Chapter 28

Join the Evil God Army:

Fii was brought to a lavish manor in the outskirts of the city.

They had travelled here by horse, but because Fii didn’t know how to ride, she sat on Crow’s horse behind him.
Both York and Crow seemed to be skilled riders.

Incidentally, Conrad hadn’t come.

When Fii left for her mission, he simply waved and told her “Try your best~” with a smile.

(I really wonder what that guy even does.)

He was simply filled with mysteries.

Around the manor, there were people who seemed to be lookouts.
Using the woods around the manor as cover, they circled around to the back of the manor and descended from their horses in a place where they wouldn’t be spotted. Waiting there was Orbull.
While skilfully hiding his large figure in the shade of a tree, he waved at the three newcomers.
Then, after receiving the reins of the horses from Crow and York, he led them off somewhere and disappeared.

It was around then that Crow finally began to explain the mission.

“This is a villa belonging to a merchant called Khanzar. Apparently he’s got a hand in slave trading all across the continent, and there’s a rumour that he’s got some of the kidnapping victims hidden away in that manor.
If we investigate him normally, he might have the time to hide the evidence. The longer we wait, the greater the chance that they’ll be sold. So we’re gunna find some direct evidence, so we can straight-up nab him.”

“I see~”

(But wouldn’t that be difficult?)

If he really was involved in slave trading, there would be even more lookouts on the inside. Fii couldn’t imagine that knights could infiltrate without being seen.

“That’s where you come in.”

“Are you telling me to get kidnapped? Sure. I don’t mind.”

Fii was impressed. If she was infiltrating as a sting, then they would get evidence in no time.


“Hell no. We’re going to get you to infiltrate, yeah, but you’re coming in from the top.”

“Top?” asked Fii, as she tilted her head in confusion at the two.

Following Crow, she parted from the others and was brought close to the back of the manor.
There were three lookouts right by them, but Crow leapt out from the shade of the tree and struck them unconscious with his bare hands.


Even if it was a surprise attack, it was still an amazing feat of power.
The apprentice knights had also taken lessons in barefisted techniques, but none of the instructors had been quite so amazing.

(Crow-san really is somebody amazing…)

Fii was excited.

Crow called her over, and she entered the back gate of the manor.
It was a blindspot with no windows. Perhaps that was why there were three guards here, but unfortunately for the merchant, those guards were now unconscious.

“Err, as I recall, the architect said it was around here…?” Crow muttered to himself, as he stood on the edge of a wall and looked about up top.

Before long, “Oh! There it is,” he said, as he pulled out a block from the wall.
With that, there was now a small hole in the outer wall.

Grabbing Fii beneath the armpits, he brought her in front of it.

“Watcha think? Think you can fit?”

According to Crow, it was a hole connected to the ventilation system, and had access to the entire ceiling of the manor.
Fii easily slid into it.

She found herself in a slightly wider space now――though it was still fairly narrow――and skilfully turned back to face him. Sticking her face out of her hole with a slightly dissatisfied and discouraged expression, she said,

“Could it be that you guys took me in for this?”

Considering the size of the hole, it was impossible for any knight to fit in here with the exception of Fii.
Conrad was the next smallest, but even so, his medium build and height would have found it impossible too.

“Well, I won’t say that wasn’t part of it,” nodded Crow with a troubled smile.

“Well, that’s fine, I guess. I suck at fighting anyway, and as long as somebody needs me, I won’t complain,” she replied with a pout.

It wasn’t that she was dissatisfied with being picked for that, but like anybody else, she would have preferred a cooler reason.

“Well then, look to see if there are any kidnapping victims, and then if you can, try and find out where. It’ll make things easier when we need to save them, you know?”

With that, he handed her what seemed to be a map of the ventilation system, as well as a flute of some kind.

“Oh, and don’t come down from the ceiling. There is to be no fighting. You’ll endanger yourself again, you know? Just get us some info, and get the hell back here. Once our side has the info, if we wanted to charge in, we’d be able to. If you mess up, and find yourself in a pinch, blow that flute.”

“Yes. I understand.”

With a clear goal now, Fii immediately began making her way through the vents.
Fairly quickly, and soundlessly too. It took no time at all until Crow could no longer see her.

Being small wasn’t enough. If she wasn’t incredibly flexible, something like this would have been impossible.
She was almost like a cat.

Heath herself hadn’t noticed, but in the entirety of the knight order, it was probably only her who could have done this.
You could even say that it was her talent.

“Looks like Roy’s eyes were dead-on.”

Crow scratched his head, as he saw off the apprentice who was like a little brother to him.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂 A little ‘brother’, is it? Foolish Crow… 😀

    A few things…

    “They had travelled here by forse, but because Fii didn’t know how to ride, she sat on Crow’s horse behind him.”
    forse –> horse. Also consider “she sat behind Crow on his horse.”

    “When Fii left for her mission, he simply waved and told her “Try your best~” with a mile.” mile –> smile

    “Then, after receiving the reigns of the horses from Crow and York, he led them off somewhere and disappeared.” reigns –> reins

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  3. Ahaha, a little sister would be more accurate. But Fii’s so cute, like a little mouse, scurrying about! Go Fii, catch he bad guy! This is definitely cooler than all those guard duties the others have to go through!

