Chapter 25

Evil God Army members, assemble for Tree of Savior:

(That sure was pathetic… I need to try even harder next time…)

Fii lay in bed, looking at the ceiling.

“Aah, geez. This kid’s face is saying he’s definitely gunna do this again.”

She didn’t know how long he had been there, but Crow was standing close-by.

“Oh? Crow-san. Wah-, what are you doing!?”

Crow had walked over to her, before suddenly picking her up like a princess.
He laughed impishly after seeing Fii’s bewildered expression.

“I’m here to bring a stupid team member in for a lecture. Captain York is waiting with a steeern one.”

“Captain is?”

A lecture… Did she do something wrong?
Ah, collapsing from just a bit of running?
Certainly, she was quite pathetic for it. Perhaps the Captain was angry.

Guessing what she was thinking, Crow gave her forehead a flick.


“Not for that, idiot.”

“But I haven’t said anything yet…”

“Your face says it all. You’re easy to read, after all.”

Apparently that wasn’t it.
But then why was the Captain angry?
Fii tilted her head in confusion.

“You’re pretty light, huhh. Just like a girl.”

“L-, Leave me alone…”

While Crow was carrying her like a princess, York was standing in a back garden in the Royal Palace, away from the eyes of others.

“So you’ve come…” he said quietly.

Crow sat Fii down on one of the chairs prepared beforehand.

One of his hands was gripping the hilt of the sword at his hip.

(Eh…? Execution…? He’s that angry at me…!?)

Fii watched York’s serious expression as she thought stupid things.

Of course, York had not called Fii here to cut her down. That was actually rather obvious though…

Five wooden dolls were placed in the area.

“Heath. Watch this.”

With those words, York drew his sword.
Just as Fii was feeling a little blinded by the glint, York cut all five dolls down in one strike.
His swordsmanship was too much for Fii to follow.”

“How was it, Heath?”

“A-, Amazing… Captain.”

It really was.
The speed of the strike was naturally amazing, but the accuracy of his swordsmanship was as well. Even though they were by no means placed close together, each one had been accurately struck.

(Technique this amazing… I’d never be able to see it in Déman…)

Fii felt overwhelmed by the way York handled his sword.

“Heath. Do you think you can learn this in a week…?”

“I-, I can’t…”

It was impossible.
Because Fii didn’t think that even training for her whole life would enable her to do that.

“Naturally. It took me 18 years to learn this.”

“18 years…”

(So it even took somebody like Captain York that long to learn it…)

Realising the significance of being shown this, Fii gullped.

“It goes for your fellow apprentices too. It took them five, ten years to gain the strength they have.”

(I see. Then I have to try even harder…)

“You’re wrong.”

York shook his head to deny the words Fii hadn’t spoken.

“Didn’t I say it? 18 years. If you could gain power overnight, nobody would endeavour for years. If you really think it’s possible, then you’re making light of everybody else around you. I’m sure I told you to learn from the people around you. That means to respect their strength, and to appreciate it as well.”

Hearing this, Fii gasped.

“Let me say this, Heath. Do not focus on beating them now. Spend five years to overtake their current level. Spend ten years to overtake their level five years from now. You intend on being a knight for a long time, don’t you?”

“Y-, Yes…!”

Right. She was going to be a knight for a long time…
Even if she couldn’t beat them now, over the years she could catch up one step at a time.

“If you continue to overdo things, it will simply waste the days you have to catch up. Are you fine with that?”

“I’m not, Captain!”

“I thought not. Overdoing things will decrease the days that you can try your best. That is not a good thing. Do you understand, Heath?”

“Yes, Captain! I won’t overdo things anymore!”

Fii immediately saluted atop her chair.
Seeing this, Crow gave another knowing smile.

York nodded.

“Then I will be going. I’m busy, you see.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Fii stood straight, as she watched York walk away.
She engraved his words onto her heart.

Amazing swordsmanship, and words that cut through her conceit, telling her what was truly important.

(The Captain really is amazing!)

Once again, Fii thought that she was lucky to have joined the 18th, and lucky to have become Captain York’s subordinate.

Author’s Note:

As expected of Roy.
Roy who is actually the culprit to begin with…

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  3. woooo! ty for the chapter!
    and go die York. I’m sure your runaway wife will end up with crow in the end, even if you’re really cool. crow really knows how to give a princess a princess carry.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter Sheep-chan. h, Eoy you’re such a good captain to Heath. Too bad you’re a terrible, horrible husband to Fii. Also an abomnible host. By the way the breasts on the orc in the cave make me feel a little insecure. They’re nice though…

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  5. Looking forward to the reveal of Heath as Fii…but even more, I’m wondering when they’ll even notice Fii the princess is missing. Shouldn’t her sister at least wonder eventually if they are close?


  6. I feel like I am very late in my realization to this but could it be that Captain York is King Roy? Sigh. I am so excited and shocked over this, I don’t feel anything right now. Well, except for the ruined water bottle in my hands…


  7. He… Doesn’t know?


    Then he really only recruited her because she was small and had guts… Ah, he’s a horrible husband. Makes me sad for Fii. Nobody really ever cared for Fii the princess after all.

    Now I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m reluctant to step on any ships right now, since Crow is nice but womanizers are never nice, Roy is a douche to his legal wife and gives no damns… I guess I could consider her classmates (harem route anyone?) but I’d like them to stay buddies.

    No ships for me then I guess. Not yet anyways.

    Much gratitude for the chapters!


    • He pays more attention to his troop than his wife, of course hes a horrible husband. He rather send a scout to background check Fii than bother just ask her wife.

      Hopefully we get to see in different perspective.


  8. Thanks for the chapter! Roy makes me so conflicted… can’t wait till he finds out the truth about his favorite new recruit


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    lol, she was picked up and carried by crow! ship—! -screams-
    well, roy sees a lot of potential in her, eh! that’s nice!
    yes, author is right! roy’s that cause of this! no, it isn’t! i mean, fii’s father is the cause of this! make him suffer and kill him, gah—!
    well, it’s all fate, you see…!


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