Chapter 26

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After that, Fii stopped being reckless in her training.
As proof, the day after she collapsed, she did as she was told and sat out for a day.

“York created a training menu just for you, yanno?”

“Captain did?”

Crow handed over a training menu that she would go over step by step, starting the next day.
Apparently he had told Hislo as well, so there was no need for Fii to tell him herself.

Once she began doing something different from everybody else, she began to stand out again.
Starting with those two boys from earlier, sometimes people would make fun of them. But Fii paid them no heed, and Gorms and the others would glare at them too.

The more peculiar things on the menu were the stretches and calisthenics.
He had created the menu to suit her characteristics, and included various things such as running a distance that she could handle, strength training, as well as practice on how to ukemi and recover from blows, but the most salient exercises were the stretches and calisthenics that composed half of the menu.
But for Fii, those stretches and flexibility exercises were something she mastered right away, unlike everything else.

“That kid is amazing… Is he a mollusc or something…?”

“Or rather, it’s a little gross to watch…”

In a corner of the training ground, Fii, who had turned into a strange being that rolled about in strange poses, was seen by Gorms and the others as they ran past for their running drills.

When they saw Fii doing things that they couldn’t (in a variety of meanings), the mocking died down and almost died out.

At night, Fii would eat lots and lots.

“It’s yummy! It’s so yummy!”

“I’ve said this before, but is it actually that good? I mean, it ain’t bad, but…”

“Yeah! It’s yummy!”

Back when she was a princess, Fii had never really cared much about food, but recently everything seemed to taste particularly delicious.
Perhaps the two weeks in the villa and the exertion as a knight apprentice had taught her the joys of eating.

Whatever the reason, the food was delicious to Fii.
But one night, just as she had finished one plate, she stopped.

“Huh? Are you done?” asked Remié.

Normally she would be helping herself to a large plate of seconds.

“Yeah. Crow-san told me to try and keep my current figure.”

She actually wanted to eat more, but she endured for the Captain’s sake.

“I see.”

“Your training really has taken a weird direction, huh.”

Normally it was common sense to eat a lot and grow as large as possible.
Although there were a few exceptions, knights would fundamentally gain power proportional to their size. Gorms was a good example of that.



Fii looked on enviously at the stew Slad was eating, but he pretended not to notice as he nodded in reply.

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  4. Eh? Uchi-sama is early? Hey, Roy! Fo check upon your beloved wife’s sister , ehem, second wife. Reallt, such a horrible brother-in-law/husband to Fii!Shame! I vest onto you the shame of thousands! Ah! Sheep-chan! Thanks for the chapter.I just can’t bring myself to like Roy. Ano ne, Sheep-chan. I found out something interesting about orcs. They taste like lambs! Kyaa,😳, so embarrassing. It…kind of makes me feel like a wolf. Also that orc, who’s name is Cherry btw, has made me submit by the power of her unnaturally delicious cooking. I shall extract my Delicious revenge on her. Btw I wonder why I can understand her?


  5. thanks a lot!
    hm—! a training menu just for her, eh? well, flexibility and evasiveness are excellent tools, fufufu!
    well, itls great she learned to appreciate food! and lol, she does indeed have to keep her own figure!


  6. Actually that’s not correct, she shouldn’t put off eating seconds, if she plans on being a knight long term with all that exercise, she’s going to need to start to eat more to keep up with the calories she’s burning, that’s just a stereotype when people say that if you eat too much you’ll get fat, the important fact is that you need to work to burn off all the calories you take on, which is why you gain weight from all that extra food if you don’t exercise. Plus she’s young and already has a good metabalism as it is, so seconds wouldn’t cause any harm.

    Michael Phelps (the famed Olympic swimmer and many-time gold medalist) is one of the most fit people in the world, and most people would look at him and say that he is extremely healthy. However, he eats (all!) of this in one day:

    Breakfast: Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five-egg omelet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar. Three chocolate-chip pancakes.

    Lunch: One pound of enriched pasta. Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread. Energy drinks packing 1,000 calories.

    Dinner: One pound of pasta. An entire pizza. More energy drinks.

    That is about 12,000 calories.


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