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  5. Eh? I’m early again? Yay! Earlier today my pantry portal closed and I could finally get my 15 pound bag of rice. Than it opened to a village where everyone looked starving…I had no choice!!! BTW I got Cherry hooked on anime but while I was working she, unbeknownst to me, got hooked on daytime soaps. But she’s cute when she’s explaining what hhappened on the shows so, I’ll allow it. Ah! Thanks for the chapter Sheep-chan.

    It occurs to me that Roy may well have not met Fii before. It also occurs to me that he’s trying to kill her by starvation and neglect. It occurs to me that even if he’s in love with Fii’s sister he’s a terrible husband to both because he’s not allowing one to interact with her oneechan and he’s not even paying the mandatory attention to Fii. Well it’s not a surprise though. They should both divorce his worthless ass. As I’ve said before even though his actions as king and captain are good, reliable, and responsible, but for me his true character is shown by how he treats his wives and as such I can’t stand him!

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    • I’m actually not sure he married’ Fii’s sister because he loved her. For some reason, I have a feeling that he’s suspicious of her or something and as such wants to keep a closer eye on her. That’s why he married her, but then when Fii tagged along, it meant he had to deal with another wife who could interfere with his observation of Fiiru. This is just my suspicion.

      I feel like some earlier chapter sort of hinted that there were other motives for marrying Fiiru.

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      • While it would be awesome if Fiiru was the world’s best spy, earlier chapters stated Roy fell in love with her. However as you imply love was most likely only half of it. And as a king, you have to be suspicious of foreign wives, that is a given. But that doesn’t excuse depriving them of things. As stated in an earlier chapter Fii is close with her sister. So the only reason Fiiru doesn’t know Fii is missing is because she hasn’t been allowed to see her. And the only reason Roy doesn’t know is becsusr Fiiru hasn’t told him. In short if Roy has some plan involving Fiiru it will come crashing down because of his mistreatment of Fii. As the Abdicated Supreme Spell Sovereign and as a person I can only shake my head that he not only didn’t look at the big picture wide enough, he also failed to account for obvious and unexpected variables. Come to think of it, why is no one searching for Fii? She may not be wanted but she is still that country’s Second Queen. …what a horrible country to be a Queen in…

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        • I’m pretty sure Roy has no clue how bad things got for Fii. I’m pretty sure he thought she was living the life of a pampered consort, or at least treatment befitting the daughter of a minor noble. I’m pretty sure it never even crossed my mind that she might starve to death. Had he known, I bet he wouldn’t have allowed it. Roy doesn’t seem like the sloppy sort of guy who won’t even give the bare minimum. It’s true he neglected her, and I bet he thought she was going to be that pushy wife constantly trying to pester him every second of the day and seduce him in hopes of wealth, but I’m pretty sure he would at least treat her with some courtesy.

          He knows nothing because he only wanted to be contacted about Fii if she turned out to be a villain or some danger (codeword was black) Roy likely wasn’t even aware that she didn’t have any servants or that the guards at the lavish villa he’d given Fii weren’t even trying to pretend to do their duty. (A mob of peasants armed with pebbles could probably overrun the villa without much resistance (assuming they could even get on the palace grounds in the first place))

          As for Fii and Fiiru, remember that no one ever remembers Fii, except as an afterthought even in her own country. There was no mention that Fii and Fiiru got along, or that Fiiru ever hung out with Fii. If Fii and Fiiru spent a lot of time together, then I think Fii would have been less of an afterthought than she was. Remember, Fii wasn’t even properly named. She was forgotten as soon as her younger twin sister was born and her own DAD and even her mother who gave birth to her didn’t remember her until six months later. I’m pretty sure you’d usually remember something that gave you so much agony, but no. Even Fii’s name was an afterthought!

          As for whether it said he loved Fiiru, I didn’t see that. In the first chapter it said he declared he wanted to marry her, not that he loved her. I’ve also reread until the twenty-eighth chapter, and I see no proof of the king ever saying he loved Fiiru. In chapter 2 King Roy says “By all means, I would like Fiiru as my Queen.” A few lines later (specifically the nineteenth paragraph after Roy’s declaration) Fii/Narrator/Author wonders “Just how madly in love was he?”

          Only the first three chapters and the 15th chapter cover the whole Fii, Fiiru, Roy, and marriage stuff.

          Chapter 15 specifically states that Roy ordered Kain to tell him only if she was black and show Roy’s view on Fii. The specific paragraphs were

          “’I am busy. I have work as a King, and there are plenty of other things I need to investigate regarding Princess Fiiru’s case. Even thinking about a shameless woman like that is a waste of time. If she’s black, then we show no mercy. If she’s white, I still don’t care. Taking advantage of her younger sister’s marriage, and then intruding on my nation… It’s obvious that nothing good will come of us meeting.’

          Sadly, that was how most of the country saw her.
          An insolent woman who took advantage of her sister’s marriage of love. A despicable woman who plotted to steal the King’s favour from her sister.”

