Chapter 17

After that, Slad and the others invited her to have dinner with them.
The first floor of the dorm was a dining hall, so that was where they were eating. It was open for their use at certain hours.

“It’s so yummy! It’s so yummy!”

At one of the tables sat Heath, gobbling down bowl after bowl, as tears ran down her face. Naturally, everybody was a little astounded.

It certainly wasn’t disgusting, but neither was it delicious enough to warrant all the tears…
At least, that was their impression of the food.

In Fii’s eyes, if you excluded Crow’s meat stick, this was her first decent meal in a fortnight.
How could it be anything but delicious.

(He’s definitely a Theonore…) they all thought.

And though they weren’t wrong, not one of them knew that her background was completely opposite to expectations. When all was said and done, Fii was still royalty.
In addition, not only was she royalty, treated like a useless parasite she might have been, she was still technically their King’s second wife.

At any rate, although they knew she was from Theonore, not one of them thought badly of her.
Slad and Geith were both commoners, while Remié was the son of a baron. Looking up to the knights who fought together to protect their country, the two of them joined a local sword dojo to train, while Remié trained with a tutor. Only after arduous practice had they finally been accepted as apprentice knights.

Because the three of them had entered out of their admiration towards the Knight Order, they were amongst the most faithful towards the ideals and expectations of the knights.
Thus, being prejudiced towards a companion due to their background was something all three of them deemed shameful.

Plus, even after they began to converse with her, Heath herself wasn’t unpleasant at all.
In fact, even her greedy table manners kind of reminded them of a squirrel, so they found her behaviour cute.

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  3. thank you!
    heath is so likable—! ah—! -roll around happily-
    lol, nice, the three boys are good, very good!
    indeed, she’s actually really noble but…she’s been suffereing unjustly! gah—-!

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