Chapter 39 – Kain-san

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‘Grass’ is a term for Edo period spies/ninjas. The term came about because they would often infiltrate enemy territory and stay there for two, three generations, spreading their roots like grass. Plus, nobody ever suspects the grass… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kain was on the verge of an identity crisis.

He was a “Grass”, a special kind of soldier. Soldiers that were in charge of intelligence gathering under the King’s orders. Sometimes they would also involve themselves with assassinations, sabotage, or other types of unsavoury work. Although, ever since the reign of the new King, not once had they been ordered to do so.

Lately, Kain had been incessantly agonising over a certain matter.

(Should I tell him…? No, but, I am a Grass…)

As he watched his target from the top of a tree, he thought back to his earlier conversation with the King.

Having come to the King’s room without anybody seeing him, he reported the results of all the other Grass members, before hesitating over whether or not to report a certain issue.

“Your Majesty, about Princess Fii-”

“What. Was she ‘black’ after all?”

“No, she was not.”

“Then no need to report on her.”


The King went back to his work and began writing again, completely cutting down Kain’s chance to say anything. He hadn’t realised at all that Kain’s “No, she was not” was more strained than usual. It was also because Kain had trained to not let his emotions show, but…

Kain couldn’t stand not telling him.

(That same Princess Fii is trying her best as one of your knight apprentices you know! And you’re the one who hired her!)

that is.

But he couldn’t… He had undertaken a mission.

『Observe Princess Fii. If she is ‘black’, report it. Otherwise, no need.』

For King Roy, ‘no need’ meant ‘there is no need, so do not do it’.

The plan was to make the guards around her villa more and more lax.

Their missions were 『Stand guard so that Princess Fii does not leave through this exit』, 『No matter who visits, do not let them in』 and 『If she has any requests, give her only what she absolutely needs』.
As long as those guards didn’t suddenly burn with some strange sense of duty for their equally strange orders, there would definitely be times when it was unguarded. That was the plan.

As for Kain, he had been told 『While this is happening, observe Princess Fii. If she is ‘black’, report it. Otherwise, no need.』
If she was ‘black’, then she would contact somebody related to that incident.

A few days after Kain began his mission, the first incident occurred.
The cook left the villa. Considering the possibility of him being used as a messenger, Kain sent some other Grass to follow him, but he simply left the castle never to return. Right now, he was working as a cleaner in some run-down inn in the outskirts of the city.

The same day. Late at night, when he saw Princess Fii leaving the villa walls, ‘Could it be?’ he thought, but in the end she just strolled here and there, before stepping on a paper of some kind. After holding it out under the moonlight, she circled about happily, and then immediately headed back to her villa.
No matter how you slice it, she didn’t seem suspicious. Well, perhaps suspicious in another way, however.
Later on he checked it, just to make sure it wasn’t some message, but it was just an announcement about the apprentice knight exams.

And then on the next day, Princess Fii’s survival lifestyle began.

Princess Fii never spoke to the guards. Far from it, she tried to avoid them. As she did, in a villa where it was impossible to support herself, she subsisted on the food―――essentially just leftovers―――that the cook left behind.
When he saw it, huge droplets of sweat began to run down Kain’s forehead.

(Why did things turn out like this…? Should I report to His Majesty? No, but the orders were to not to report to him unless she was ‘black’… Then, should I bring food… No, I can’t. My orders were to only observe. Those guards are the ones who are supposed to be looking after her…!)

His faint hopes were dashed when the guards showed no signs of noticing what was happening inside.
Even though the cook had often come and gone from the villa, the guards didn’t notice at all that he had stopped.

Kain remembered the people His Majesty wanted for the role.
‘People who have low work ethic and are too stupid to question a guard cycle with holes in it.’

And His Majesty had found people fantastic for the job.
These men showed no signs of suspicion at all, and simply stood there until their shift was up, enjoying a happy and lazy lifestyle.

(If it comes down to it, then… But, that’s my very final resort…)

There was a nutritional ration in his pocket.

But to give her this was tantamount to denying his existence as a Grass.

(It’s fine… If I just sneak it into her pocket, then it’s still okay. I won’t have defied any orders…!)

Kain continued to tell himself this in his mind.

As for Princess Fii, her survival lifestyle continued. While making sure the guards didn’t see her, she started to practice sword swings.

(Exercise is bad for you when you’re fasting, you know…! And you hardly have any muscle on you…!)

His stomach had begun to hurt.

Finally, the villa had run out of food…
Princess Fii continued to train on her empty stomach, and when she wasn’t, she would sit still to conserve energy.

(What do I do… What should I do…)

His head was spinning with his master’s orders and Princess Fii’s condition.
If he could just leave these rations somewhere she would notice… No, he could even just go buy her normal food. Just that would be enough to save her.
But disobeying orders for personal feelings would disqualify him as a Grass.