          I also see no proof that Fiiru and Fii were close. I don’t believe it was mentioned at all in the first three chapters which cover Fii’s background so far. Remember also that it was Fii who let her chef go. As for Fii’s maids, they all came from her country but flocked to Fiiru instead. If Fiiru was oh so kind, I think she might have noticed all her sister’s maids had come to her instead.

          I also never said Fiiru was a spy. I said she was suspicious. Someone who can outshine her twin sister at the very moment of birth so much that the parents forget about the other twin is suspicious. Someone who is so ridiculously popular from the moment of birth is pretty preposterous. The first thing that comes to mind is a demon or some other nonhuman creature. Other things that pop into mind is a spirit or a deity. Regardless, I’m pretty sure that’s something you’d normally want to investigate. Especially because of her ridiculously high charm stat.

          Roy probably had no clue whatsoever how bad it was for Fii and thought she was a pushy despicable woman who would backstab her own sister. Roy left Fii in a villa (which is a large and luxurious residence) which hints that he meant to at least take decent care of her. Roy didn’t have time to deal with his second wife.

          Roy likely meant to give her the bare minimum and likely meant for his servants to make sure she was well cared for. It probably never crossed his mind that his servants could be so negligent. Roy likely never thought that Fii could possibly starve to death in a lavish villa in his own palace! Seriously, I don’t think even criminals would be allowed to starve to death in his palace dungeons (if the palace had a gigantic dungeon beneath it) much less a princess.

          Fii dismissed her own chef resulting in her starvation. Fii’s maids came from her home country and they all flocked to Fiiru and abandoned Fii. Fii’s parents forgot all about Fii the moment Fiiru was born for six months and paid no attention to her at all except for when they needed her.

          I never said Fiiru was a spy, I said she was suspicious. She was being investigated by Roy for some reason. Fiiru is considered ridiculously perfect and charming. Naturally I wonder if she’s some sort of demon king or an enchantress or something.

          There is no evidence that Fii and Fiiru were close. There is no evidence that Roy was not preventing Fiiru from meeting Fii. There is no evidence that Fii and Fiiru even interacted much.

          It was never actually stated that Roy loved Fiiru, only that he wanted to marry her (and that he was investigating her).

          Roy’s orders were to only be notified about Fii if she turned out to be dangerous or evil. Otherwise, he had no time for her.

          TL;DR version of TL;DR
          Roy was negligent likely because he had no idea it could get that bad for Fii. Roy thought Fii was a terrible person. Roy didn’t have time to deal with her so he ordered to only be updated on her if she turned out to be a threat.

          It was never actually stated that Roy loved Fiiru. It is implied that Roy is suspicious of Fiiru.

          There is no evidence that Fiiru was close to Fii or that she even wanted to meet Fii. There is no evidence that Roy was preventing them from meeting.

          Even servants from Fii’s country didn’t bother taking care of her, so what are you expecting from Roy’s servants (who all thought she was despicable)?

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          • I see your point. But if you go back a few chapters you would see that Fii stated the only ones she could count on were her sister and, someone else. We don’t know how the ethics of servitude work in either country so we have no way of knowing why Fii was allowed to be treated so badly save for her bad parents (who obviously favored Fiiru). Roy, while he is right to be suspicious of Fiiru’s charm, has no excuse to be so negligent. After all domestic life is also a point of Royal politics. When you are the sovereign of a country, even if it is just 1 hour, you have to make time for your spouse. After all if rumours about spousal mistreatment leak out it will damage your reputation and trust with a significant portion of your subjects and if it gets back to the country your spouse came from, said country can use that as a precedent to start a war. As a relatively new King, he cannot afford to not pay attention to Fiiru. After all in 45 days the rumour of Fii intruding on Fiiru’s marriage will die down. And 15 days from then she will be required to make a Public appearance. When Roy can’t find her, people will start to wonder why the Second Queen, whom they thought came to the country for the express purpose of gaining favor from the king, ran away from the king. People will start wonder. Did she really come to be king? Was she mistreated? Did the king neglect her? Was she abused? Did the king try to kill her? And so on and so on. In short his treatment of his wives will bite him in the ass and soon because of his short-sightedness. Said short-sight being the hallmark of a naïve king who doesn’t know how to play politics properly.


            • Alright, so rereading the chapters in which the words: “Fiiru, twin, and sister” were found, you were indeed right about Fiiru caring for her little sister. It’s found in chapter 14. The exact quote is:

              “There were people who truly worried for her. Her sister, her maid friend, just a handful of people, but Fii loved them. Even so, they were always taking care of Fii, and she could never do anything in return.”

              Because I don’t feel like wasting my search entirely: Fiiru is mentioned in chapters 1-3, 15, and 16; Sister is mentioned in chapters 3, 14, and 15 (sometimes to talk about Fii as well as Fiiru); and Twin is mentioned in chapters 1, 2, and 4.

              Also, technically, it didn’t say she could count on Fiiru. It said that Fiiru actually cared about her (from Fii’s perspective). For all I know, Fiiru could be a manipulative bitch who’s leading Fii on (apparently not likely).

              It is stated that in Fiiru’s own country, there were servants who took care of her. Not many, but they existed. It’s her parents that for sure neglected her, and most servants took care of her because they had to. As for Roy, look at my response to your comment below this.

