Chapter 44 – Side Story – Lynette and Fii

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This is a story of when Lynette was only a child and was not yet serving Fiiru.

“Why is such a little girl wearing a maid outfit?”

“She’s from, you know, that ‘distinguished maid family’.”

“Ohh, that one~”

Some maids whispered to each other as they watched Lynette, who was ten years their junior, walking about the Déman royal palace.

“Don’t you think it’s unfair? Just because they’re the same age, they made her Fiiru-sama’s personal maid right away.”

“I’m worried that such a small child can even manage. Really, it should be adults like us doing that job.”

Lynette could clearly hear their words.

(Hmph. You can’t even follow the steps to making tea. What adults.)

Because she had been raised since infancy in the ways of a maid, the carelessness of Déman’s maids was completely intolerable to her.
They cut corners and made mistakes in all their jobs, from cleaning to clothing. Making tea was another such example. Because they cut down on the time used to steep the tea or the time to warm the cup, the result was a cooler tea that lacked fragrance. It was just a waste of the tea leaves.
But despite that, neither His Majesty the King nor Her Highness the Queen seemed to notice. Due to that, the maids only grew worse and worse.

When Lynette had first come here, she was shocked.
All the jobs in the palace were done carelessly. Sometimes a few maids would be relatively diligent, but even they would always have a sour expression. None of them had any drive…
All of her co-workers were older than her, but not a single one of them was worthy of respect.

The only blessing in all of this was being able to serve Fiiru-sama.
Perhaps it was a rude way of putting things, but both the King and Queen were ignorant. Even the tea that she steeped with all her heart was simply emptied like any other.
And the reason that she served Fiiru-sama wasn’t because of her skill or character, but simply because she was a girl from the ‘distinguished maid family’, and they decided that she was suitable as a result.
Only Fiiru-sama had smiled and told her, “It was the first time I’ve ever had such delicious tea.”

Although Fiiru-sama was the same age as Lynette, she possessed the clarity and wisdom to see the real worth of things. Truly the ideal master.
Lynette was very thankful that she could serve somebody like that.

Lynette headed to the well as she was lost in her thoughts.
Besides their master’s needs, a maid needed to take care of herself as well. But because she was Fiiru-sama’s personal maid, she didn’t have time to wash her own clothing.
Because of that, Lynette could only leave her laundry to other maids and then come here to collect it after they were done.

When she arrived there, she found her clothing strewn about carelessly.

(There’s no tie…)

Lynette immediately noticed.
It was intentional harrassment.
All the maids in the nation wanted to serve Fiiru-sama. Because of that, everybody was prejudiced against Lynette for gaining her place at her age.
And her tie was something specially made to signify her position as the Princess’ personal attendant.
Although she still had spares, they were not things she could lose.

(I doubt they had the courage to dispose of them, so it should be hidden somewhere difficult to find.)

Having already known the type of people they were, Lynette began to search for it.
But she was not so calm on the inside.

(Argh! I don’t have time!)

Personal maids had very little time for themselves.
Tarrying here would inconvenience Fiiru-sama as well.

“This is why they’re third rates,” she spat despite herself.

At that moment, Lynette felt somebody tap on her shoulder.

“Is this what you were looking for?”

A hand was holding her tie.

“T-, Thank you very much.”

After accepting the tie, she realised that the hand belonged to a girl her age.
When she raised her head, staring back at her was a girl with the same golden hair as Déman’s royal family.
Lynette knew this girl. She was Déman’s other princess, Fii.
Fiiru-sama’s older twin.

Before Lynette had come to this palace, her mother had shown her a portrait just in case.
For some reason, a very rough and casually painted portrait.
Now that she was looking at the real thing, she felt that it didn’t resemble her.
Rather than the portrait, it was more the fact that this palace only had one other girl her age, that Lynette recognised this girl.

Lynette also knew about this other princess.
But she had never ever seen her.
Not even when the royal couple were having tea with Fiiru-sama. Not even at their family dinners. Not even in the parties that they brought her sister to.

Instead, here, by this dark and abandoned well, was Lynette’s first meeting with that other princess.

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  3. thanks a lot—!
    heh—! so lynetter was specially brought to take care of fiiru, huh! oh, it’s nice that both she and fiiru both care about fii, so nice—! nobody stop me, i’m going to make fii’s parents suffer! grr—!
    fii was left out of all the ‘family’ activities! this is called negligence!
    -cries a river for fii-

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  4. Thanks for the update! At least they [sort of] remembered to get Fii’s portrait painted. And Lynette mother is really thorough to actually remember Fii’s existence. Her bigwig maid family is the real deal.

    “All of her c-oworkers were older than her, but not one of them were worthy of respect.”
    C-oworkers –> either co-workers or coworkers
    (It’s at the bottom of one of the first passages that stays with “When Lynette had first come here…”)

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      • hehehe we shall start with interact fire drawing and then…oops let my inner sadist come out, shouldn’t we first have the parents deal with the same level of rejection fii dealt with


        • interact fire drawing? i know not what that is, but seems like a painful thing, let’s do it!
          rejection? that’s fine, though it is harder to do. i want them humiliated, suffering, off the throne of the kingdom, and then…dead! i was thinking of staging a rebellion, becaue they’re probably bad rulers..and then when they’re in the prison cell, maybe that’s where they’ll face rejection…and then, let justice be meted out, for what they did to fii!