A Grass, was a special kind of soldier.
They were simple soldiers, without pedigree or position, but the information they dealt with were national secrets, or sometimes even beyond that. They were the people who were closest to the King, and needed to work even in such a private environment. There were many times when they knew things that would cause a national scandal.
Because of that, their mindsets had to be different from other retainers.

Any other retainer would advise their King if he erred, and doing so was good.
But the Grass could not.

Questioning the King’s judgement could inevitably plant seeds of rebellion, and such things had already happened many times in history.
And for a Grass to rebel was more dangerous than any other retainer.
Given the natures of their job, it wouldn’t even be difficult to directly assassinate the King, and the danger they posed was immeasurable.
Because of that, Grass were raised to become as faithful to their orders as possible. Making their own decisions was only to be done without the scope of the orders.

If berating and guiding their lord’s foolish actions was the role of the retainers, then to blindly exact their master’s orders was the role of the Grass.

(I am a Grass… I am a Grass… I am a Grass…)

Kain continued to persuade himself in his head.

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67 thoughts on “Chapter 39 – Kain-san

    • Hoh! The long awaited Kain chapter! Yup, but now I see why he didn’t do anything. His role is tough isn’t it. Alright, well, guess he isn’t to be hated. He’s just a total idiot. Plus his life and duty are on the line… uh….

      Man… I really just have to sigh and shake my head over that.

      Fii… why are you so dumb sometimes? And Kain… urgh… what to say? This kind of guy is pretty much a brainwashed order-obeying idiot, but there’s plenty of good reasons for that which make his behavior understandable. Urgh…

      Roy… you too. I know you’re busy and all Roy, but…


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      • Seriously, no matter how I reread this chapter, I can only sigh and shake my head in amazement.

        Such hopeless children. Absolutely hopeless.

        I just… why are they so foolish.

        ROY!!! I almost feel like I’ve vastly overestimated you! Even though I know you’re busy and all but… ugh….

        There’s all perfectly good logical reasons why they all did what they did which is why I can’t help but sigh.

        If I didn’t know this was a story and was therefore planned, I’d say it was an unfortunate coincidence that these people met this way and wound up like this.

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        • Well, Roy was just not interested. He is not interested in Fii. He had her monitored only because he thought she might be a spy. But since there is no report from Kain, he just don’t care enough to judge or act on Fii.

          It’s Kain’s over adherent to the order that was the problem. Even though you were ordered not to report unless she was a spy does not mean you must not report even when thing get this out of hand just because she is not a spy.

          Honestly, rather than losing faith in Roy, I just can’t accept Kain as a good ‘grass’. An intelligent agent should have enough intelligence to act on their own.

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          • How do I say it, that’s the lifestyle of a grass. They’re raised and trained to obey orders above all else. Personal feelings and thoughts must be superseded by orders no matter what, or else they’re a threat to national security. If he doesn’t follow orders to the tee, it means his life may well be over.

            That’s the role of grass. To enter someone else’s family and serve them, watch them grow up, take care of them, stay with them for generations, and ultimately be the ones to stab them in the back for the sake of a master they may have rarely seen.

            He’s actually a terrible grass for agonizing over this, but well, I suppose overcoming one’s own feelings is important to a grass.

            For grasses if they have no orders they can be whatever they want to be, but as soon as the order comes out, they must obey it at all costs. Kill their family? Execute their mothers? Die with an enemy? They are supposed to be able to do all that as long as there is an order, and still serve the master loyally without a trace of rebellious thoughts.

            They are not to make their own decisions once there is an order. They must do exactly what is in the order, at all costs. They aren’t allowed to do more, or less. I believe that was explained in the text above.

            That’s why he adheres so rigidly to his orders, and why I don’t hate him.

            Well, there’s also the fact that the MC always has MC powers and usually won’t die. So I’m looking forward to the way Roy writhes over this later and Kain’s possible development.

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          • An intelligence agent like Kain are the people with absolute obedience. It means, don’t ever question your supervisor’s order. Roy’s order is absolute and no question in it.

            His order is clear, “Observe Fii. If she’s ‘black’, report it. Otherwise, no need.”.

            As you can see, as far as Kain observe, he stated Fii didn’t look ‘black’ at all. That was why he is agonizing. If he report her for something else other than his order, he’s failed as a Grass.

            But at least, Kain didn’t failed as a human being. And seeing how this will turn out, it kind of hilarious. Now I understand why in the previous chapter stated that Roy will banging his head against the wall…lol

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          • But this is all Roy’s fault though. He is supposed to be a great statesman/diplomat/etc… so he should have at least some grasp of political marriages and that Fii is probably just someone thrown into his care. As someone in his care he has done the following:
            Provided a place to stay.
            Set lazy guards to prevent her from leaving.
            Set someone competent and loyal but who follows orders like a robot purely to investigate if she is a spy.

