I’ll Live My Second Life!

Author: Otakude Neet
(it’s a pun name that’s a homophone for ‘Otaku and NEET’)

Fii was the first princess of the rural nation, Déman.
One day, she became engaged to King Roy; an icy king with both beauty and ability, whose management ability was perfect, and who would be perfect save for his coldness towards women.

The engagement was not really anything for her to celebrate though.
Why? Because her younger sister with both beauty and fame, whose personality was great, who held a mysterious power and who was a soothing miko had gotten into a marriage of love with said king. And Fii had just come along with her as a set bonus.

She was treated as a stain on the fairy tale, but after a certain event, Fii decided she didn’t care any more.
She didn’t care about this lifestyle where she never saw her husband even once, where she would spend the rest of her days rotting away in a royal villa.

She was going to live her second life!
That was the decision she came to.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Dead-End Life
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4. Taking the Apprentice Knight Exam!
Chapter 5.
Chapter 6.
Chapter 7.
Chapter 8.
Chapter 9.
Chapter 10.
Chapter 11.
Chapter 12.
Chapter 13.
Chapter 14.
Chapter 15. (& response to miss.rubii)
Chapter 16. I Became an Apprentice Knight
Chapter 17.
Chapter 18.
Chapter 19. It Isn’t All Good People
Chapter 20.
Chapter 21.
Chapter 22.
Chapter 23.
Chapter 24.
Chapter 25.
Chapter 26.
Chapter 27. The People of the 18th
Chapter 28.
Chapter 29.
Chapter 30.
Chapter 31.
Chapter 32.
Chapter 33.
Chapter 34.
Chapter 35.
Chapter 36.
Chapter 37. Secret Technique, and the Final Member
Chapter 38.
Chapter 39. Kain-san
Chapter 40.
Chapter 41.
Chapter 42. A Lynette Attacks!
Chapter 43.
Chapter 44.
Chapter 45.
Chapter 46.
Chapter 47.
Chapter 48. Doug
Chapter 49.
Chapter 50.
Chapter 51.
Chapter 52.
Chapter 53.
Chapter 54.
Chapter 55.
Chapter 56.
Chapter 57. Crow-san’s Worries
Chapter 58.
Chapter 59.
Chapter 60.
Chapter 61.
Chapter 62.
Chapter 63.
Chapter 64~66 were scrapped.
Chapter 67. The Captain’s Bad Points
Chapter 68.
Chapter 69.
Chapter 70.
Chapter 71.
Chapter 72. Kain-san 2
Chapter 73. The Manliness Rankings
Chapter 74.
Chapter 75. (& reply to midoriha)
Chapter 76.
Chapter 77.
Chapter 78.
Fiiru-sama’s  New Years Special Performance
Chapter 79. Roy and Fiiru
Chapter 80.
Chapter 81. The Northern-Eastern Swordsmanship Competition
Chapter 82.
Chapter 83.
Chapter 84.
Chapter 85.
Chapter 86.
Chapter 87.
Chapter 88.
Chapter 89.
Chapter 90. Breaking Through

Here’s some adorable fan-art by Jala Dahika!

My favourite in particular is the Fii in 天然発動中(Airheadness Activated).



Check out Jala Dahika’s Pixiv as well! You mightn’t be able to tell from these pictures, but he has some rather different, but really cool works there.

Here: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=6229405



164 thoughts on “I’ll Live My Second Life!

  1. Thanks for translation. I really like this novel. Fii is a really poor girl. 😥
    I hate Fii’s parents. They don’t fulfill their parent duties. I don’t quite like the king roy but i think that will change in the future. But if he recruit fii for fiiru’s double shadow or something, i will slap his cheek left and right again and again. :-\

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  2. I’ m sure that fii will fall in love with the damn and hateful king that doesn’t even deserve one piece of her. A wise king that judges people without even meeting them and really how can he think that a princess has the power to choose her own husband??!! An intelligent Person would have understood this fact but he’s just a terrible person that believes that he’s the centre of universe and the others that are useful to him are shit.
    And I hate more her sister that doesn’t defend her sister!!! She’s the worst of the worst. She the cause of all the sufferings of he poor fii: think she has stolen even her name ! Ahahhahaha a fantastic novel and I hope she will choose another person but it’s unluckily almost impossible 😦


    • He knows she doesn’t have the power to choose her own husband that is why he is trying to find out if she is a spy. I have to agree with you he has never even met her and he decided she is worthless, unless she is spy to uncover enemies. Which in my head makes him trash.
      And her sister I have to absolutely agree with you. She is by far the worst, and she would have to do some life endangering thing that will save Fii’s life that will make me like her. I get it Fii is that third wheel on her perfect marriage, but come on you should know your sister’s personality and you should also know that she had no part in your greedy father’s scheme.
      I agree with you also not going to happen but I hope she ends up with someone that is not the King. Kain I like Kain. If she hadn’t decided to escape and join the apprentice exam she might have broken his grass conditioning.