              As for domestic life, it really depends on the culture. In some cultures, it’s the king’s duty to manage everything outside the castle, and the queen’s duty to manage all the domestic stuff in the castle. In other cultures, the king and queen aren’t supposed to have much to do with domestic life at all and that’s left for the servants or their retainers.

              Also, no, you don’t actually have to make time for your spouse. I mean, if he did, would you really rather he go find Fii to go “do his duty” and get her pregnant, then abandon her to go deal with her lover or find some mistresses? Because that was actually really common. Loveless marriages have always been common. Besides, it was stated that Fii was the “spare” meaning that, as long as Roy did his duty with Fiiru, he’s done his duty. He doesn’t have to deal with a spare. Besides, we’ve got kings who execute inconvenient wives, so I’d say, on the whole Roy isn’t that much of an asshole for ignoring her.

              Also, some people just don’t care about spousal mistreatment. Besides, almost the entirety of King Roy’s country actually hate Fii. If they heard they’d probably cheer and say “serves her right”. Fii is ridiculously unpopular, why else did all the servants abandon her, including the ones from her country? If they made up some bullshit about trying to kill Fiiru, they could publicly execute her and the country would cheer and have parties. That’s how much they hate her in general. Do you really think it’s that hard for King Roy to come up with some plausible excuse to get rid of her once and for all? She has zero support from any party, except maybe those servants and her sister as mentioned in chapter 14.

              I mean, now that she’s Heath, that would be a lot harder, but as Princess Fii, it wouldn’t be hard to kill her off. In fact, because it would be an embarrassment when they try to kill Fii and find out she’s Heath, they might still officially kill her and then she can only be Heath.

              Also, it really isn’t hard. Fii’s country is way too weak. For them, a weak frontier country is powerful. Roy’s country is one of the centers of politics and economy. If they really wanted to start a war, it would be easy for Roy to destroy them. Also, you can tell that Fii’s dad doesn’t give a shit about her. All Roy would have to do is bribe him with more land or resources and he’d lose not even a single a wink of sleep over Fii.

              Why the hell do you think she’d be required to make a public appearance. She’s left at a posh villa at the back of the castle where people don’t even usually go except to maintain things. No one gives a shit about Queen Fii. At her own marriage celebration, Princess Fiiru was in the airship with Roy while Fii languished in the solitary but still luxurious villa. No one seemed to raise hue and cry then. No one will now. She doesn’t even get to show up for her own marriage celebration, that’s her status. No one cared when it was her own marriage, why would they care now?

              Do you really think they would think she ran away? It’s not uncommon for queen’s or consorts to be locked away in some lavish backwater manor. She’s extremely unpopular, everyone thinks she’s despicable, I think Roy could even get away with sending her to some distant sea-side manor and everyone would just say “Good for you, Roy!” Everyone knows he doesn’t love her. That was all part of the getting married thing. Everyone loves Fiiru, why do they need to bother about her evil twin sister except to hope karma obliterates her?

              Political marriages aren’t uncommon, mistreatment of wives wasn’t uncommon, no one likes Fii, everyone likes Fiiru, do you really think this would bite him in the ass? I actually think people would like him better if he openly scorned her and threw her away. Right now, all the people are probably thinking, “That poor, poor Roy. Everything would be great if it wasn’t for Queen Fiiru’s conniving sister, Fii. It’s such a pity he had to marry her.”

              You were right, in chapter 14 it does state that, from Fii’s perspective, Fiiru is one of the few who actually care about her.

              Roy doesn’t need to be a good husband to be a good leader. Domestic affairs within the palace are usually left to high-ranking servants or the Queen and Roy has no time for that anyways.

              Fiiru as a princess s ridiculously unpopular, to the point that most of the country pretty much just hate her guts. She never got to show up for her own wedding celebration, and people were okay with that. If she’s never seen again, no one will care except maybe Fiiru and Fii’s few friends.

              As Heath, people would care, but no one knows or cares if she was just Fii.

              There’s no reason that Roy couldn’t just completely depose her or make up some BS excuse to exile her without too much trouble. If he killed her, all he’d have to do is bribe her dad with some more wealth and no one will give a shit except maybe Fiiru and Fii’s friends from her own country.

              Roy is not a naive king. Politics and Imperial/Royal families have always been filled with dirty laundry and daggers in the night.

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              • I see your point…come to think of it we don’t really know anything about the duties of the queen do we? However as it was publicly stated that Roy married 2 women, the second would have to make an appearance sooner or later. No I don’t mean Roy needs to consummate his marriage with Fii. I mean, for appearances sake he needs to be seen spending time with her. Then he needs to actually think why she, someone everyone thinks is a shameless woman, hasn’t demanded that she see her husband. I am aware that political marriages work differently in different countries. However as for why he Roy couldn’t just sense her off or make up an excuse to kill her is his honor and reputation. As he his conscious of how it would damage both if he just killed someone, who is essentially a stranger, just because he doesn’t want to deal with her. Roy’s ethics won’t allow that anyway. Also because he is not the same king as Henry the VIII he would most likelg not consider that course.And as a king you can only send away consorts, that does not apply to queens. You have to keep them close or else it is irresponsible. Fii’s father…even of a child he neglected he cares for her at least a little as one of the reasons Fii was included in the marriage is that no one else was coming to court her and he was becoming worried. Killing someone’s child isn’t won’t be smoothed over with resources if they care about them a little bit. Also the public opinion of the king And queen will shift if and after he executes his wife. I know full well that Royalty is a battlefield, it’s the third reason I abdicated. However I feel that Fii was unwittingly protected from the battlefield and given a safe means of escape, so while I can’t completely fault her isolation because of the consequences resulting in her better life, it almost resulted in her death so I can’t forgive it either….damn that got long. It’s actually been a while since I’ve debated like this.

