably showing her around to use her abilities as a political tool. And the nobles are paying attention to her for the same reason. Basically, nobody is actually considering her as a human being.

    And because Lynette is a young talented maid from a prestigious maid family, the other maids want to have her killed, tortured and raped (not necesserally in that order).

    So, who can agree that we should burn the entire country of Déman?
    Since Fii, Lynette and Fiiru aren’t there anymore.
    We could also put Roy and all the maids/attendants that abandoned Fii in there in the process 😀

    By the way, thanks for the chapter 🙂

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    Thanks for the translation Kilima-Ndscharo-san!

    Zu’u kogaan, dii fahdon.


  9. I say let’s gave those lower-than-trash-and-scums a torture that Griffith from Berserk go through. You know, cutting every muscles, giving pain to every neurons. Probably also calls some humanoid monsters that have thorn and blade dick to rape them, and then sacrifice throw their filthy soul to the realm of suffering.

    ………… I think I have gone yandere. Because if it wasn’t for those people, Fii wouldn’t need to be so mistreated and lonely. Since if those people cared a little about Fiiru, then she would be able to play with Fii or at the very least met with Fii, for Fiiru must’ve wanted to care about Fii more, and Lynette would be the sisters best retainer, and there’s no need for Roy to let Fii starve herself to death in that goddamned villa, but still, the king deserve the punching Fii gave her. And if those ugly beings actually act ike a nobility or royalty, then they would know the difference between a good and a bad tea, and they would made those useless maids out of the way for being such a lazy-ass maids. So there’s no need for Lynette to go through this dumb development, and seriously, this story lacked realistic depth but I still found myself very invested emotionally.

    Sorry for the long and terrifying comment.

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  10. I have a feeling that all the “maids” were obtained from the nobility and upper merchant classes and that’s why they’re extraordinarily shit at their jobs. A whole culture of poor work ethic (leading to the few competent maids to just give up in the sheer overwhelming incompetency) means that they will “hammer down” anyone who manages to work (E.g Lynette).

    Because they can’t find any promotion opportunities in well, doing their jobs properly, they’ll just swarm about Fiiru in order to be noticed and “promoted” to a higher position like a personal maid. Jokes on them though, Fiiru probably wants a personal maid who can do their job properly.

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    • It’s probably true.
      When you have a third or fourth daughter, since won’t inherit anything and she has a too law standing to be married to someone remotely powerful, you send her to work under someone else, as a maid for example.
      This way, she can at least bring money to the House, while having the opportunity to be close to someone powerful.
      And if she perform well, she might even be promoted.

      Those maids are like that.
      While lynette comes from a maid family and works as a maid for the sake of being a maid, they work for accomplishment and money.
      To them, Fiiru is just an easy way to the high society. Heck, they might even met a good prince while they are at it and leave their life as maids (as if that would ever happens… But they are all spoiled brat, so they keep dreaming)
      And Lynette, who got the job for properly doing her job, is an obstacle to be removed.

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  11. No! Lynette! The anxiety over what is going to happen to her is eating away at me. Sharlulu-Chan, please hurry with the next chapter! I’m so worried.


  12. Thanks for the chapter!

    Ah, Fii should appear to rescue her soon? That would be good. Seriously, I knew they were all scum, but I didn’t expect them to fall so low. They are lower then scum. Filthy trash that doesn’t even deserve to be burned. Who would want to pollute their sight and their lungs with such a thing. If you buried them, they might even poison the soil. To launch them in space is a waste of resources.

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  13. Fii to the rescue!!! Also… while I want the bear picture intensely… when I tried to say it I couldn’t do it even once… I still have a long way to go….

    Thanks so much for all your hard work ani-ue~~~~ hope your school is going well!!!!


  14. Many thanks for the chapter!
    How are you doing with your work load? Not too much yet?

    Anyway~ I can’t even… No wonder Fii didn’t talk to the guards and ask for food. She already knew that those with low work ethics won’t do anything good, even if she asked (looking at the maids in the palace). For some reason, I could see the maids forgetting to feed Fii, and she’d just wonder into the kitchen to get herself some food, like a stray cat. Then be shooed off as a thieving little commoner kid, because no one remembers the ‘other’ princess. And here is where she sees Lynette getting pushed into a trap. Then Fii to the rescue! Or, some knights to the rescue, with Fii in the back ground admiring their strength.


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  16. Those witches!! How can they ever justify doing that kind of thing to a girl?! They wouldn’t like it if it happened to them!! Vicious people like them are so hateful!


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