Chapter 23

The afternoon training began.

“I’m your instructor, Hislo. I’m going to train you to the bone, so prepare yourselves.”

In front of the gathered apprentice knights in one of the training grounds in the castle, stood a strict-looking instructor with his arms folded across his chest.

“Ugeh-, so our instructor is Hislo-san…?”

“So he’s in charge of the Northern Dormitory this year… We’ve got such crap luck…”

Apparently this man was famous.
Many of the knight hopefuls knew a certain amount about the knight order before they entered.
Not only that, many of them had spoken to their seniors during the week before the lessons started.
It was stranger to find somebody like Fii, who knew nothing at all.

During this last week, Fii had spoken to the people of the 18th Division.
Because he was busy, she only managed to speak to Captain York a few times, but she valued the time they had.

Because almost everybody in the 18th Division was scouted by York, only Crow had any experience as an apprentice knight. Because of that, Fii learnt almost nothing about life as an apprentice from the others.
Incidentally, Crow only ever talked about things like this cute maid he knew as an apprentice, or how he almost entered into a romance with this noble girl and the like.

(If it wasn’t for his bad habits with women, he really would’ve been so cool…)

So Fii thought, as she completely ignored his happy stories about his love life as an apprentice.
Still, he did at least tell her, “All the instructors are thinking about your best interests. You won’t go wrong by listening to them.”
As for York, he told her, “Learn from the people around you.”

“No whispering! I plan on teaching you swordsmanship, fist fighting, and all sorts of things, but none of that happens until your body is strong enough. That means your first month is going to be strength training. We start with running!”

Everybody groaned when they heard that.
Boys preferred flashier things like sword-fighting, over boring things like running.

Slad looked as crestfallen as everybody else.
Remié surprisingly liked running. Maybe because he was easygoing.
Geith’s expression remained the same.

Next to her, Gorms began warming up while muttering, “Gunna take first place,” while Fii herself muttered, “Gunna follow Gorms as much as I can!” while doing the same thing.
Which earned her a poke to the forehead.

“You dumbass. I already know how little strength you have because of our match. Just run at your own damn pace!”

It was true that Gorms had attacked very strongly and forced Heath to take some strenuous evasive measures, but even taking that into account, her stamina was out of the question for an apprentice knight.
On the other hand, only her enthusiasm seemed to soar above others, which just made things worse.


(He has a point…)

Fii gave up on following Gorms. Still, she was still burning with enthusiasm to go all out for York.
She had completely forgotten.
That both York and Crow had warned her,

“Don’t overdo it.”

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  3. I’m early again, huh. Thanks for the chapter, Sheep-chan. Fii! Enthusiasm is only good when it doesn’t leaf to trouble! BTW: an ogre came out of my pantry portal. Seems like she’s married to the elf. What a jarring couple.

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  4. What shall we call this disease? Overworking has become such a cliche o think it warrants a name… H2Gungho (heroine too gung-ho)?
    ….yeah, that wasn’t very good…
    Thanks for the update~

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  5. Many thanks for the chapter! I hope she doesn’t start vomiting from running to hard… =3= But than that could become a flag, Hmmmm,,,,,


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  7. yep, this novel has it …. a brainless mc that is. they are lovable in their own way , i wonder how will she react when she learns york is the king.
    thanks for the chapter! 🙂


  8. thanks!
    fii’s enthusiasm is over the roof, rofl! but she’s cute that way! who says she isn’t!? fight me! she’s super adorable ok!


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