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            • I can’t seem to find a reply button for your most recent comment, so.

              As I’ve said before, we don’t know the cultures of the kingdoms. It might be normal for kings and queens to only make public appearances once a year. It might be normal for queens to never make appearances. Remember, we all know that from the public’s POV Roy and Fiiru are a love match and Fii is the wicked twin sister and no good wife. The public probably won’t care enough to make a fuss over Fii. As long as Fiiru makes an appearance, no one is going to be bothered enough to do much. Since Dad doesn’t care, he’s not going to ruin a good thing over Fii unless he thinks he can benefit from it. That means, if there was any trouble, all Roy has to do is pay dad off.

              For appearance sake, he doesn’t actually have to spend time with Fii. If you were a non-politcally savvy peasant, do you really want your hero king to go be friendly with a villain all the time? Remember, she’s practically public enemy number one right now in regards to the whole marriage thing. Honestly, they won’t care as long as Fiiru makes appearances. If Fiiru publicly stated she missed Fii or wanted to see her sister, they would all think her a kind saint to even want to see her wicked twin. If you were thinking of it in terms of stat points, Fiiru has impossibly high charm, and Fii as a princess has low charm. Seriously, the difference between the way they are percieved and treated is pretty shocking.

              We’re the readers, so we know Fii isn’t a total villain, but the public doesn’t know that. There are many instances even now, in the information age, where people who are innocent are considered guilty by the court of public opinion even with evidence to the contrary. To the people, she is despicable, the kind of person you’d want to spit on and kick to the curb. It could actually be bad press for Roy to spend time with her.

              We don’t know that. He’s investigated Fiiru, or something to do with that. Fii is her older sister, and so is relevant to the investigation. He could do terrible things to her, but that takes time and effort. It’s much more efficient to toss her somewhere and let her live out her days in solitude till she dies. Honestly, I kind of wonder why he hasn’t just sent her off to go be a nun in some rustic mountain convent. So far though, he hasn’t seen a reason to put so much effort into getting rid of her. That does not; however, mean that sending her away will cause problems.

              Actually, that depends on the culture. Some kings can just send away their queens. There are plenty of past queens who’ve been put under house arrest or locked up in some castle tower for years by their own husbands. As for Fii, it was made clear that she was a spare for the queen. I doubt any person actually considers her a Queen.

              No, actually, it wasn’t a matter of caring for Fii, her dad was looking for benefits. He realized he could have gotten more for Fiiru, but if he chose to ask for more after his initial demands were met, all countries would scorn him. The reason he offered Fii is because this is his best chance to get profit. Fii was nothing but a bargaining chip to him, a method to acquire more wealth. He was worried that Fii would be unable to net him any benefits, not about Fii herself. So no, if he can use this to his advantage, he’d do so. My firm opinion on Fii’s dad right now is that he’s an utter asshole and filthy scum.

              Not really, they haven’t even consummated their marriage. Perhaps Fii didn’t even actually have a wedding ceremony. To the public, she’s not something like a wife, she’s just an unwanted bitch. It’s cruel, but honestly, that’s how things are. Politics have always been filled with cruelty, dirty dealings and things swept under the rug. What I want to emphasize is that the world isn’t really that pretty.

              As you said, people will forget. Who is going to bother talking about a spare bride that no one wants there after 45 days except to say bad things about her or as an afterthought? I can see the conversation now. “Right, what happened to the Queen’s twin?” “Who again? Oh right, her. No clue, I haven’t heard anything about her.” “Me neither. What do you think she’s up to?” “No good, without a doubt. She’s probably trying to ruin the King and Queen’s relationship.”

              As for her starvation, we can also blame Fii for it. If she refused to let her chef go, she wouldn’t have nearly starved to death. We can also blame the servants or guards for it. We know someone had orders to pay attention to the queen, and they either weren’t doing their job or they chose to ignore Fii nearly starving to death. Then there’s Roy who trusted someone to do their job, but that person failed. So are we really going to blame this all on Roy?

              If we’re going to add in this whole blame and responsibility thing, then we have to ultimately blame Fii’s dad! If it wasn’t for him, Fii wouldn’t have been in this sort of situation in the first place! She would still be a princess living in her parents home until she became an old spinster or some person figured they may as well marry her and then she might be in some other bad situation.