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    • I don’t agree with you about Fiiru. How do you know that she hasn’t done anything to try to help Fii? So far we don’t know much about Fiiru, but we surely know how hard headed is the King, so even if she had begged him to do something, then, I am sure, that he still won’t do whatever for his second Queen as it would be a waste of time.


      • Hmm, to be honest, i do not think Fiiru and the King are actually in love. It sounded like the King only made the marriage because apparently Fiiru’s life is in danger so he sheltered her under his wing using marriage proposal. Also, I do not think Fiiru knows that her sister has poor treatment because even her maid did not know until she visited Fii. The other possiblity is that Fiiru is too busy doing some stuff so then she did not have time to worry about her sister (which sadly almost cost her own sisters life).

        To be honest, I have a very high expectation for this novel. So many foreshadows possiblities 😮 (or maybe its just my head). Nevertheless, this novel has potential. I believe that one day, Fii will get caught and would get into trouble from the King and then all of her friends/comrades would probably try and protect her or something like that :D.


        • I wish to see Fii beating the King. It would be really funny. I just wonder how it would be – Roy, saying to Fii that he is York, or York telling Fii that he is the king? Imagine (don’t expect much from the fillers for the scene):
          “Heath, I think you have done a great job up till now, and I decided to tell this to you, but remember not to tell anyone.”
          Captain York suddenly said that while looking at her, Fii couldn’t stop wondering what that secret was, was he perhaps going to start teaching her some secret move?
          “Aya, so you are finally going to remove your mask, this will be interesting,” Crow seemed amused.

          Eh? Captain is going to remove the mask??

          “Before that, let me tell you, Heath, that no matter what you will be one of the 18th division, and I will always be your Captain.” After saying that, York moved his hands to his head and removed the mask. Beneath it he was quite handsome and evil looking – that were the thoughts that crossed Fii’s mind.

          Seeing the passive reaction of his younger brother, Crow added with a smile: “You know… That is His Majesty the King.”

          “The King?.. Eh? EH?!”

          “Fufufu” Conrad laughed at her facial expressions, and everyone of the 18th division had smiles on their faces, but none of them expected what happened next.

          “You! You damnable King!” Fii suddenly rushed and with a jump she kicked Roy on the head. As he wasn’t expecting this from her, he didn’t get out of the way and the kick landed right on spot.

          “…” Everyone was speechless.

          I wonder if such a deed will get Fii a death sentence…

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          • Technically, running away is a death sentence itself because she as a wife ran away from a King so they can “assume” that she is two-timing the King even though she isnt. Cant wait until they both know each others identity. That is going to be the best part of the story P:. To be honest, i believe that if she knew he was a king, she would actually try her best to avoid him more so he doesnt get a chance to realize who she is because most likely, the moment she is caught, her life as a “Queen” would probably like a prisoner (even though it was already like that in the first place but with some privileges). For some readon though, i just have a feeling that maybe the king would talk smack about Fii in front of Heath xD.


            • “Technically, running away is a death sentence itself because she as a wife ran away from a King so they can “assume” that she is two-timing the King even though she isnt.”

              Well, I am sure that Kain won’t keep quiet then. The avoiding part seems the wiser choice, but i still hope for Fii to beat him.
              “i just have a feeling that maybe the king would talk smack about Fii in front of Heath xD.”
              It would be awesome to read that scene xD


              • You know, i just got this feeling that King Roy will piss Fii off which forces her to run away using Kain and Conrad’s technigues in which it would get the 18th division to chase after her :o. That would be great, and then the King would regret so much for neglicting Fii and letting her learn the 18th division technigues xD.

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                • What I’d like to happen is after Roy reveals his identity yet still doesnt know who Fii is she has this big accomplishment, and along with the rest of the squad gets awarded a wish of anything in the Kings power to grant.

                  Then in front of a large audience she confirms the reward is “anything” and asks for a divorce. Everyone would be like “Heath was married?!”, and the King goes on to say all the signs of a bad spouse to confirm with Heath and Heath would say yeah to everything in a gender neutral way.

                  The King would then grant the divorce and be like “btw who are you married too?” And Heath would be like “What are you talking about? I’m married to you.” Then *bam* big reveal. Kings social reputation gets annihilated and Fii naturally stay in the 18th corps. But now she’d be a free woman.

