Chapter 45

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Though impolite, Lynette’s first impression of Fii was ‘un-princess-like’.

She was wearing a dress, but it was clearly an unfashionable one.
It was common sense for a Princess to wear a dress made in accordance with the latest trends.
From the King and the Queen, as well as the nobles and royalty of the neighbouring countries, Fiiru-sama received dozens of dresses.
But the princess in front of her was wearing a dress, with wear and tear here and there. Perhaps it had been worn by somebody else in their childhood.
Even the way it was treated was bad. Normally, the clothing of royalty was carefully washed. Even the laziest maids would take care.
But the dress that this princess was wearing seemed to have been washed together with maids’ clothing. That was how bad it looked.

Not only that, but the way she wore the clothing couldn’t ever be called graceful.
If Fiiru-sama wore the same dress as other nobles, she would wear it so gracefully that it would seem to be completely different, but this girl was…

Since Lynette seemed to be staring at her, Fii tilted her head in wonder.
Lynette’s hands seemed to move by themselves to fix the wrinkles in Fii’s dress sleeves.

“Please wear your dress properly. You are a princess too, after all.”

This other princess simply stared blankly before bursting into laughter.

“Thanks. I’ll take care.”

Good advice could sometimes upset others, but in the end it was for their sake. This was something Lynette understood, even as a child.
Although Fiiru-sama needed no warnings to begin with, she was the type to heed it with a smile. On the other hand, the King and Queen would visibly frown if it ever happened to them. It would fall to Fiiru-sama to mediate.

People like Fiiru-sama were rare. Because of that, Lynette had been sure that this other princess would surely have been offended too.
She didn’t even know when she had gained this impression.

When contrary to expectations, Fii actually thanked her with a smile, her cheeks burnt with shame at her misunderstanding.

“As long as you understand. Please excuse me.”

In the end, Lynette couldn’t be honest and apologise, and instead took the tie and then left with brisk steps.

With complicated emotions, Lynette headed down the hallway towards Fiiru-sama.
But suddenly, a man called out to her.

“Heya, Lynette. You’re working hard huh. What a good girl you are,” called out an almost slimy voice.

It caused revulsion, and a little fear, to well up inside her.

“Thank you very much for your praise, Count Jalousie,” she bowed mechanically after forcefully suppressing her emotions.

“My maid’s put on some tea. How about you have some with me?”

“I apologise, but I must head to Fiiru-sama.”

“Just a little break is fine, right? Don’t you need a breather too?”

“My apologies. I must serve Fiiru-sama, and so…”

“I see… What a busy girl you are. If you find some time, can you make me some tea too? Let’s have a bit of refined fun.”

“Yes, if I find the time.”

With that, Lynette bowed once more before leaving.

Count Jalousie was a relative of Her Highness the Queen, and ignoring his fief, he spent his days loitering about the palace.
And as for his reputation amongst the servants, you would be hard-pressed to call it good. He would order servants about like it was his place, and cause them trouble. But because he was a relative of the Queen, nobody could caution him.

But the reason for Lynette’s disgust and fear was different.
It felt like his gaze for her was indecent. And not only that, he was over 30 years older than her…
Lynette wanted to believe that it was just her imagination, but she found it impossible to believe.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Lynette’s hairs stood on end.
He had touched her below the hips.


Her voice seemed to have withered away.
After that, she told herself that she needed to head to Fiiru-sama and urged herself forward.

She asked her mother for advice before.
But instead, these were the words she was met with.

“It’s just your imagination. It was so hard to become Fiiru-sama’s attendant. You can’t start any problems. Just endure a little.”

(I have to endure…)

Lynette felt the tears welling up as she walked, but she tried her best to stop them. It wouldn’t do to appear in front of Fiiru-sama like that. She would surely worry for her, after all.
She couldn’t talk to Fiiru-sama about this either…

(It’s fine. It’s true that I’m busy as Fiiru-sama’s maid. As long as I refuse all his invitations, it’ll be fine. It has to be…)

And like that, Lynette continued to convince herself.

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      • It really is. I can SORT OF understand King Roy assuming she was just trying to leech off her sister and ignoring the issue, but her parents and the staff? How the hell does that happen?

        Liked by 1 person

        • it’s because everyone in Demon is a hick. Very prejudice I know, but somehow Fii’s home country is textbook hick characteristic in the descriptions we were given up to now. I mean, her father, right after her birth forgot to give her a proper name because he got distracted by Firru’s beauty.


      • I was thinking that after Lynette saw Fii she would go into “maid crisis mode” and try to fix things. If she got reprimanded for not focusing more on Fiiru after that, it could have given us more insight into what the hell people are thinking here. As it stands, it mostly just seems like people don’t even realize she exists.


  2. The more i read this story, the more i think Fiiru’s a really scumbag, even though she hasn’t said a single line yet. There’s some hints here and there that she truly don’t give a damn about Fii.

    First, at least for now, it seems she didn’t do anything at all to stop Fii’s mistreating through their childhood.

    Second, she didn’t help Fii get out of this forced marriage.