              Roy accepted Fii because Dad said: “If Fiiru is to become a bride, you must take Fii as well.” I’m not entirely sure, because the way it was said could change the meaning, but this could very well mean that Roy couldn’t have Fiiru if he didn’t take Fii too. If so, it means that it was Fii’s dad who forced Fii and Roy into a loveless marriage and made Roy take her when he didn’t want her!

              No, Fii wouldn’t have to make an appearance. She’s a spare bride who didn’t have to show up to her own wedding. No one would really consider her a queen. As long as Fiiru, “The True Queen” made public appearances, things will be fine. Fii has been stated to be devastatingly unpopular, so it’s a given public opinion on her is negative. King Roy is pretty much hero worshipped. Based upon chapter 2, Fii was pretty much forced on Roy.

              Let’s simplify things a bit to get an idea of the public’s perspective. There’s a really handsome, nice, hardworking, popular guy and he’s in love with a gorgeous, kind, generous popular girl. They’re actually engaged and everyone likes them and thinks they’re the perfect couple. That girl has a twin sister who is her complete opposite. Her sister is an arrogant, petty, cruel bully who isn’t even that pretty. This sister barges in on the couple’s relationships and tries to force her way into it. She’s always interrupting them, shoving her sister out of the way and acting all sweet to the guy. Somehow, she’s managed to force the situation so that the only way the guy can marry his beloved is to marry her too.

              Don’t you want to just run in and shove that bitch and tell her to stay out of it because that couple are clearly great people and are in love and she doesn’t deserve to be close to either one of them? Now apply that to the story, and remember that this is the public’s perspective on what’s going on. This is all the information you have to go on to make your judgement. Can you honestly say you want to see the bitch with the guy looking all smug on his arm?

              I can honestly say that if I saw such a scene, I’d like to punch the bitch in the face at least once and beat her up so bad she’ll keep her distance from the guy. I’d probably wish I could have beaten her up earlier so she wouldn’t have been able to interfere with the loving couple in the first place. If he lost it and slapped that bitch, I’d probably jump for joy. Clearly that makes me an asshole, but that’s how it is for me.

              As for the king, I actually doubt it was Fii’s wellbeing he was worried about. Based on the situation, what he was worried about, was that she wouldn’t be able to net him any benefits. If she can’t get married, he can’t get betrothal gifts or benefits through using her. In fact, she’d be a drain on his wealth since he’ll have to feed her and take care of her. Once she’s married off, she isn’t his problem anymore and he’ll get more wealth from her husband. Fii’s dad is an asshole in my mind, clearly.

              As for the starvation thing, Roy isn’t the only one to blame. Some of the responsibility was on Fii, on her chef, on Roy’s servants, on the person who was supposed to watch Fii, on Roy, and ultimately on Fii’s Dad. Fii’s Dad is the one who forced this unwanted marriage on Roy. Due to Fii’s dad, Roy and his kingdom all resent her. Because they resent her Roy wouldn’t see her, and the servants wouldn’t serve her. Fii’s only supply of food came from the chef, but she let him go when he asked. As for her watcher… that person didn’t even tell Roy so I’d say he bares way more responsibility than Roy in this. Order of the blame from greatest to least is Fii’s dad > Fii’s watcher > the servants/guards > Roy/Fii. Roy didn’t know though he had things in place to let him know because the watcher he set in place chose not to let him know. Fii chose to let her only food supplier go.

              I genuinely think you’re laying the bulk of the blame on the wrong people.

              I’m also not making another “TL;DR for a TL;DR” because I’m too long winded and I’m not even sure I’m capable of making this shorter.

              Liked by 1 person

            • The TL;DR was too long too?

              I actually based my statements on eastern and european kingdoms and cultures, but I’m not sure which time periods they were.

              Sure we can agree to disagree, and I’ll try to summarize my argument further.

              Fii’s father likely wasn’t worried about her, he was worried about what benefits he could get using her. If he married her off, he wouldn’t have to pay for her upkeep and would gain ties to another kingdom.

              Roy’s kingdom don’t actually consider her a queen. Roy does not consider her his queen either. He has a Queen named Fiiru who the kingdom accepts. She was married to him as a spare for if Fiiru died. Unless Fiiru died, she wouldn’t actually be considered the true Queen.

              If he leaves her in the castle forever till she died there would likely be no repercussions at all.

              Before you blame Roy, you should blame Fii’s dad. It’s ultimately all his fault any of this happened. Second place goes to Fii’s watcher who chose to nothing even though he knew what was happening. Next you should blame the lazy servants and guards for completely abandoning their responsibility leading to her not having any food. Then you can blame Roy but keep in mind Fii could be held partially responsible as well.


          • Even if he didn’t know of Fii’s treatment, the fact that he didn’t know, in and of itself is bad. As a husband and a king, he should have checked on her at least once. In my eyes Roy is still just a Prince playing at being a king. He’s naïve if he thinkz he can get away with not checking into the background of Both his Queens. He cannot afford not to care about either one.


            • Let me reply to this one first because this one’s a quicker one to respond to.

              Why would he know. He’s ordered people to let him know when it’s important. You would think that it’s important to know that Fii nearly starved to death, but clearly her watcher/watchers lack common sense. Do you know the king isn’t the one who usually directly orders the servants? There’s a heirarchy, it’s likely controlled by stewards or butlers or head servants. A king, especially for a gigantic kingdom with a gigantic lavish palace will have thousands of servants. On top of his knight duties, does he really have time to chase the servants around and monitor them? A good king knows how to delegate.