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                  • LOL That would be awesome too xD
                    I just hope that “social reputation” thingie will be more like: his realization that he should have a better way with women or at least to think of them as other people and not just as a scenery.


                  • Yeah, I agree though with Fiiru as the Queen she would probably be there with the King while wandering the palace and sees her sister dressed as a knight then shouthing “Fii-neesama?” Making Roy look stupid or Kain might just tell him face to face


          • Wait did you make this up, or is this an actual scene from a future chapter?
            Because if it is, I can’t wait till we get there ewiojfal;dsjfiaodjf and if it isn’t then kudos to your writing ability c:


          • ooh.. that would be fun 🙂
            hey how about this, she tries to land a kick to his head, but he swerves in the nick of time to avoid a hit to the head – in the next scene, Fii crashes into a strangely strategically placed pile of pillows


  3. i don’t really agree that she wants people to think she is still there i would just stay away from that villa they find her missing oh well the king wont do a damn thing he is a prick


  4. From all the comment I read… looks like there is some person who hate fiiru… let me clean her name… Fiiru never hate her sister and she never had any thought just like you Fiiru haters think… She had always asked Roy to let her meet her sister in tears… But Roy didn’t allowed Fiiru to meet Fii… There will be a heartwarming chapter about Fiiru and Fii past in much farther chapter and I won’t spoiled it…

    I had dillusioned on farther chapter…

    On one day the First Platoon and the 18th platoon having Fiiru escort mission… And of course Fii again moving around shadow with the 18th platoon… with Fiiru and Roy at the carriage… Suddenly they were ambushed by assassin hired by some kingdom… when in middle of the battle of the 1st platoon against the assassin, suddenly one of the knight betrayed and attacked Fiiru and Fii come out from the shadow and parried the knight sword. And Fii feeled a pressence at nearby tree and saw someone holding a crossbow aimed at Fiiru… Fii quickly jumped in front Fiiru to shield her… The arrow pierce Fii right at the heart. Fii looked behind to ascertain her beloved little sister didn’t injured. Fiiru dumbfounded looked at the boy which looked like she’s familiar with… Fii after see her safe smile satisfied and collapsed. Seeing that smile, Fiiru…

    Fiiru: Uso… Fii-neesama??
    Roy: Heath!!
    Fiiru:Noooo!!! Why? Why!! Why Fii-neesama is here!!

    Fiiru goes support Fii’s bloodied body

    Fiiru: Fii-neesama!! Hang in there Fii-neesama!!
    Fii: Fiiru… Thank goodness you’re alright…
    Fiiru: Why!! Why are you here Fii-neesama!! Wasn’t you trapped in the mansion Roy sama gave to you? Why are you here!!

    Fiiru hystericly screaming while trying to heal Fii. But she failed because the arrow was coated in poison.

    Fii: Fiiru… you know… I have always thought … my life… is empty… I had… always thought… to die… rotting inside.. that mansion… but… you know… thanks too that lax guard… I can sneaked out… and found… that knight recruiting flyer… I thought.. this is it… I’ll live my second live.. to the fullest as… a knight… I’m really grateful… to the captain… of 18th platoon… to recruited me… I really admired the person… who give me… this second.. chance… Finally… I can be… useful.. for someone… Fiiru… don’t cry… I had… always hoped… you to be… happy… Roy-sama… Please take care… of Fiiru…

    After saying all of that Fii relaxed her body and closed her eyes.

    Fiiru: Nooooo!!! Fii-neesama!!! Please open your eyes! Fii-neesama!!!
    Fiiru shaked her sister’s body trying to wake her up while crying. But no matter what there is no response from her sister.

    Roy which still couldn’t proccess all the information stood dumbfounded…

    Fiiru: Fii-neesamaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Fiiru heartbreaking cried resound in the sky. And as if the world also crying, rain starts to fall down…

    Please don’t hate me for having this kind of dillusioned

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  5. Out of curiosity, and to get my set excited — does anyone know which chapter her identity becomes known (like by the King etc.)?


  6. Just found out about this WN and finished reading it in one go (until ch 56)
    Quite the interesting story haha. Thanks for translating it!


  7. Thank you for your hard work! After the 13 hour or so flight home from Australia, I crashed into bed and woke to find this! Maybe I should have waited to crash, instead….. Btw, do you know the ages of Roy, Crow, Gorms, and Doug?