    Third, she hasn’t even checked on her own twin sister until now to see if she’s doing fine, although it’s starting to look like they barely even met in their lives…. and people still say she’s some kind of angel alive…

    I think she’s a lot like Ceres from Sevens, except she’s not a murderer.

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    • It was mentioned in the earlier chapter that Fiirui is one of those that actually worry for Fii. But her being the apple of everyone eyes, she was very busy. Fii being Fii, probably don’t told Fiiru anything about mistreatment and she never complained a little bit, so Fiiru probs think nothing going on to her older sister. After all, she’s an angel, and she probably that dumb type that thinks everybody is good to everything, when actually everybody is just good to you. Like those overly-trusting shoujo heroines that could turn the most villainous to good just by her trust and kind words. It was also quite a fact that Fii is quite the tomboy, and so her being without attendant, dressd in a sloppy manners without grace, etc, treated as normal and fitting to her personality. I mean Fii punched her father when she was married off to Roy, and immediately send to Roy kingdom even before the wedding day.

      But if you read the spoilers Este been giving out, you probably can thought of a reason that Fiiru don’t force Fii out of the forced marriage. The hint is that it’s for Fii protection as well. Or Fiiru could just can’t help Fii out the marriage since Fii was already away from their homekingdom before the marriage day.

      I mean in the Heath disguise that Conrad could see through, everyone else immediately assumed her as a girly looking boy.

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I hope Fii is going to break this pervert Count’s family jewels with a strategic kick.


  4. The later part of this chapter made me so anxious. I hate people like that count, they are the worst; and I’ve never even met anyone like that, thank god.

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  5. Lol that name ! I don’t know if you noticed but Jalousie is the French word for jealousy.
    When I read his name it I couldn’t help but see him with a big “BAD GUY” directly on his forehead.
    Btw Thx for the work 😉


  6. So what I’m seeing is that every remotely relevant person in that castle aside from Lynette, Fii, and probably Fiiru was scum (my opinion of Fiiru is qualified only because everything we know about her is hearsay, strictly speaking).

    My thanks to you, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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  7. Fii and Fiiru really, really have terrible parents. The type that treat their children as toys for their convenience. Feels like many of the royal adults here have never really grown up because they didn’t have to.

    No one wants to serve Fii because her parents hate her. Everyone wants to serve Fiiru… not necessarily because they love her but because there are more opportunities in serving the favored child.

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    • Also, I would like to remind everyone that Firuu is Fii’s age. They’re both what? 10/11/12/13 here? Even if she spoke out against Fii’s mistreatment, it would only add to her “angel” reputation. The adults around her would just ignore her and find new justifications to mistreat Fii (albeit not openly around Fiiruu). Since Fii isn’t the type of person to complain, Fiiru wouldn’t know it was still happening since she’s not allowed to be near Fii.

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  8. thank you very much—-!
    fii! poor fii—! such treatment! ah—! -shields eyes with a hand as the tears start flowing-
    lol lynette’s hands moving by themselves.
    lynette! how rude! you don’t even thank her?! what—?!
    hmph, lynette’s family’s thereputation and duty over the well-being, huh?
    what is with all the horrible parents in this novel—?! ah—-! -flips tables-

    that count, disgusting…revolting…!
    -narrows eyes dangerously at the count- hm…mercenaries get to work.
    seems like the evidence and reasons for me to stage a rebellion simply walk into my hands. how convenient.
    capture him, and make sure he disappears ‘reasonably’. we’ll use him for the rebellion. yes, make him suffer while we prepare for the rebellion, it’s fine. this is naught but justice!

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  9. With all the mistreatment and abandonment, it is terribly amazing that Fii could still be the very definition of a cinnamon roll. She’s the real angel. Fiiru probably got the looks of an angel, but Fii got the personality and soulf of an angel, and you know what, I want to jump in in this story and gave Fii all the attention and love and affection and everything she needs, since I truly believed Fii would still be an angel even if spoiled. And the plus point is, not a dumb angel that’s overly trusting.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Ara, Onii-sama, aren’t you incredibly busy with exams and homework? I read your post regarding the month of May. And was prepared for no updates! But I see updates! But I’m meaning to ask, are you good? ^~^ >~<


  11. Thank you for the two chapters and good luck with your workload.

    Poor Fii, being judged and misunderstood by complete strangers even when she was still just a child.


  12. Uh-oh. What kinda of maid mom is that though? “It’s just your imagination. *nobles can’t be scumbag lolicons*. Endure. *then when you get raped it’ll be too late, and you’ve disgraced us all*” The adults in this kingdom.. Not just the kind and queen, but in actuallity ALL OF THEM are just.. urg… Many thanks for the chapter!


  13. I just had a really sadistic thought. Could you add Fiiru onto the “Best Girl” list? And MAYBE transfer all the points Fii got so far over to her?

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  16. Poor Lynette! Poor Fii… Honestly, I take it she’ll soon find out about Fii’s circumstances… but it seems she still remained Fiiru’s servant. Why would she not request to be Fii’s maid later?! It’d be easier on her and Fii would be happy!


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