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          • but we need to be careful, fii is a emotional girl and even if her parents were terrible it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t feel sad about their deaths, no we need to be careful and make it so fii isn’t sad, after all she’s had enough difficulty.

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            • yes, yes, you’re right…! we must be very careful indeed!
              we can’t let neither fii nor fiiru know of this! we stage the rebellion, we’ll make it such that the kingdom itself was against the royal couple, who were bad rulers anyway! we might have another kingdom wage war too, though my preference is rebellion.

              officially, it’ll be declared that ‘their parents went missing in the midst of the rebellion’. but the truth is that we have successfully captured the parents, and they are about to suffer for what they did…! but everything is kept secret, only us masterminds know what occurred!

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                • -nods nods- yes, good! it’s best if we can find actual evidence! since they’re bad rulers anyway, i’m sure there is evidence of corruption or officials, or comminers suffering from their rule…!

                  -rubs hands together gleefully- i look forward to being able to capture them and mete out justice!

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                • You fools! You’re not thinking creatively enough!y
                  You’re also missing an important step. First infiltrate the castle as one of their servants. Then, you have to mislead everyone into thinking they’re abusing Fiiru by telling the truth that, “the king and queen mistreat princess when no one can see it.” Since the naids are idiots who only acknowledge Fiiru that will get the rumouts to spread faster. Soon the whole castle will turn against them. After that happens spread rumours about about them committing a minor crime that they have to be charged with. Immediately after frame them for it. Then once they’re charged with it go onto the public and announce to everyone that the royal couple are criminals. That ought to be enough to motivate an ambitious noble to rebel and try to seize the throne. This noble, if they are smart, will take advsntage of the public opinion and will rally the kingdom against them for Fiiru’s sake. With their people so vehemently against them for they will be cornered. That’s when you kidnap them. After they didappeat they will be thought of dedpicable cowardly crimonals and the noble will ascend yo the throne. Then at remote location you can take your time breaking them over s period of two year. And then, just when they are on the verge of shattering. Deal the final blow by telling them the truyh and the teadon why this all happened to them in tge fitsy place.

                  Ah! My inner Royal came out.

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  5. -draws spoon-

    Must I raise my arms here as well?

    For Fii- sama! We ride!!!


    Oh also, Thanks for the food!

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  6. Sheeeep-chaaan!*canon glomps Sheep-chan* Okaeri! I have missed you ever so much. Where’d you go? Ah. Thanks for the chapter. Btw Sheep-chan I have decided to go by Rinxi.


  7. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    so much enthusiasm over fii.. poor baby..
    still I hate fiiru, and her parents. Even though it can be said that she didn’t know about fii’s condition on the orstoll kingdom, she must notice fii’s problem in their hometown palace like

    ‘Lynette also knew about this other princess.
    But she had never ever seen her.
    Not even when the royal couple were having tea with Fiiru-sama. Not even at their family dinners. Not even in the parties that they brought her sister to.’


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  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    Heh… ah dammit, spoilers definitely obstruct deductions. Oh well.

    Yeah, I figured it was something like this. It’s why I hate that asshole king so much. (Not Roy, but Fii’s father).

    Alright, hate is too strong, simply because I can’t seem to waste my emotions on such a fellow. I simply dislike him and look down on him.

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  9. Fii and Fiiru have terrible parents.

    Fii’s parents are blatantly neglecting her. The maids and the rest of the staff would have probably taken their cues from their parents and neglected Fii in turn. As long as her parents fed and clothed her, the rest of the staff would have assumed that Fii was ok and neglect her in turn.

    Fiiru is Fii’s age so she wouldn’t be able to counter her parents neglect by herself. Every time she would have pointed out her sister’s neglect, it would probably have been passed off as “Oh Fiiru is such a considerate child” and ignored.

    If Fiiru didn’t have any powers, she probably would have been equally as neglected as Fii, since their parents are probably dragging her to all those parties around as a conversation piece.

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  10. I think I just hate everyone who has met Fiiru (excluding Fii, of course) so I keep thinking I should stop reading this but every time I see a new chapter I’m too curious not to read
    Also, it seems like everyone who knows Fiiru has their common sense destroyed, and since Fii has known her the longest her common sense has skewed way outside of the norm now

    PS: Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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  11. Ah, I wonder if Fiiru knows that she actually has an older sister? Fii’s parents really are lacking in term of humanity, don’t they? Well, it’s kind of a light-hearted novel so let’s not dwell too deep into it.


    • yes, fiiru definitely knows about fii. it’s been mentioned that fii says that her sister is one of the people who care for her.


  12. Oh! FII! You darling you! But, this meeting seems stalk-ish… *Lynette looking for something* *Ninja Fii, who had been watching Lynette through all her hardships* “Is this what you’re looking for?” *Fii- [I’ve gotta act natural. NATURAL. So she doesn’t know that I know.]*

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  13. Although I like learning more about how Fii’s life was growing up, I’m getting this unbearable urge to punch her parents. Poor Fii wasn’t even at the family dinner table!! D<

    Thanks for the chapter!

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