              Roy’s personality strongly implies that he wouldn’t have allowed this to happen if he knew. That means that the ones who dropped the ball were the servants. Even if he told them to take good care of her as a direct order, it’s entirely possible that they would take it differently from the way he meant it. In a “Understood, we’ll definitely take good care of her” way and then leave her to her own devices.

              I never said he wasn’t checking into Fii’s background. He could very well be checking into her background too. It hasn’t been shown in the stories yet.

              Actually, he can afford to not care about Fii. She’s the insignificant, bitch (so he thinks) princess of a tiny kingdom. He already said why he wouldn’t meet her. He thought it was going to cause problems to actually meet her. He probably thought she was going to throw herself at him and take meeting him as an encouragement and then try to stalk him and chase him around. He also dislikes her, so if he met her, he’d probably be cruel to her. There are many possible reasons why it would be a good idea for them not to meet at all.

              Also, a good king is not necessarily a good husband. A good king spends his time on the kingdom, and it’s not uncommon for all other relationships around him to suffer due to it. That means, wife might be neglected, or his children might be neglected, or he might have a dozen kids and half a dozen wives to carry on the line. A good leader doesn’t have to be a good husband unfortunately. It would be good if he was a great friend, husband, leader, diplomat, strategist, general, or whatever else. However, it’s ridiculous to expect all of that from him. He’s still a freaking human.

              A great friend might be a shit leader. A great husband could also be a terrible leader who would run his country into the ground. A great saint could also be a terrible leader. A diplomat might also make a terrible leader. A great leader does not equal a good husband.

              You’re expecting a lot out of Roy and you seem to blame him for things that could easily have been someone else’s fault. I would hazard a guess that you have strong negative opinions of Roy that might be getting in the way of your judgement. (We already know he agonizes over how Fii was treated in the future when he eventually finds out (Chapter 15, find the bottom line of the actual chapter not the author’s note)).


              • Let me clarify: I don’t think Roy is a bad king for one just starting out. The fact that he has organized and leads a unit of knights to solve his country’s internal problems speaks the world of his conviction for the betterment of his country under his Rule. However, while I don’t like Fii’s treatment, I am not judging Roy with that. I am judging him by the likely consequences of his actions. Do not forget, Roy is a King. I am mostly judging his wisdom actions and forethought. I do believe I mentiond being an abdicated Sovereign? I am judging Roy as a Ruler. He’s a good king, yes. But for a king being good is not enough to be a proper ruler. He is a great knight captain, yes. That is just one redeeming quality and that is enough. It is also implied that he knows how the country sees Fii so we can infer from that that he didn’t expect Fii to be treated well. Also even those neglicent knights ought to have noticed Fii was gone. I can’t deem that unimportant. Remember as a Ruler you can’t shirk any responsibilities. You may think I am expecting a lot of him but it is only what I am expecting out of a decent king. Also I know all about the servant hierarchy. Which is why I find it suspicious that as of yet Fii’s disappearance is unreported. Unliked though she may be, she is still that country’s queen. From his actions as captain and king we can see that he is not a bad person, yes. However failure to take into account how your domestic life effects your reputation as a king is very stupid.


            • If this is too long, skip to the TL;DR. It doesn’t have my reasonings though.

              Well, you said that “Roy is still just a Prince playing at being a king” which implied to me that you thought he wasn’t even qualified to be a king. That would make him a bad king, wouldn’t it? But alright, I may have misunderstood something.

              There wouldn’t be many consequences for his actions. Fii is “devestatingly unpopular” according to chapter two. He expected his servants to do at least the bare minimum of their duty regardless, unfortunately they failed to do that. Do you understand that? He expected the bare minimum, not nothing.

              As a ruler, you can actually shirk as many responsibilities as you want. You’ll just wind up dead or be a terrible ruler/puppet ruler. He’s a human before he’s a ruler. Keep that in mind. You are expecting him to predict everything and not ever make a mistake.

              The only ones around Fii were useless guards, they should have noticed but they didn’t. They didn’t tell the ruler. You are expecting him to be pretty much omnipotent and that just isn’t possible.

              She is not “the queen” in anything but name. The Queen is Fiiru, not Fii. Everyone knows that Roy wanted Fiiru as his queen, not Fii. Everyone knows Fii is despicable and wouldn’t want her as their queen. Do you think those people would want to see her parading around in fancy clothes? Honestly, if she tried going out as the queen, I’m sure people would desperately want to throw rocks and rotten vegetables at her.

              The country doesn’t recognize her as queen, Roy doesn’t recognize her as queen, and yet you still expect them to treat her like she’s really The Queen. She is married to a king so she is perhaps a queen in name, but we don’t even know if an actual ceremony was held for her. She may not even have gotten to say a single vow.

              Do you think you’d do better? Do you think it’s easy being a king? He has a wife who he spends time with. He has economic and political issues to deal with. He has knight duties to handle. What he needs the most is time, do you think he’ll just casually waste time to go visit his queen just for the sake of stressing himself? No one would give a shit if he never ever saw her until she died of old age. He married her to marry Fiiru. That’s it.