  8. Sorry, another question: do you think your translating focus from now on will be more on this or kenkyo kenjitsu? (Or evenly?) actually, i just realized i haven’t even looked at whatother things you might be translating… ::sweatmark::


  9. Thank you for all the chapters until now. I really can’t wait to read more. I’ll live my second life feel like a novel that has a different setting than most and so far has been holding my interest. I read all 56 chapters in one night and kept checking this website for more updates.

    Thank you translator-san. I just wanted to let you know that thank to you I was able to explore a novel that I have no mean of accessing before because of the language barrier. So thank you very much.

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  10. My god, I read the whole 72 chapters in one morning and now i am longing for the rest to be translated. Thank you very much for your hard work, Translator-sama and NEET-sensei!

    PD: Guess whos going to fail his exam tomorrow…

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  11. This would have actually been a boon for me back when I still had finals. I would set goals for myself, like finish reviewing 1-5 chapters (depending on how much the chapter needed review), and I could guiltlessly reward myself with a fun chapter to read before going back to studying. Granted, I also wouldn’t have any sleep other than spurts of 20 minute naps every couple of hours….and my sustenance would consist of two large pizzas that I would consume over the next few days, but that was par for the course for exams for me.


  12. Between the two purchase methods for the physical novel, do you know if one pays out more for Otakude Neet sensei, Este?


  13. Thanks for the awsome work with the translation and helping us poor souls find enjoyment.

    by the way i noticed that the site Moonbunnycafe are also hosting this novel chapters
    ( upp to chapter 70 when i last took a look)
    and was wondering if its you thats posting those there aswell?
    or if theres another translator doing the same work ( nothing wrong with more people doing the same work on translating the same novel the diffrent wiritng style might appel to other people. )
    Or if they are just taking your work and posting it and taking credit for it ( thats just low……..)

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  14. Hello!! thanks for the translations and chapter just wandering how far is it until they realized who Fii really is, ’cause I’m really cracking my imagination on how she will be discovered, just wanna know how long should I wait for my dreams to come true (or shattered, if it goes to a wrong turn, which I hope will not happen).
    And yes I agree on the post saying the King SHOULD be beaten atleast for his treatment on Fii and Fiiru…. just so you know, I really hate him as of now, and I really like the Guys in the 18th division, hopefully they will still support Fii until the end >>.<<


  15. Do you thing Fiiru is good or bad? I don’t like her but I can’t say I have any other reason than that Fii is treated badly? Do you think the author will have her as a mean character like typical story or would she be nice? But how would it work if she was nice? Cause I know that Fii and York will probably you know and if Fiiru is nice than how would that go? Thank you for translating.


  16. Can I make an hopeful request to you for some Kenkyo and fii chapters for next Friday? I will probably be bored and restless, sitting in a hotel room Friday afternoon/evening/night. (I am, sadly, out of town for a funeral on Saturday)


  17. Hello, thanks for translating this great story. I totally love it and love all characters (even King Roy!) I can’t wait for more chapters to be translated. Also thanks to the author for creating such à great heroine and story.
    I bought the first volume and i’ve just received the novel today. The illustrations are pretty great and I can’t wait for the next volume to be released.

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  18. Hello, just wanted to say thanks for translating this… And please give me another chapter before I die… Starving to death here 😛
    Thanks again xD


  19. Hi, i can’t seem to find your email address to contact you.
    I am thinking of doing a translation to Bahasa Indonesia using your work as source.
    If nobody else is doing it, do you mind to give us the permission ?


  20. I basically have no interest in this novel. But I’m forcing myself right now. Novels aren’t really fun without boosts of magic and combat. MC needs to be a little more creepy and scary. However if this is thee author’s decision then I have no right to object. This is somehow really popular. I wish to enjoy this someday. 😀


  21. Este, I wonder if you could ask or if you know…. Were those sketches of characters accepted in the end, or asked to be altered? I keep getting bothered that Conrad had distinguishing features on his face and Crow had short hair, and wondering if the illustrator actually read this story…. Also that Roy/York did a Clark Kent/Tuxedo mask level of disguise with the 1/3 mask vs. the 1/2. I keep hoping that those weren’t final drawings…


  22. Do you know when you have time for a release? , because I check the pages for time . Example for the group for “I am monarch” is almost all days (but for problems in this moments is 4-5 to week) , ” Sorry i reincarnate” (3-4 for week ), the more are 2-3 for weeks and other have more time betwe release but more exact one for month, the first day of the month . For that i dont ask for fast realease only a time for check your page


  23. Thanks for your great translation of this series (and all the other) ’till now, and good luck on your studies & work !

    (also, thanks for taking the time to keep translating Reika-sama despite your troubles !)


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