            The competent person is specifically not providing for her.
            The guards are too incompetent to be trusted with her well being.
            She is unable to leave to make her own arrangements.
            She has never been provided with any food(she paid for her own until the cook left).

            It is gross incompetence to completely fail to appoint someone to provide for her given that she is being restrained. It doesn’t matter that his one weakness is women, this is basic Caring for Foreign Nobles 101. The guy has proven that he is incompetent and managing his own household and it severely calls into question the rest of the qualifications that we have been informed of. Kain was very specifically not there for Fii’s welfare, he is only there to investigate a possible spy. It is someone else’s job to see to her welfare, except that someone doesn’t exist.


  1. I feel bad for him. Following others to see if she was planning something bad but far from speculation and reality her conditions were not that good, and the poorly treatment of people around her sparked some concern for her well-being but orders are orders. Even if those challenge your morality. I can hate him but I don’t forgive him and the king Roy. I hope she falls in love with someone who deserves her and the king regrets till the day he dies for choosing her younger sister instead of her to be his queen!! Sho ni kansha!!

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  3. Roy, you complete and utter imbecile, and cold hearted basterd =o= judging someone you don’t know. AND -FLIPS THE DAMNED TABLE- WHAT IS FII’S SISTER DOING DURING ALL THIS?!?!?!??!?!!? Fii mentioned before that her sister was one of the few people who cared for her, WHERE IS SHE NOW

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    Hah! I knew it! I had my suspicions as to why Kain didn’t say anything to Roy, since he was tasked to observe her.

    Typical ninja behavior; Do only what is asked of you, and nothing more. Do not betray your lord. Just these two precepts have caused many a ninja death, but also make them absolutely lethal at their work.

    …and I now also know why Roy will be trying to kill himself out of guilt in the future…

    Liked by 5 people

    • Somehow I imagined Kain interaction with “Heath” probably will be full of tears and pity and everyone would be shocked seeing him crying over Heath everytime they talked, and thus decided that Kain has a soft spot fro Heath, and he’ll … probably kept crying over his tough position …..

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  5. I blame Kain on this one. Really, Roy orders were to push Fii to act if she was a spy. If not, then he don’t really care about a girl pushed onto him which is why he don’t bother to listen to the report if she is not a spy.

    But even if she is not a spy, Roy should be informed when things get out of hand. An intelligent agent should have enough intelligent to act on their own judgement. No need to report does not mean you ‘must not report’. Even if he says don’t bother him just be more assertive and shove the damn information down his ears. You are an intelligent agent Kain, act like one.

    And having a foreign princess who was quite hurt by your king serving as a knight next to the king is not exactly ‘safe’. Even if she is not ‘Black’, that is worse than a random black going around checking the number of your soldiers.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I don’t think alot of people understand that kain can only follow orders. People trained in kain occupation are trained to not think for themselves, they are trained to carry out orders within their boundaries. Anything kain does would put his life in jeopardy.

    Unless hes ordered to give a full status report. He can’t say his opinion on the matter.

    Also, lol yeah that stupid cook should’ve stayed with fii, that sob story would never work.


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  8. Dam what incident is Roy talking about? If fit is suspicious then is her sister also a suspect? Never read any interactions between the two since Fii’s description of their love. . Maybe her sister is evil!! Well even if she’s not true evil she’s still pretty bad considering she never visited her sister and didn’t ask Roy about her either.


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  10. I probably shouldn’t have been as amused as I was at Kain and Fii’s respective dilemmas… Poor both of them.

    Wait, what’s this incident Roy mentioned? Does it involve Fii’s sister?

    I’m glad the cook got his comeuppance. May his life be hell.

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  11. thanks!
    well, that first line that was direct! the first thing i know about him is that he has an identity crisis?!
    -slaps knee- ahaha! he knows! ooh, he knows—! roy, you should have listened! but,no, don’t listen! it’s more fun for me! ahaha!
    lol, suspicious in another way, ahaha!
    aww—-! kaim’s so nice! he actually cared about her! you should have secretly given her food! nevermind, i’m shipping kain and fii too, wahaha!
    kain, poor kain…his conscience is killing him, huh? well, at least i know now that fii would not have starved to death!
    it’s going to be so awkward for kain, though!

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  12. It’s awesome how much suspicion had cleared and how much questions are raised just from reading this xD
    Boys are foolish, but without Kain, we won’t meet Heath!
    Oh well.
    Actually, there are still loophole to King’s orders tho.
    “If she request something, just give her what she needs most”
    It’s entirely dependson the person tho, and Kain is too straight to deviate from the norm.

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Even if the chap are so short, I’m really enjoying this! ^^


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