              His behavior will not affect his reputation. Negative reactions would be unlikely. Everyone hates Fii and if she died the public would rejoice. The ultimate responsibility for Fii’s situation goes Fii’s Dad. Roy’s responsibility for what happened is less than that of his own disobedient servants, the watcher(s) placed on Fii, and Fii’s Dad.

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          • Right, so I read all of your comments on this page so far, even those past this, since I noticed how organized and rational your thoughts are, and it got me interested on what you think. Whether you’d have something I don’t believe and why you’d think that. If I remember all your points correctly, I agree with you on almost everything.

            Except one, which is addressed the best on this post, so I replied to this one specifically. I’m not sure if Fiiru is suspicious yet, because there’s not enough info. Your first quote from chapter 15 says, “regarding Princess Fiiru’s case.” I’d like to emphasize on the word “case”. Roy isn’t referring to Fiiru specifically but her situation. What situation, we don’t know. It might actually be Fiiru herself, a.k.a. Suspicious Fiiru Route, or maybe about people around Fiiru, a.k.a Victim Fiiru Route, or maybe something else entirely.

            With how little info we have on Princess Fiiru and her relations to Roy and Fii, we know Fii likes her and Roy wanted to marry her, and basically that’s it. We’re not sure if Roy wanted to marry her out of love, because he hasn’t specifically said that himself, but have heard it from the citizens, which, not the best resource for royalty rumors. But we’re also not sure he /didn’t/ marry her out of love. From his personality so far and the current info, I think it can go either way.

            We do know how Roy thinks about Fii, and yeah. So, maybe he believes there’s people out to take advantage of Fiiru, including Fii who “shoved herself on a loving marriage”, and is dealing with that, or maybe he thinks something else entirely. We’re not sure yet. Or, uh, I’m not sure yet.

            I think I got all my thoughts down. What do you think, I’m really interested in.


            • Hey, sorry for getting to you so late. I ‘ve been a bit busy lately. The only reason my posts seem organized and rational is because I’m bad at pacing myself so I spent a long time writing those up. Plus I did a bit of research and rereading for them. Honestly, I’m surprised you managed that. My text walls intimidate even me once I’ve seen how large they’ve grown.

              That’s true. It is entirely possible that something has happened to Fiiru instead and that’s what the investigations are for. We do know it’s related to Fiiru, but not how. I’ll admit, I’m definitely biased. The last character I’ve seen who was a ridiculously popular sibling who caused the MC to be neglected was Celeste from Sevens and she was definitely bad news. Other than that, Fiiru is ridiculously popular for no reason I can see and way too perfect in the public eye for me to not be somewhat suspicious. (Especially because we haven’t seen anything involving her character directly just yet.)

              I’d originally missed the detail that Fii likes Fiiru as well, which somewhat added to my suspicions of her. It’s also true that we don’t know what exactly Roy feels towards Fiiru. His investigations relating to her have also added to my suspicion about Fiiru (Confirmation Bias).

              To be honest, without more information than we’ve been shown in the stories so far, it’s hard to make a judgement on how things will go. I find authors often do something I didn’t expect. It’s entirely possible that Fiiru’s case means “Victim Fiiru Route.” Noting the specific words, “Fiiru’s case” and that Fii believes her sister is one of the few who cares for her (things I hadn’t noted before my essays), I am no longer as strongly suspicious.

              Essentially, you have very good points and I am aware that I am biased against Fiiru. So, I guess right now I can only wait until I get more information for the sake of a strong stance.


              • I’m just glad I got a reply. See, I wanted to both point out something that I thought you missed (and I’m glad I wasn’t wrong) and see if you would still have the same thoughts or change it. If you were still suspicious because of something else than bias, then I was pretty confident that you’d have something to back that theory up, in which case, I’d like to hear it because that means I probably missed something.

                (It’s always nice to know you’re not wrong. :D)


  6. “Are you telling me to get kidnapped? Sure. I don’t mind.”

    You okay there, Fii?

    “[…] as long as somebody needs me, I won’t complain,”

    So, uh, I think Fii might have some issues that need to be addressed. Toughing things out when being treated like garbage and being overjoyed at being appreciated at all are all well and good for a suffering, yet uncannily cheerful protagonist, but at this point she’s practically welcoming the abuse.

    Here’s hoping she and/or her little sister beats everyone who created that environment into shape.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Probably because, by Fii standards;
      Abuse by people you admire= People notice you enough to know you limits and abilities.


    • Well it’s still better than to be not be remembered by her mother until 6 months after birth.
      She has been thoroughly neglected since her birth, so yes she is starving for attention and recognition of her worth.

      But from what has been translated so far, I don’t think it will be a “revenge” kind of story, more a rising and standing for yourself one (and I glad for that with the tsunami of chinese novels translated actually, there is way to much revenge stories available lately..).


      • Ah, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want this to turn into a revenge story either, and would rather stick to the fluffies. Even so, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth if the people who hurt and neglected Fii didn’t get some kind of comeuppance.


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