Chapter 22 – First Lessons

The apprentice knight lessons had finally begun.

Even so, they just sat in a classroom, learning maths, history, language, and the like.
It was the educational policy of the Orstoll Knight Order to train not only their bodies, but their minds and manners as well.

A bespectacled teacher was instructing them about the structure of the country.

“Gorms, you can’t sleep here.”

Fii pinched the cheeks of the neighbouring Gorms as she stared at him, astounded.
It hadn’t even been ten minutes since the beginning of class, yet he was already laying flat on his desk.

“Don’t get in my… way, Heath… I don’t care… It’s so boring I can’t stand it… Gunna sleep…”

“You can’t, I said. Captain York said that a knight has to know the country’s history.”

“Captain, Captain, York, York, that’s all you bloody say. Enough already.”

“You have to listen to what Captain York says!”

“Oi, you’re being too loud…!”

“Heath-kun, Gorms-kun, quiet down!” came a warning.

“I’m sorry.”


In the end, the teacher got angry at them.

“It’s your fault, Gorms…”

“It’s cause you kept nagging away…”

The two of them continued to bicker quietly.

In the mornings, Fii and Gorms sat next to each other.
Because Fii was a tiny thing while Gorms was massive, when they sat together they gave off a strange sense of balance.

Although the two had no idea, Fii was one of the few students who could talk to Gorms without fear.
With his huge build and scary face, it couldn’t be helped that he was an object of fear for many students.

“Show me your notes later, Heath.”

“Geez, you should do it yourself.”

Slad and the others watched in awe as Fii casually rejected Gorms.

“He pinched Gorms on the cheek. Dude has balls…”

“Yeah… Heath-kun is amazing…”

Later on, when Fii learnt what everybody thought of her, what came to mind was,

(He definitely has a rude tone, and he has some rough parts to him too, but he’s not even all that scary. But I guess I’m the same, since I also used to think that he was a super bad guy, huh…)

It made her realise that people really lived their lives always misunderstanding others, and that she was no exception.


Later in the afternoon, they had training.


Gorms was overjoyed, while Fii was burning with determination!

(Alright! Gunna do it! I’m definitely gunna overtake everyone!)

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32 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – First Lessons

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  2. I was shipping her with Crow, but this Gorms is super cute! Kyaaaaaah. So cute. But there’s still York, but again he’s a bit of a dummy who judges people by their looks and not themselves. And he is happily married. So Fii should get her own man. Even though she is married, but oh no! Suddenly while typing this, I just thought, “the reverse harem route would be awesome!” Oh my, I’m suddenly all for the reverse harem! Woop! Kya kya! Reverse harem let’s go. Do your best Fii/Heath! But oh no! Fii’s a boy. Oh my! Shounen ai! Give me BL! Oh my! Kyaaaa! The BL misunderstanding. Oh my god! (I am such a fujoshi)

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Sheep-chan! Uchi-sama was Daisusuki! Anyway. York’s actually seems like he’s not a bad person. However, while reasonable for a king to be suspicious, treating The second queen horribly on suspicion without even having a proper conversation with her is just so…stupid. After all you can get a reasonably accurat impression of someone with at least 5 conversations.
    York has a wife that loves him and unbeknownst to each other a second wife that adores him. I can’t wait till that bites him in the ass. Can you pass that previous sentence on to the author sheep-chan? Thanks for your hard work.


  4. Nice, thanks for the update.
    And huh, so we actually get read about Fii’s days at the academy. I guess that’s good and all, but to be honest, I am expecting a time-skip or something. I really want to read about her performance on future missions.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha, Fii and Gorms are such a cute best friend pair. God, their antics are adorable. Also, YEAH FII GO KICK BUTT IN TRAINING!

    (Also Fii is obviously a devout disciple of the Religion of York, Gorm, you can’t not have Fii not preaching. Also, her preaching of the religion is adorable.)


  6. Haha, Fii and Gorms are such a cute best friend pair. God, their antics are adorable. Also, YEAH FII GO KICK BUTT IN TRAINING!

    (Also Fii is obviously a devout disciple of the Religion of York, Gorm, you can’t not have Fii not preaching. Also, her preaching of the religion is adorable.)

    (Fii is adorable in general)

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  7. you know, that interaction is a lot like the childhood friends, the studious girl, the athlete guy and the always hard battle of making sure his grades are at least average…


  8. I’m glad neet sensei made this series. So much fluff. Also more happy onii is translating this. Thank you for sharing!

    I wonder if york knows the 2nd queen is missing from her prison.


  9. This is my new favorite series, among all the ones that Este translates. It just tugs at my heart strings so much. I binge read it all the way to the last translated chapter in one sitting. Now I feel like an addict in need of a fix.

    Also, this should be made into an Anime. Just, DO EEEEET!

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  11. thanks!
    lol, i had the image of the stark difference in their builds too, lol!
    ah— fii and gorms friendship so adorable?! i should ship it too—!
    more ships for me—!
    also, lol, the others admiring heath’s casualness with gorms, keke!


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